56 Spots to Get a Mocktail in Seattle, by Neighborhood

Seattle’s social scene is bustling with various bars and restaurants that not only cater to those with a taste for cocktails but also offer a delightful array of mocktails for non-drinkers, designated drivers, and anyone interested in savoring the flavor without the alcohol.

These creative concoctions ensure that everyone has a place at the bar, giving way to inclusive gatherings where the refreshment options are abundant and alcohol-free.

With health-conscious movements on the rise and more people embracing sober lifestyles, establishments across Seattle are expanding their menus to feature mocktails that are anything but an afterthought.

These drinks showcase fresh ingredients, complex flavors, and craft preparation methods. They aren’t just imitations of their alcoholic counterparts; they’re stand-alone beverages designed to be enjoyed for their own merit.

The city’s trendiest spots have taken note, perfecting the art of mixology without the spirits.

Whether looking for a swanky rooftop bar with panoramic views or a cozy café with a casual vibe, this list takes you through the top Seattle locales where mocktails aren’t just available—they’re celebrated.

Places Serving Non-Alcoholic Cocktails, by Neighborhood

Seattle’s dining and nightlife scenes cater to a diverse crowd, including those who prefer non-alcoholic options. Each neighborhood boasts spots where patrons can enjoy crafted mocktails.


Barnacle | Website

Barnacle is an Italian aperitivo bar serving up two non-alcoholic cocktails, the N/A Spritz and the N/A Negroni. Small bites like oysters and ricotta toast are available, courtesy of The Walrus and the Carpenter.

Mox Boarding House | Website

Mox Boarding House is an award-winning game store with a fabulous restaurant. They offer some interesting zero-proof cocktails (and coffee drinks!) that prepare you for an awesome game night with friends. Mox is a personal favorite of mine, as I love casually browsing their game selection.

Rough and Tumble | Website

Want to go to a place where women’s sports are the sole focus? Rough and Tumble is a fun bar with a wide selection of mocktails and canned non-alcoholic beverages to sip on while watching female sports.

Rupee Bar | Website

Rupee Bar is a local favorite stop for custom non-alcoholic beverages. This Sri Lankan restaurant is known for making tonic syrups, which can be added to your mocktail.

Sabine Cafe | Website

Sabine is a stunningly beautiful cafe, bakery, and bar that serves fresh food and cocktails from local farms. If non-alcoholic drinks are a must for you, stop by during their daytime cafe hours to try their alcohol-free beer and Prosecco.


Navy Strength will take you to paradise with their delicious tropical mocktails. Try a Bitter Bird of Paradise featuring N/A amaro, guava, grapefruit oleo, lime, and tonic for a refreshing start to your meal. Their other mocktails, Hollow Trance and Sober Saturn, are also great options for getting into the vibe.

Rob Roy | Website

At Rob Roy, getting buzz-free summer cocktails is simple, with its selection of zero- and low-ABV cocktails. If zero alcohol is in the cards, clarify with your server which cocktails are virgin.

Screwdriver Bar | Website

The Screwdriver Bar is a basement bar in Belltown that serves rock’ n’ roll and a large selection of zero-proof cocktails, wine, and beer.

Capitol Hill

Bait Shop | Website

Bait Shop’s non-alcoholic options include a Phony Negroni, Rogue CBD, Athletic Brewing Upside Dawn, ginger beer, energy drinks, and soft drinks. There’s a lot to choose from!

Canon | Website

Known for their exquisite cocktails, Canon also knows how to build a creative non-alcoholic drink. Don’t miss this one.

Gemini Room | Website

Ever tried a non-alcoholic CBD drink? If you prefer CBD to alcohol, get your hands on the Aurora Sparkling Hemp 30mg CBD Soda. With flavors like lavender and orange, you can’t go wrong.

Herb and Bitter Public House | Website

Herb and Bitter’s spirit free menu will definitely raise your spirits with drinks like their Lightning Bug, made with spiritless tequila, lemon, sweetened ginger juice, and sanbitter soda.

Liberty Bar | Website

I’ve always been a fan of sushi and a flavorful beverage. If you feel the same, don’t miss a chance to check out Liberty Bar.

Life on Mars | Website

Kombucha, ginger beer, and oat milk lattes await you at the vinyl-themed Life on Mars bar.

Needle and Thread | Website

Needle and Thread is a special option as they do not operate with a traditional menu. Instead, they use a bespoke cocktail program so be sure to work with your bartender to create your perfect mocktail.

Oddfellows Cafe and Bar | Website

Say yes to spiritless beverages at Oddfellows Cafe and try their ‘No No’ drink, which features Pathfinder herbal elixir, N/A aperitif, and soda.

Rumba | Website

No-proof cocktails at Rumba include the Red Planet, which features Pathfinder hemp and root, spiced hibiscus tea, raspberry, and lime. If you’re interested in a rum alternative, try their Force of Habit mocktail with Ritual Rum Alternative, Roots divino bianco aperitif, Wilderton bitter apertivo, ginger, and pink peppercorn.

Central District

Chuck’s Hop Shop | Website

Chuck’s Hop Shop has an extensive non-alcoholic selection, including wine, spirits, and ready-to-drink mocktails. They offer over 40 different six-packs of non-alcoholic beers, so there’s something for everyone to try.

L’oursin | Website

Peloton Cafe | Website

The mocktail selection at Peloton Cafe is very accommodating with drinks like the rhubarb no-gron, made from amass NA spirit, dhos rhubarb n/a bitters, and simple syrup.

Columbia City

The Royal Room | Website

Beer lovers will adore The Royal Room’s collection, including the Upside Down Golden, Run Wild IPA, Bedford’s Ginger Beer, and Bedford’s Root Beer.

Denny Triangle

Deep Dive | Website

There are plenty of fancy mocktail options that can be found in Deep Dive’s “Free Spirited” section. I personally enjoy a sour drink, so I naturally gravitate towards their ‘Snake Oil Sour’, featuring The Pathfinder hemp and root, orgeat, and lemon.

Palace Kitchen | Website

Palace Kitchen offers a formal Zero Proof menu with refreshing choices like the Daydreamer, built with pathfinder, hibiscus shrub, cinnamon, grapefruit, and lime. If you’re looking for something indulgent, opt for their Kokomo, made with creme de coconut, house pistachio orgeat, lemon, lime, and soda.


Ben Paris | Website

Check out Ben Paris’ N/A Beverages section with NA beer, kombucha, and espresso drinks.

Charlotte Restaurant and Lounge | Website

You can find the Charlotte Restaurant & Lounge inside the Lotte Hotel, on the top floor. Check out their Spirit-Free Selections to find something that strikes your fancy.

Here Today Brewery | Website

Rachel’s Ginger Beer | Website

Rachel’s Ginger Beer is a popular beverage company based in Seattle, Washington. They are known for their handcrafted ginger beer made with fresh ginger, organic cane sugar, and other natural ingredients. In addition to their original ginger beer flavor, they offer a variety of other creative and refreshing flavors. 

Zig Zag Cafe | Website

The ‘Best of Both Worlds’ on Zig Zag’s zero-proof drinks menu proves that you can have a delicious cocktail without the side effects of alcohol.

First Hill

Vito’s | Website

Feeling adventurous? You can trust your bartender at Vito’s to craft a custom mocktail by ordering the bartender’s choice drink.


Dreamland | Website

Choosing not to booze up? Dreamland offers local favorites like Rachel’s Ginger Beer to cool you off and prepare you for a tasty meal.

Kamonegi | Website

Rhubarb soda, sencha green tea, and Suntory N/A beer await you at Kamonegi. You won’t be disappointed.

Le Coin | Website

Stampede Cocktail Club | Website

The Back Door | Website

Delightful creations like the mock mule and ginge fizz give you a familiar favorite without the alcohol.

Triangle Spirits | Website

Triangle offers three staple non-alcoholic options, one containing CBD.

Green Lake

Eight Row | Website


Bar Sur Mer | Website

I love a reasonably priced mocktail menu, and Bar Sur Mer delivers here with four creations for 12 dollars and under.

International District

Kilig | Website


Pablo y Pablo | Website

Fans of lavender will love the garden paloma from Pablo y Pablo, made with seedlip garden, grapefruit, honey, lavender bitters, soda, and a tajin rim.

Madison Valley

Cafe Flora | Website

The ambiance in Cafe Flora is unparalleled, and you need to experience it for yourself to understand. Non-alcoholic options include various espresso drinks, like their Lavender Fields latte, loose-leaf teas, and juices.

Kamp Social House | Website

Kamp has a wonderful selection of mocktails, and the bartenders are total pros at making custom drinks.


Bottlehouse | Website

No need to order a bottle of wine if that’s not what you’re looking for. Refreshing drinks under the ‘and more’ section will surely delight you, and all of them are 8 dollars and under.


Watershed Pub | Website

Stop by the Watershed Pub and Kitchen for a Merry Berry Lemonade or a Cold Brew Coffee to accompany a big meal. They also have a decent list of alcohol-free spirits if that tickles your fancy.

Phinney Ridge

Cheeky and Dry | Website

Meet Seattle’s first completely non-alcoholic bottle shop. From zero-proof gin to oak-aged New Orleans bitter, beginners and experts can craft their perfect cocktail.

Chez Phinney | Website

Bubbly drinks are a favorite of mine, so I give the drinks at Chez Phinney a huge thumbs up. If you feel the same way, try the faux spritz, Noughty NA Sparkling Chardonnay, and Noughty NA Sparkling Rose.

Oliver’s Twist | Website

Pioneer Square

Flatstick Pub | Website

Flatstick pub has a nice variety of non-alcoholic drinks you can sip on while enjoying a game of bingo on Wednesdays.


Kricket Club | Website

Kricket Club’s no alcohol menu is a must-try with their flavorful creations like their Ananas numbu pani, boasting ingredients like pineapple som, mint, Scarborough syrup, lime, and tonic.

South Lake Union

mBar | Website

I’m a huge fan of IPAs, making Mbar a great place to visit. They offer two IPAs and several fruity mocktails.


Korochka Tavern | Website

If you’re looking for something new, try the Kvas, a sweet fermented rye soft drink that comes canned.

White Center

Lariat Bar | Website

West Seattle

The Nook | Website

Otter on the Rocks | Website

Otter on the Rocks features several tropical mocktails on their menu that go harmoniously with their small food menu,

Queen Anne

Bar Miriam | Website

Eden Hill | Website

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