8 Incredible Seattle Tattoo Shops for Getting Inked

Seattle has an extensive and diverse tattoo scene that showcases the city’s artistic and eclectic culture. Here, tattoos are widely accepted and embraced as a form of self-expression, contributing to the local industry’s growth. The tattoo shops and artists each have a unique style and specialization, and many draw inspiration from the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty.

Each year, Seattle hosts various tattoo conventions that bring together local and international artists. One such event is the popular Seattle Tattoo Expo, where artists showcase their work, learn from one another, and connect with clients. With so many options, you can find an artist to create a custom, one-of-a-kind ink design on your canvas. These are the best tattoo shops in Seattle:

The best 8 tattoo shops in Seattle are:

  1. Laughing Buddha Seattle, Capitol Hill
  2. Pierced Hearts Tattoo Parlor, University District
  3. Fenix Tattoo and Piercing, Pioneer Square
  4. True Love Tattoo & Art Gallery, Capitol Hill
  5. Hidden Hand Tattoo, Fremont
  6. Slave to the Needle Tattoo, Ballard
  7. Supergenius Tattoo, Capitol Hill
  8. Black Sparrow Tattoo, Capitol Hill

    Where to Find the Best Tattoo Shops in Seattle

    If you’re looking for the best tattoo shops in Seattle, look no further. Our list covers the best-rated and most-reviewed skin ink artists in Emerald City. Let’s get to it.

    1. Laughing Buddha, Capitol Hill

    1121 E Union Street


    Laughing Buddha is a popular tattoo and piercing shop dedicated to adorning your body how you like it. Established in 1996, this well-established studio moved from Broadway to new premises to increase visibility.

    Owner Christy Brooker and her team of artists and piercers are leaders in their profession, and they love what they do. Theyโ€™re driven to elevate your personal experience and the reputation of the body art industry while ensuring the utmost hygiene, safety, and care for their clients.

    2. Pierced Hearts Tattoo Parlor, University District

    5307 Roosevelt Way NE


    Pierced Hearts Tattoo Parlor is another well-established tattoo shop in Seattle. They opened in 2007 and offer traditional and custom tattooing along with full-service body piercing and fabulous body jewelry.

    While they have permanent tattoo artists, Pierced Hearts regularly welcomes excellent artists to their parlor. Their website showcases the stunning and professional inks by the owner and regular artists. Still, it is recommended to visit their Facebook page to stay updated on visiting artists.

    3. Fenix Tattoo and Piercing, Pioneer Square

    87 Yesler Way


    Fenix Tattoo is another well-established body adorning shop in Seattle that boasts a superior level of expertise. Ty Myers opened Fenix Tattoo in 2000 with over 30 years of inking and piercing experience.

    The artists at Fenix come from various backgrounds and specialize in traditional, photorealism, and custom tattoos. The shop operates on bookings, but walk-ins are welcome. Bear in mind, however, that they work on a first-come, first-served basis.

    4. True Love Tattoo & Art Gallery, Capitol Hill

    421 E Pine Street


    True Love Tattoo and Art Gallery is a minimalist tattoo shop with the added bonus of rotating art exhibitions. This LGBTQIA-friendly gem is a nurturing and non-discriminatory haven for anyone who wants to receive their tattoo in a relaxed and accepting environment.

    They have talented and professional tattoo artists specializing in various styles, including black and gray realism, colorwork, Japanese, traditional, dot work, and intricate geometric designs. So, one of their artists can attend to your unique requirements. True Love Tattoo works on appointments, but they accept walk-ins if time allows.

    5. Hidden Hand Tattoo, Fremont

    702 N 35th Street


    Hidden Hand Tattoo is considered one of the best tattoo shops in Seattle and is a cornerstone of the Seattle tattoo community. Their award-winning artists work in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere where they can best meet their customersโ€™ inking needs and desires.

    Owners and artists Jeff and April Cornell opened their fledgling shop in 2007 and expanded to include more full-time and guest artists. They frequently travel to other cities as guest artists to learn new methods and grow their knowledge and experience. This ensures they stay on top of emerging trends while honoring the traditions of historical tattooing.

    6. Slave to the Needle Tattoo, Ballard

    508 NW 65th Street


    Slave to the Needle is a multiple award-winning tattoo shop with two branches, one in Ballard and the other in Wallingford (at 405 NE 45th Street). Aaron Bell, the owner of Slave to the Needle, opened the Ballard shop in 1995 and the Wallingford branch in 2005.

    Slave to the Needle boasts 16 full- and part-time artists between its branches. Aaron and his team have consistently raked in awards at various tattoo conventions since 1997. They work on an appointment-only basis to prepare and serve their clients with the most excellent service and artistry.

    7. Supergenius Tattoo, Capitol Hill

    1419 10th Avenue


    Supergenius Tattoo is a fun and vibey tattoo shop with twelve full-time tattooers and an apprentice. The owner, Damon Conklin, is passionate about the evolution of tattooing and is a guest speaker at tattoo conventions.

    Supergenius offers free consultations to help you select the best artist for your design. Alternatively, you can view the artistsโ€™ portfolios online or in-store between noon and 10 p.m. daily. They operate on a booking and first-come, first-served basis. Their prices are reasonable, given they are a cash-only business.

    8. Black Sparrow Tattoo, Capitol Hill

    1123 Pike Street


    Black Sparrow is another Capitol Hill-based premier tattoo studio started by award-winning artist Eddie Martinez. Eddie and his team specialize in bringing your ideas to life and helping you express your individuality through skin inking.

    Eddie’s specialty is highly detailed black and gray photorealism, while artist Andres Maclovio excels in script tattoos. Black Sparrow often hosts guest artists, and they’re looking to expand by hiring more full- and part-time inkers.


    Seattle boasts a thriving tattoo scene with several outstanding studios. The parlors mentioned in this article are some of the best and most well-established in Seattle. Over the years, these favorite shops and artists have defined the Emerald City’s tattoo landscape. They offer exceptional artistry, professionalism, and a commitment to creating meaningful and personalized tattoos for their clients.

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