4 Ziplining Adventures for Thrills & Scenery Around Seattle

Those who love the outdoors, adventure, and breathtaking views combined with tons of fun must consider ziplining in and around Seattle.  Experiencing the Pacific Northwest from high above the ground is an experience that only ziplining can provide.

There are several ziplining tours in and around Seattle, and here are a few options that will get you excited just by reading about it. 

The 4 best ziplining in and around the Seattle area:

  1. Canopy Tours Northwest
  2. High Trek Adventures & Ziplines
  3. Zipline Junky
  4. Bellevue Zip Tour

Where to Find The Best Ziplining In And Around Seattle

As the weather turns and spring changes into summer, outdoor activities increase, especially those nature-related.  Many explore the outdoors, looking for a thrilling adventure combining fun and excitement.

Seattle is home to some of the best zipline tours that provide young and old the opportunity to experience nature in all its glory.  If you love the outdoors and want to have a fun day out, you must consider these four ziplining spots in Seattle.

1. Canopy Tours Northwest, Camano Island

332 NE Camano Drive


Originally, ziplining catered to daredevils seeking a thrill until Canopy Tour Northwest found a way to combine it with the beauty of nature.  Canopy Tours has six ziplines that take you across the beautiful forestry, combining fun with adventure.  The zipline course is ACCT-certified, and professional guides assist and educate everyone to ensure maximum safety without ruining the experience.

Canopy Tour Northwest’s zipline has a dramatic final descent and other features that include a suspension bridge, woodland trails, and a breathtaking view for everyone to enjoy.  

2. High Trek Adventures & Ziplines, Everett

11928 Beverly Park Road


If you are a zipline enthusiast, High Trek Adventures provides sixty challenges, three levels, and the opportunity to choose your adventure on their self-guided experience option.  High Trek caters to all ages, but a favorite is their 4–7-year-old cadet course for youngsters.

Adults and older children can enjoy the High Trek Adventures captain course, while the rest of the family can relax at their picnic table or play 18 holes of mini golf.  A playground for toddlers and other activities provided at the outdoor fun center makes it the ideal place for birthday parties, team building, and corporate picnics.

3. Zipline Junky, Everett

1402 SE Everett Mall Way


Zipline Junky in Seattle lets you have the fun of ziplining come to you.  The company caters to anywhere in Seattle, and they are especially popular with team building, parties, and fun seekers.  Zipline Junky has a mobile setup that provides zipline runs from 50 to 3000 feet, depending on your venue and requirements.

Experienced staff, top-quality equipment, and safety are Zipline Junky’s first and highest priority.  Every precaution and measure is taken to ensure a safe and fun experience.

4. Bellevue Zip Tour, Bellevue

14509 SE Newport Way


Bellevue Zip Tour, ten miles east of Seattle, is the ideal spot where the whole family can enjoy the thrill and adventure of ziplining.  Some spots are 80 feet above the ground and ensure a spectacular view of Eastgate Park’s trees.  The zipline stretches over 485 feet and accommodates seven people with two well-trained guides.

Bellevue Zip Tour normally caters to groups between 1-8 people but can accommodate up to 40 people with advance notice.  For safety reasons, restrictions are implemented.  Anyone weighing less than 60 pounds, more than 250 pounds, and children under eight cannot participate.


Seattle is known for its breathtaking views, especially its forestry.  During spring and summer, the Pacific Northwest comes alive with thrill seekers drawn to ziplining tours to experience its fun and excitement.  Canopy Tours Northwest, High Trek Adventures, Zipline Junky, and Bellevue Zip Tour are just a few of Seattle’s best spots for young and old to enjoy ziplining.

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