Leave Reality at the Door – Dive into These 10 Themed Bars in Seattle

Seattle has a fantastic array of creative bars throughout the city, from classic dive bars to novel experiences that include arty décor and concept drinks. One thing is sure: dull is not something you will ever hear about Seattle’s Bars.

We have put together a list of our best themed bars in Seattle, covering all of the top places to visit and enjoy, thanks to their awesome themes and offerings. There is something for everyone, with the Seattle-themed bars providing the perfect combination of fun and entertainment.

The 10 best themed bars in Seattle are:

  1. Unicorn and Narwhal
  2. Inside Passage
  3. Bathtub Gin
  4. Dreamland Bar & Diner
  5. Admiral Benbow Room
  6. Navy Strength
  7. Bar Sabine
  8. Life on Mars
  9. Gemini Room
  10. Pie Bar

Where to Find The Best Themed Bars in Seattle

Seattle is a thriving hub of social activity, and the bar scene reflects that perfectly. The city has a fantastic collection of themed bars to turn your night into something quite unforgettable; from the carnival, under the sea, and arcade-type themes, there are options galore. Let the creative juices flow, and enjoy our picks of the best themed bars in Seattle.

1. Unicorn & Narwhal, Capitol Hill

1118 E Pike Street


The Unicorn and its sister bar, Narwhal, offer the ultimate carnival themes. Both establishments have loud, garish décor in keeping with the carnival theme. The bars are incredibly eclectic, kitsch, fun, and fascinating and provide the perfect backdrop for a fun night out or even a more exciting after-work drink.

Unicorn provides ample entertainment in a pinball arcade and photo booth and has regular weekly events that provide something for everyone and are LGBTQ+ friendly. Both Unicorn and Narwhal offer a delicious carnival-inspired menu, and of course, the drinks are sublime, with the cocktail menu being worth a try.

  • Carnival theme
  • Cocktails
  • Carnival inspired menu

2. Inside Passage, Capitol Hill

1108 Pike Street


Inside Passage is an under-the-sea delight, with solid shipwreck ocean vibes moving about the bar. It does have an element of floating through a colorful underwater wreck, and it’s highly immersive. The theme centers on the Pacific Northwest and the tropics, with fantastic attention to detail in all the décor elements.

As an immersion bar, the drinks stay true to the theme and are dramatic, opulent, and form part of the experience. We thoroughly recommend committing to the immersive experience and enjoying the creativity that is Inside Passage. There is also a simple but delicious food menu to keep the belly happy.

  • Pacific North West, Underwater, Shipwreck, Tropical Theme
  • Artisan Cocktails
  • Simple seafood-inspired menu

3. Bathtub Gin & Co., Belltown

2205 2nd Avenue


The best-themed bar list could only be complete with at least one speakeasy-themed bar. The Bathtub Gin & Co. is a fantastic throwback to the days of speakeasies. The décor is very era-specific, with lots of timber detailing. Being built within an old boiler room altogether adds to the ambiance and gives the bar an authentic feel. Add in an alleyway entry, and it is themed perfection.

Bathtub Gin & Co. offers a magnificent variety of local gin and tonics and a pretty slick menu of house cocktails, thanks to the varied selection of liquors.

  • Speakeasy Theme
  • Gin and Liquor

4. Dreamland Bar & Diner, Fremont

3401 Evanston Ave N


Source: Dreamland Bar & Diner

Dreamland is a retro-style bar in Fremont, designed to transport you back to the glory days of American diners. The bar boasts a colorful and vibrant atmosphere, complete with neon signs, vintage furnishings, and arcade games. With its nostalgic charm, Dreamland is the perfect destination for anyone seeking a taste of classic Americana.

Pro Tip: Try their chicken and waffles. You’re welcome!

5. Admiral Benbow Room, West Seattle

4210 SW Admiral Way Suite A


The Benbow Room, located in West Seattle, is an eccentric and nautical-themed bar inspired by the infamous pirate Captain Benbow. The interior is decorated with maritime artifacts and memorabilia, creating an immersive experience for patrons. Delightful cocktails and an energetic crowd make the Benbow Room a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

6. Navy Strength, Belltown

2505 2nd Ave #102


For those looking for a tropical escape without leaving the city, Navy Strength is the place to be. This Belltown bar offers a full-on tropical immersion, complete with exotic drinks, vibrant colors, and plush decor. The menu features craft cocktails made with fresh ingredients, making it a must-visit for anyone seeking an island-inspired night out.

7. Bar Sabine, Ballard

5307 Ballard Ave NW


Nestled in the heart of Ballard, Bar Sabine offers a more intimate experience. The dimly lit bar is adorned with lush greenery and vintage knick-knacks, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Patrons can enjoy expertly crafted cocktails while listening to a curated selection of music, making it an ideal spot for a relaxing night out with friends or a date night.

Bar Sabine rotates through different cocktail menu themes, a previous favorite being Lord of the Rings.

8. Life on Mars, Capitol Hill

722 E Pike St


Life on Mars is a haven for music lovers in Capitol Hill. The eclectic bar, inspired by David Bowie’s song, features vinyl records, vintage concert posters, and a stellar lineup of classic tunes. With a spacious lounge and a large bar selection, it’s the ultimate destination for those looking to enjoy great music and good company.

9. Gemini Room, Capitol Hill

1101 E Pike St


Located in Capitol Hill, the Gemini Room is a classy cocktail bar with an elegant 70s-themed atmosphere. The dark and moody decor, combined with an impressive selection of libations, make it an excellent spot for unwinding after a long day. The bar’s focus on fine spirits and expertly crafted drinks ensures a memorable experience for every patron.

10. Pie Bar, Ballard

2218 NW Market St


Last but not least, the Pie Bar in Ballard offers a sweet twist on the traditional bar experience. This dessert-themed establishment combines the best of both worlds: delightful pies and inventive cocktails. Enjoy a savory pot pie alongside a beer, or indulge in a decadent dessert paired with a handcrafted cocktail. The Pie Bar’s unique blend of scrumptious sweets and boozy beverages makes it a must-visit for anyone seeking a novel night out in Seattle.

Unique Bar Experiences across Neighborhoods

Seattle is known for its vibrant neighborhoods, and the themed bars throughout the city are no exception. In Ballard, you’ll find the Flatstick Pub, a unique drinking experience that combines a love for golf, beer, and friendly competition. While in Fremont, the Time Warp bar offers a nostalgic atmosphere filled with retro pop-culture references and cocktails.

Over in Greenwood, don’t miss out on Inside Passage, a tiki-themed paradise with incredible interior decorations and island-inspired cocktails. In West Seattle, the Unicorn is worth a visit for its carnival-inspired atmosphere and quirky drinks like the “Americorn.”

Queen Anne boasts a trendy bar scene, and establishments like Sippin’ Santa’s Surf Shack offer a festive twist with a seasonally themed, tropical-inspired experience. This surf shack comes alive during the holiday season, transporting patrons to a beachy paradise while they indulge in delicious cocktails.

Over in Georgetown, you can enjoy a lively combination of karaoke nights, trivia, and themed events at various local bars. Make a reservation in advance to ensure you secure a spot during these energetic nights.

Finally, let’s not forget the hidden gem of Carnelian Bay. Here, you’ll find picturesque views and enchanting bars that provide a serene escape from the bustling city life in Seattle.

Seattle has many excellent themed bars; our top three are worth a visit thanks to their unique décor, ambiance, and menus. If you’re looking to turn the dial-up on the creativity of your night out, one of these themed bars is definitely for you.

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