Light up Your Night At These 3 Candlelight Concert Venues in Seattle

Candlelight concerts are a growing phenomenon of top-class music acts, from classical orchestras to rock bands, which play in various spectacular venues by candlelight around the globe. Seattle offers a magnificent setting for such concerts, which vary in venue as much as sound.

We will take a look at all of the best candlelight concert venues in Seattle, providing some feedback on the atmosphere and experience you can expect from each venue as well as where to find information on tickets and the various acts on show.

The best venues for candlelight concerts in Seattle are:

  1. Town Hall Seattle
  2. Sparkman Cellars
  3. Arctic Club Hotel
Light up Your Night With These 3 Candlelight Concerts in Seattle

Where to Find The Best Candlelight Concerts in Seattle

Candlelight concerts are ongoing, and finding the best one is a matter of searching for what suits you best. Not all candlelight concerts are the same, so we recommend exploring the various venues’ websites to determine what will be the best fit for you.

1. Town Hall Seattle

1119 8th Avenue

Town Hall Seattle provides a truly magnificent setting for candlelight concerts. The historic building is over one hundred years old, and the domed roof and stained glass windows add to the magical ambiance that is only enhanced by candlelight and beautiful musical ensembles.

The Town Hall Seattle offers a variety of events, of which candlelight concerts are but one. To find out about upcoming candlelight offerings, a visit to the website is a must for both information and bookings.

2. Sparkman Cellars, Woodinville

14300 NE 145th Street

Sparkman Cellars offers a beautiful setting just outside of Seattle. The vineyard setting is majestic, and the venue provides an intimate, cozy environment. The concert rooms have stunning vaulted ceilings and wine barrel décor that add to the warmth and comfort of candlelight. And, of course, guests can sip on top vintages straight from the cellars while enjoying unique musical delights.

The concert offerings are consistently changed. We recommend visiting the website every so often or signing up for the mailing list for all the latest news and offerings, from events to wines.

3. Arctic Club Hotel

700 3rd Avenue

The Arctic Club Hotel provides a historical masterpiece of a setting. Built in the early 1900s, the hotel is a tangible piece of local history, and the opulent rooms, particularly the Rococo-styled Northern Lights Dome Room, are awe-inspiring.

The Artic Club Hotel has the added advantage of being a hotel so guests can enjoy refreshments at the Hotel Bar before enjoying the concerts.

Upcoming Candlelight Shows:

To find all upcoming shows, check the listing at Some fantastic family offerings are coming up for the Festive season.


If you want a unique experience, candlelight concerts in Seattle are a must-do. With carefully selected venues that add to the ambiance of the candlelight, no matter the music offerings, the concerts are thoroughly enjoyable and something that should not be missed.

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