Find Your Groove at These 3 Seattle Jazz Clubs

Seattle, fondly referred to as America’s Emerald City, is strongly associated with among the most vibrant music scenes imaginable. Offering the perfect blend of culinary experiences and rhythmic, soulful jazz music, Seattle is a must-see location for those seeking delectable cuisines, soulful melodies, and a first-hand experience of the city’s distinguished jazz club culture.

In this guide, you will be treated to a memorable journey through the best jazz clubs and restaurants currently operating in the Seattle area. The Emerald City has something to offer everyone; join us as we embark on an adventure through an immersive world of delightful dishes and uniquely soulful tunes.

The 3 best jazz clubs and restaurants in Seattle are:

  1. The Jazz Den, Pioneer Square
  2. The Starlight Lounge, Belltown District
  3. The Soundstage Supper Club, Pier 66

Where To Find The Best Jazz Clubs And Restaurants In Seattle

If you are searching for the best jazz clubs and restaurants in Seattle, we have you covered. Seattle is rapidly developing into a national hotspot for jazz clubs and restaurants, with the Emerald City having something unique to offer people from all walks of life. Below are three of the top jazz clubs and restaurants in Seattle to seek out and enjoy

1. The Jazz Den, Pioneer Square

2033 6th Avenue

Ideally located in the center of Seattle’s effortlessly historic Pioneer Square, the Jazz Den has become known for its vibrant atmosphere, incredible music, and a magical dimly lit ambiance, especially for first-time patrons.

The overwhelming jazz experience is further enhanced by the undoubtedly intimate feel of the hidden gem, which has recently started hosting some of the finest national and local jazz acts, attracting an incredibly unique clientele. You cannot go wrong by visiting the Jazz Den and experiencing the remarkable blend of contemporary and classical jazz music styles while sipping your favorite cocktail.

  • Order their signature cocktail, affectionately known as the “Jazz Julep.”
  • Perfect for romantic evenings and young couples.
  • Laid back an enchanting atmosphere.

2. The Triple Door

216 Union Street

If you have an ear for authentic jazz music and enjoy a comforting seafood dish, look no further than the Triple Door, perfectly situated along Seattle’s famed Union Street.

The Soundstage Supper Club overlooks the stunning views of Elliot Bay, with the perfect seafood menu and background jazz music, making the entire experience memorable, enjoyable, and authentically unique.

Be sure to check out their website calendar to see what dates they have jazz events. This venue hosts a wide range of entertainment so you will also see great events unrelated to jazz.

  • The freshly caught oyster dish is a must-try.
  • The sea scent present in the air, combined with the relaxing jazz music, separates the Soundstage Supper Club from most of its peers.

3. Egan’s Ballard Jam House

1707 NW Market Street

The Egan’s Ballard Jam House, in the heart of Seattle’s vibrant Market Street, is known for its authentic retro jazz experience, immediately transporting you back to the glorious swing era.

The décor, unmistakably inspired by 1940s architecture and jazz music, is exceptional, seamlessly setting the mood for an evening filled with live performances and memorable swing dancing routines.

  • Bring your dancing shoes and join the locals on the retro-themed dance floor.
  • Try the club’s exclusive list of cocktails; our favorite is the “Gin and Jazz” concoction.


Seattle is the ideal city for anyone searching for an authentic, eclectic, and distinguished mixture of jazz clubs and restaurants. At the same time, anyone interested in contemporary jazz, retro jazz, classical jazz swing, and fusion jazz will enjoy the Emerald City’s remarkably extensive and diverse local jazz club and restaurant scene.

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