Top 16 Restaurants in Leavenworth, WA Visitors Should Try

Visiting Leavenworth is like stepping onto another continent without ever leaving Washington!

Part of the charm of the quaint Bavarian-styled village in the Cascade Mountains is that it is themed from the oompah bands right through to the delightful assortment of beer and authentic global cuisine.

Whether you are in the mood for traditional German fare or the best pizza in town, the selection of restaurants in Leavenworth will leave you spoiled for choice. There are tempting choices around every corner, so let’s get started.

16 Restaurants to visit in Leavenworth are:

  1. Andreas Keller Restaurant
  2. München Haus Bavarian Grill
  3. Leavenworth Sausage Garten
  4. Rudloof’s Pizza Und Brats
  5. Yodelin Broth Company
  6. Mozart’s Steakhouse
  7. South
  8. Visconti’s of Leavenworth
  9. Larch Handcrafted Pasta
  10. And more…

First Timers’ Guide to Restaurants in Leavenworth, WA

When visiting Leavenworth, you want to experience as much of the local vibe as possible. Enjoying authentic dishes is an integral part of any trip to this tourist attraction, and the village has everything from fine dining to quirky fast food options. Pull up a chair, and let’s check what’s on offer at 16 of Leavenworth’s best restaurants.

1. Andreas Keller Restaurant

829 Front Street

Andreas Keller Restaurant combines traditional Bavarian cuisine, imported draft beer, and live German accordion music. The result is an unforgettable experience, and the food is as good as the warm welcome you will receive when you arrive.

The menu is a smorgasbord of Bavarian classics. Dishes that you may like to try while taking in the homely, family vibe include:

  • Traditional sausage with German potato salad
  • Rotisserie-broiled chicken
  • Swiss-style schnitzels made with pork or chicken

If you are unsure what to choose, you can’t go wrong with a sample platter with a glass paired with imported beer. Gluten and vegetarian options are available. The restaurant can become busy, so call ahead to get onto the waiting list to be seated.

2. München Haus Bavarian Grill & Beer Garden

709 Front Street

For a scenic, relaxed Bavarian-themed outdoor restaurant and beer garden, look no further than München Haus. This family-owned attraction, surrounded by beautiful flowers, offers an informal, welcoming atmosphere and plenty of delicious food.

Dishes to try at München Haus include:

  • Bratwurst cooked over an open grill
  • Warm Bavarian pretzels
  • Apple cider sauerkraut

Of course, as the name suggests, this eatery specializes in beer, and there is a large selection on offer. München Haus opens daily at 11 am and is a homely, pet-friendly restaurant.

3. Leavenworth Sausage Garten

636 Front Street

Top 16 Restaurants in Leavenworth, WA Visitors Should Try

Fans of German sausages and traditional mustard should head to Leavenworth Sausage Garten. The menu may be more limited than many bigger restaurants, but they hold their own by offering the most delicious selection of authentic homemade sausages.

The outdoor covered patio seating is kept cozy even on the coldest winter days. While at the Sausage Garten, be sure to try bockwurst, bratwurst, currywurst, or kielbasa sausages with a side of German potato salad.

4. Rudloof’s Pizza Und Brats

265 US-2

When you need to mix up the Bavarian cuisine with something a little more familiar, head to Rudloof’s Pizza Und Brats. One reviewer on Trip Advisor commented that Rudloof’s pizza was the best she had eaten in her life!

The menu at Rudloof’s is simple and consists of only a handful of specialty pizzas, calzone, bratwurst, and a few sides. This uncomplicated offering is perfect for casual meals after a day of sightseeing or when you need some quality comfort food on the go. A takeout service is available, and the restaurant also delivers locally.

5. Yodelin Broth Company

633 Front Street

Health-conscious foodies will enjoy the most popular dishes at Yodelin Broth Company. They offer an assortment of broths made from sustainably sourced salmon, halibut, or even chicken.

Although broth may sound dull, the restaurant almost magically transforms basic ingredients into mouthwatering meals. Some of the signature dishes at Yodelin Broth Company include:

  • Artisanal bone broth soups – A vegan option is also available
  • PNW wild salmon rice bowl
  • Sweet potato Bánh Mì

The restaurant’s fish bone broth is so popular that it can be purchased frozen to take home. Yodelin Broth can even arrange for it to be shipped to your home so you can enjoy the same great taste experience even after your trip has ended.

6. Mozart’s Steakhouse

829 Front Street

Mozart’s Restaurant can be described as fine dining, but without forgetting that you are in Leavenworth. The charming European atmosphere envelopes diners, and the restaurant offers an extensive menu of cocktails, lunch, and dinner items.

The menu at Mozart’s contains a few select German recipes and plenty of other European dishes. Dishes to try include:

  • Escargot that is imported from France
  • House-made Spätzle noodles
  • Mozart’s platter for two – contains tasters of everything from wild boar to breaded pork schnitzel.

Mozart’s Restaurant is an ideal venue for a romantic dinner; some dishes are double platters to share. There is also an extensive cellar and live music every Friday night.

7. South

913 Front Street

If you are in the mood to switch gears completely, South offers a modern lineup of Latin food and drink. The restaurant offers plenty of South American options, from fish tacos and Argentine steaks to tasty salsas.  

South is also a great restaurant option for vegetarian and vegan diners. This eatery is a must for anyone who loves salsa – five varieties are freshly prepared each day.

The relaxed atmosphere at South makes it ideal for kids, and there is even a balcony area if you want to bring along the family dog. South is proud to serve warm, lively, homemade food created from the freshest ingredients.

8. Visconti’s Of Leavenworth

636 Front Street

Look no further than Visconti’s of Leavenworth for mouthwatering, authentic Italian cuisine. In addition to an impressive dinner menu featuring an excellent variety of fine dining options, the restaurant offers an entirely different Happy Hour Menu.

Relax in one of the cozy dining areas, or in warmer weather, enjoy the outdoor area while taking in views of the magnificent views of the Cascades. Snack on cured Visconti salami and charcuterie while sipping on a wide selection of classic cocktails.

Vistconti’s of Leavenworth opens daily at 3 pm. Walk-ins are welcome, but it is much safer to book to avoid having to wait during busy periods.

9. Larch Handcrafted Pasta

214 8th Street

Experience pasta like you have never tasted before. Larch creates handmade pasta made from locally sourced ingredients. That makes the menu highly seasonal, and the offering is always subject to change. It feels special knowing you are eating food foraged fresh from the bounty of the northwest region.

Some of the specialty pasta dishes on offer include:

  • Papparadelle with ragu beef
  • Mushroom ravioli
  • Linguini with seared sea scallops

Larch is not a drop-in-and-eat kind of restaurant. Reservations are recommended, and groups larger than eight can not be accommodated. The restaurant includes a seasonal patio that is open from May to September each year.

10. Watershed Café

221 8th Street

Watershed Café is a chef-owned business where pride is taken in only serving the best local produce the Pacific Northwest has to offer. There is a strong farm-to-table ethos, and some menu items are completely different from anything usually found at fine dining venues.

Some seasonal mains to look out for include:

  • Watershed million-dollar meatloaf
  • Pomegranate salad
  • Manila savory clams

Watershed is only open for dinner from Thursday to Monday. There is an online reservation system to secure a table at Watershed Café, and options include indoor or outdoor patio seating.

11. Tumwater Bakery

219 9th Street

Tumwater Bakery is bursting with wholesome aromas of freshly baked bread, wood-fired pizza, and full-roasted coffee. It is hugely popular with hungry locals and visitors. Stop in and grab some of what may be some of the most delicious pizzas in Washington state.

The pizza from Tumwater Bakery is so popular that on some days, they run out and need to close early. In addition to their famous pizzas, the bakery also sells a selection of breads and pastries.

It is the ideal eatery to order a takeaway to enjoy the scenic beauty of the surroundings. And while you are ordering, remember to check out the mouthwatering assortment of desserts!

12. Rhein Haus

707 US-2 Unit F

Rein Haus on Front Street is an unmissable feature of the Bavarian-themed landscape. The restaurant and beer garden offers a casual take on classic German favorites like pretzels and schnitzels but also includes plenty of American options like burgers.

The Rhein Haus has taken an almost playful approach to their offering and has skillfully blended a selection of cultural favorites into hearty meals. When ordering, look out for the following:

  • Schnitzel sandwiches
  • Rhein Haus burgers
  • Habanero Cheddarwurst

Rhein Haus is open daily for lunch and dinner and does not require reservations. It is a large space which offers unobstructed views of the mountains.

13. Ludwigs

921 Front Street

Ludwigs may appear similar to many other Baverian-themed restaurants around it, but it is the number one spot to order the traditional favorite, Schweinshaxin. Add to that the entertaining atmosphere, and the whole family will love dining at this picturesque restaurant.

The restaurant has an extensive offering of traditional German food, and the jolly Octoberfest vibe will have everyone tapping their toes. Food and good fun blend perfectly at Ludwigs, and guests can participate in regular polka nights while waiting for their food order to arrive.

Popular meals at Ludwig’s include:

  • Munich-style chicken – Rotisserie chicken served with red potatoes and cabbage
  • Sauerbraten – Marinated roast beef topped with Sauerbraten sauce
  • Kassler Rippchen – Fresh pork chops served with sauerkraut

As expected, there is a wide selection of beers and specialty drinks on offer. All meals are available as takeout options, but it’s more fun to eat in-house and soak up the Bavarian atmosphere.

14. La Javelina

285-US Hwy 2

At first, the Texan-style cuisine served at La Javelina may seem out of place in Leavenworth. However, when you feel like something familiar, filling, and delicious, the Tex-Mex dishes really hit the spot.

Everything at La Javelina is about flavor and healthy eating. Wraps and tortillas are prepared daily from local wheat, and fillings can be mixed and matched to create truly unique flavor combinations.  

Orders can be made in person or online. The restaurant can also cater to groups, and it is a great place to order takeaway food to take along on hiking adventures or scenic picnics while exploring the region. If you love tacos, La Javelina of Leavenworth will not disappoint.

15. JJ Hills Fresh Grill

505 Highway 2

JJ Hills Fresh Grill is one of Leavenworth’s most popular restaurants. Besides the food, the venue offers idyllic views of the Tumwater Canyon and Icicle Ridge from its outdoor balcony.

The menu features a blend of options from Northwest-inspired cooking to the traditional Bavarian favorites that can be expected in the region. JJ Hills Fresh Grill is a great choice to celebrate special occasions as the venue can accommodate groups but is equally perfect for romantic date nights for two.

In addition to a sumptuous dinner menu, there is a tempting Happy Hour Snack menu. The restaurant is popular for Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, but prior reservations are essential.

16. Gustav’s

617 US Highway 2

Gustav’s restaurant is great for people of all ages to gather and enjoy the mountain scenery. The venue can accommodate 240 guests and is ideally suited to be cool in summer and cozy in winter.

The restaurant offers a little bit of everything: American, German, and plenty of vegetarian and gluten-free options. The food is reasonably priced, and military and veterans can take an extra 20% off their bill.

Some of the most popular menu items at Gustav’s include:

  • Gustav’s Burger – A beef patty on a Kaiser bun, teamed up with Swiss cheese and Canadian Bacon
  • Cod and chips
  • German apple strudel

The restaurant describes its menu as casual excellence. Gustavs is open for lunch, dinner, and drinks every day of the week.


The Evergreen State has many hidden treasures among its majestic mountains, and few are as magical as Leavenworth. The variety of restaurant options in the village adds an extra culinary dimension to the experience. From Bavarian favorites to American classics, Leavenworth has meal options for everyone.  

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