5 Places to Watch New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Seattle

Nothing beats experiencing the laughter, excitement, and anticipation of ending the old year and entering another with an amazing fireworks show. Seatle is one of the few states that takes New Year’s to the next level with its majestic fireworks.

Seattle’s New Year’s fireworks are so popular that thousands gather up, causing several places to open for visitors. Here are places to watch New Year’s Eve fireworks in Seattle.

The 5 best places to watch New Year’s Eve fireworks in Seattle:

  1. Seattle Center
  2. Kerry Park
  3. Space Needle
  4. Alki Beach
  5. The Spirit of 76
Best Places to Watch New Year's Eve Fireworks in Seattle

Best Places to Watch New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Seattle

Seeing the sky light up on New Year’s with colorful fireworks while sharing the countdown anticipation with friends is something Seattle has in spades. The joyful atmosphere surrounded by laughter and celebration inspires some of the best places to watch fireworks. Every New Year, Seattle shoots off fireworks at the Space Needle, and many places provide people a spot to watch it.

Here are 5 places to watch fireworks in Seattle on New Year’s Eve.

1. Seattle Center

305 Harrison Street


The Seattle Center, where the iconic Space Needle towers for all to see, gets filled with visitors from all over on New Year’s Eve. Before midnight, all roads at the center are closed, allowing people to gather and enjoy the spectacular fireworks display. Surrounding the Seattle Centre are various places like Chihuly Garden and Glass and the Winterfest, where you can enjoy going into the New Year.

2. Kerry Park

211 W Highland Drive


New Year’s fireworks at the Space Needle are one of Seattle’s biggest events, and everyone gathers at various spots to enjoy the celebration. One such place is Kerry Park in Highland Drive, where friends, family, and lovers gather to share in the spectacular bursts of light. The large crowds provide an energetic atmosphere while music, laughter, and a brightened-up sky call out the start of a New Year.

3. Space Needle

400 Broad Street


The legendary Space Needle in Seattle is the focus point on New Year’s Eve with the fireworks show it gives to the thousands of visitors. Many places surrounding the Space Needle provide a place for crowds who want to watch the show, but nothing as spectacular as being at the Space Needle itself.        

Enjoying the fireworks show from the 520 feet observation deck, 605 feet up in the air, makes any New Year unforgettable.

4. Alki Beach

2665 Alki Avenue SW


While thousands gather close to the Seattle Space Needle for the New Year’s fireworks, some exclusive spots like Alki Beach Park provide much more. Alki Beach Park in Elliot Bay, with its picturesque waterside location, is the ideal place to enter the New Year. With several fire pits to create a cozy atmosphere, you get all the benefits of the fireworks show.

The fireworks draw thousands of people, which often cause some traffic problems, especially in downtown Seattle. Alki Beach Park is somewhat secluded, which removes the horrors of traffic, so you can enter the New Year relaxed and energized.

5. The Spirit of 76

1611 Fairview Ave E


If you want to enjoy the spectacular Seattle Space Needle fireworks show like never before, the Spirit of 76 Yacht will guarantee an unforgettable experience. The yacht departs at 9 p.m. from Fairview Avenue to Lake Union, where it anchors for the New Year’s fireworks party of a lifetime.

The yacht, with its two dance floors, supplies pumping music from the top DJs in Seattle. During the festivities, passengers enjoy a panoramic view from where they can get the full fireworks experience.


Every New Year, Seattle’s biggest fireworks show kicks off at its iconic Space Needle. Towering 605 ft above the air, several places like Seattle Center, Kerry Park, Alki Beach, and The Spirit of 76 allow visitors to enjoy the fireworks.

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