20 Incredible Weekend Trips From Seattle (Less Than 4 Hours Away)

Nothing is better than leaving on a Friday afternoon after a hard work day for a weekend of relaxation away from everything. However, many prefer to stay close to home and might not enjoy driving far, and that’s why it’s better to enjoy your weekend trip less than 4 hours away from your home.

The most incredible weekend trips less than 4 hours away from Seattle include:

  1. Whidbey Island
  2. San Juan Islands
  3. Portland
  4. Leavenworth
  5. Mount Rainier Nation Park
  6. Lake Chelan
  7. Vancouver
  8. Mount Baker
  9. Anacortes
  10. Tacoma
  11. Columbia River Gorge
  12. And more …

1. Endless Wineries In Whidbey Island

Whidbey Island is one of the best places around Seattle during the summer. You can reach the island with a short ferry ride. The main area of Langley is the perfect getaway for wine tasting, outdoor activities, and excellent cuisine.

Whidbey Island has many camping spots and other accommodations like cottages and resorts. One of the most recommended spots is the Comforts of Whidbey for around $245 a night. This bed and breakfast accommodation has a deck where you can enjoy the excellent view, homemade breakfast, and you can also do a wine tasting there since they also double as a winery.

The Langley area has seven wineries where you can taste various great wines or visit one of the nearby restaurants. Seabolts Smokehouse serves affordable seafood and has vegetarian and gluten-free options. Orchard Kitchen is a fine dining restaurant serving European dishes, making a great idea for a night out on the town.

  • Location – Whidbey Island, Washington
  • Distance From Seattle – 35 miles
  • Travel Time From Seattle – 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Type of Trip – Relaxing

The largest city near Whidbey Island is Oak Harbor, where you can also find other things to do and different restaurants to dine at. The Island has many fantastic views, historical sites, and cultural attractions you can visit on a weekend trip. One of the best things about visiting Whidbey Island is its affordability.

Around the island, you can visit a few parks for extra activities. Deception Pass State Park has many hiking trails to explore nature. Double Bluff Beach has a breathtaking view of Admiralty Inlet, and you can also swim in the ocean’s clear water.

2. Whale Watching At San Juan Islands

The San Juan Islands are among the best spots to go and see killer whales. You can access the island by ferry, and the San Juan Islands has no shortage of incredible places to stay, but the main one is the Lakedale resort, where you can enjoy the silence of the woods for about $190 per night.

The accommodation spots are near the main town, and you can easily take a short drive down when you need something. The city has many restaurants, like the Downriggers restaurant, where you can have great appetizers while overlooking the harbor. You can also stop by for a quick meal at Friday’s Crabhouse, where the locals highly recommend the fish tacos.

The island has many photo spots where photographers can go wild, but one of the best sites is the Lime Kiln Lighthouse, where you can spot whales breaching the water. The island also offers hiking, sightseeing, visiting the local museums or historical sights, and going to the beach.

  • Location – San Juan Islands, Washington
  • Distance from Seattle – Roughly 110 miles
  • Travel time from Seattle – Estimated at3 hours
  • Type of trip – Relaxing

Around the San Juan Islands are two other great places you can visit if you have the time. You can travel to Orcas Island and Lopez Island easily. These islands also have many exciting activities, and the main thing they have in common with San Juan is their fantastic killer whale sightings.

Kayaking is a popular way to explore and see the rich coastline of the island. The Moran State Park has some of the best hiking trails throughout the rich green forest, and you can also pop by Eastsound Village. A trip to San Juan Island can be expensive since the many activities and accommodation costs aren’t the lowest.

3. Experience The Cultural Background Of Portland, Oregon

The central fact you should know about Portland, Oregon, before taking a trip is that the town isn’t one of the cheapest. While it might be worth the journey and the money you spend, it’s not a budget-friendly trip since the accommodation, food, and services around the town will be expensive.

Hotel Lucia is the main accommodation attraction, charging roughly $170 per night. However, you can lodge at the Staypineapple for about $95 a night for cheaper lodging. The hotels are near shops and many attractions, meaning you can drive there or take a walk and enjoy the sights.

Portland has many food trucks where you can find unique dishes, local cuisine, and various restaurants. Breweries like the Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House and Culmination Brewing are popular in the town. Some breweries also have full menus so that you can get dinner there.

You can visit Powell’s City of Books, the largest independent bookstore in the world. The Portland Art Museum and Museum of Science and Industry are also worth visiting. One of the most famous attractions is the Portland Japanese Garden, where you will feel far away from the busy city with nature surrounding the area.

  • Location – Portland, Oregon
  • Distance from Seattle – About 175 miles
  • Travel time from Seattle – Roughly 3 hours
  • Type of trip – Cultural

For those who love taking photos, there is a waterfall about 30 minutes east of Portland called the Multnomah Falls. It makes the perfect spot for amazing pictures and an overall incredible sight to experience. You can also go hiking and participate in the many water sports when the weather allows you to.

4. Take A Trip Anytime To Leavenworth

20 Incredible Weekend Trips From Seattle (Less Than 4 Hours Away)

Leavenworth is the type of town you can visit any time of the year since the activities range from summer to winter. The mountain setting is perfect for skiing during the winter when it snows, and the nearby beaches and lakes make great swimming spots in the summer. In May, they have the Maypole Festival, the Oktoberfest in September, and October, and you can take a weekend trip in December for the Christmas markets.

The Bavarian Lodge is the central accommodation spot in town, and you can expect to pay about $150 per night for a room. The hotel has a pool and offers a wide range of free breakfast foods, such as egg casseroles, cinnamon buns, and potatoes. Bavarian Lodge is also within walking distance from the Nutcracker Museum and Front Street Park.

  • Location – Leavenworth, Washington
  • Distance from Seattle – Estimated at 135 miles
  • Travel time from Seattle – About 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • Type of trip – Relaxation

The Icicle Brewing Company serves craft beers, and you can also find a few wineries throughout the town. Since the Okanogan-Wenatchee Nation Forest surrounds the city, you won’t be far from nature, and you can take hiking trips through the forest. Leavenworth is a budget-friendly trip with low expenses on food, accommodation, and the town’s activities.

5. Enjoy Nature’s Fresh Air In Mount Rainier National Park

The Mount Rainier National Park has a glaciated summit and active volcano that rises more than 14,400 feet above sea level. The park offers the best hiking trails, mountain climbing, and outdoor activities. The primary accommodation type in this park is a tent or RV camping, but a few hotels are nearby.

You can stay at one of the park’s many campgrounds, such as White River, for about $15 or Cougar Rock for roughly $20 per night. The Paradise Inn is a hotel with a restaurant and bar inside where you can stay during your trip for about $100 per night. It would be best if you also remembered to count the $5 fee for entering the park within your budget, but overall, Mount Rainier is a budget-friendly trip.

The park has five entrances, each leading to a unique section. You can access the subalpine wildflowers of Paradise from the park’s famous Nisqually entrance in the southwestern corner. The northwest entrance to the park, Carbon River, leads to a temperate rainforest and the stunning Mowich Lake in the park’s center.

  • Location – Mount Rainier National Park, Washington
  • Distance from Seattle – Roughly 60 miles
  • Travel time from Seattle – About 2 hours
  • Type of trip – Outdoorsy

The few waterfalls around Mount Rainier make for great photos, and they are easy to get to, with paved trails leading you there. Besides hiking, there is not much to do inside the park, meaning you will have to go into town for more exciting activities and places to visit.

One of the nearby towns is Ashford, where you can find supermarkets, restaurants, and other little shops. There is a pottery shop where you can buy local art, and the recycled spirits of iron sculptures are on display in town, where you can see various animal sculptures made from iron.

The Wildberry restaurant is near one of the entrances to the park, and they serve vegetarian meals and dumplings, burgers, and fries. Paradise Village Restaurant serves Eastern European and Ukrainian dishes, and while they are relatively small inside, you can order takeout.

6. Lake Chelan And Their Extensive Water Activities

Lake Chelan has a fantastic view of the glacier-fed lake, surrounded by hills. Campbells Resort is the perfect place to stay during your visit to this small town since it has family-friendly access to the beach. The resort’s room rates start at about $155 per night, but there are a few alternative options if you prefer something bigger, like a condo for roughly $225 per night at Chelan Resort Suites.

  • Location – Chelan, Washington
  • Distance from Seattle – Approximately 200 miles
  • Travel time from Seattle – Estimated at 3 hours and 30 minutes
  • Type of trip – Outdoorsy

Lake Chelan is famous for its water activities in the summer, like boating, jet skiing, swimming, and lounging on the beach. There is also a water park nearby for the entire family to enjoy. Although wine tasting at Tsillan Cellars is popular among adults, they offer an excellent dinner menu and a lake view.

When summertime comes, booking your tours, boats, and hotels in advance is best since Lake Chelan is a popular destination. Dinner reservations are also a good idea since food places fill up quickly. Lake Chelan can be expensive with many costly activities, but if you only stick to the usuals, you can make it a budget-friendly trip.

The Lake Chelan Museum is downtown and worth a visit since it explains the area’s history. Another exciting activity is the Lake Chelan Golf Course, where you can expect to pay between $30 and $50 per person. An activity you probably won’t find somewhere else is helicopter rides like in Chelan.

Lake Chelan offers short helicopter rides over the town, and you can also stop at some of the wineries. You can hire boats and explore the lake’s crystal clear waters yourself. The local restaurants include the Lake Chelan Artisan Bakery for various pastries and Lakeview Drive-In, which serves hotdogs, burgers, and shakes.

7. Visit Historical Film Sites In Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is perfect for a weekend trip abroad since it’s less than 150 miles from Seattle. The city is famous for its movie and TV show filming locations, and there are many areas you can visit where directors filmed some of the best movies.

  • Location – Vancouver, Canada
  • Distance from Seattle – Roughly 145 miles
  • Travel time from Seattle – About3 hours
  • Type of trip – Cultural

The Moda Hotel has a few restaurants and bars inside. Cibo Trattoria is a casual Italian restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Red Card Sports Bar is a sports bar with a European vibe, serving pizza from a wood-burning oven and local beers.

Uva Wine Bar doubles as a chic cocktail and wine lounge by night and a cozy espresso bar during the day. You can access all these restaurants without leaving the comfort of your hotel. The Moda Hotel has rooms for roughly $205 a night. Vancouver is also very popular with the LGBTQ community of tourists due to the historical gay bathhouse Dino’s Turkish Baths and BJ’s drag bar.

8. Go Hiking At Mount Baker

20 Incredible Weekend Trips From Seattle (Less Than 4 Hours Away)

Mount Baker is one of the best weekend getaways for nature and hiking lovers. The area is quiet and has no large crowds, no matter what time of year you visit. There aren’t many activities to keep you busy during your stay, but hiking is the main event at this spot.

Due to the location of Mount Baker, the hiking season is short, but you can also visit for the snow during August and October. The Douglas Fir Campground is one of the best places to stay, or you can camp at Silver Fir Campground. Both of the se camoing spots are near most of the hiking trails.

  • Location – Nort Cascades, Washington
  • Distance from Seattle – Estimated at140 miles
  • Travel time from Seattle – About 2 hours and 40 minutes
  • Type of trip – Outdoorsy

9. Anacortes And Its Lively Main Street

20 Incredible Weekend Trips From Seattle (Less Than 4 Hours Away)

Anacortes is a town that many people often overlook on their way to other destinations. However, spending a weekend in this little town will be one of the best experiences of your life, with many great activities and cuisines to try when you get there. The main street, Commercial Avenue, buzzes with energy.

The Nantucket Inn is on the main road and comfortably accommodates you for roughly $150 per night. There are multiple bars around the town to entertain yourself at night, and the restaurants will provide excellent dishes. You can stop by Dad’s Diner or A-Town Bistro for any meal, and the Salt & Vine lets you sample outstanding wine and cheeses.

  • Location – Anacortes, Washington
  • Distance from Seattle – Roughly 81 miles
  • Travel time from Seattle – About 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Type of trip – Foody heaven
20 Incredible Weekend Trips From Seattle (Less Than 4 Hours Away)

The activities include kayaking, hiking, and boating for those who like to be active and enjoy nature. Deception Pass Park is also nearby, and the waterfront of Seafarers Memorial Park has a great view. Take a self-guided walking tour of Anacortes, or visit the dry-docked W.T. Preston to obtain insight into the history of commerce on the waterways of Puget Sound.

10. Witness The Movie History In Tacoma

Tacoma is a movie history spot many overlook when looking for an exciting weekend trip destination. Stadium High School, the setting for “10 Things I Hate About You” and other films, is a must-see for cinephiles. The best thing about Tacoma is that everything in the town is inexpensive, like accommodation and cuisine, which also works great for budget-friendly trips.

Hotel Murano is a top-rated hotel with a fantastic city view for roughly $110 per night. You can attend a Tacoma Rainier baseball game, where tickets and concessions are far less expensive than at Seattle games. Tacoma is also full of museums like the Museum of Glass, Art Museum, and Americas Car Museum.

  • Location – Tacoma, Washington
  • Distance from Seattle – Roughly35 miles
  • Travel time from Seattle – Between 45 minutes and 1 hour
  • Type of trip – Historical

America’s Car Museum has over 350 vehicles displayed from different periods, meaning this location is a car lover’s dream come true. A Formula 1 race car simulator is also available for your use. This weekend trip is more for those who like sightseeing than those who love being in nature.

11. Columbia River Gorge And Its Magnificent Waterfalls

20 Incredible Weekend Trips From Seattle (Less Than 4 Hours Away)

The Columbia River George is famous for its scenic and breathtaking areas. The gorge has lively green forests and calming running waterfalls. The Columbia River Gorge is a fantastic weekend retreat for outdoor enthusiasts due to its abundance of hiking and bike routes.

The Columbia Cliff Villas Hotel is in Hood River and provides a great view of the scenery outside, with the rooms starting at $110 per night. There are many attractions around the Columbia River Gorge, like Horsetail Falls. Horsetail Falls is known for its unique form, and it plunges 176 feet into the Columbia River.

You can also stop by Beacon State Park and Bridal Veil Falls to enjoy the unique and peaceful nature that surrounds the areas. Multnomah Falls is the busiest site along the gorge, so you might want to avoid it and rather travel around the other spots. Dry Creek Falls and Starvation Creek Falls are also along the river.

  • Location – Washington
  • Distance from Seattle – Roughly 195 miles to Multnomah Falls
  • Travel time from Seattle – 3 hours and 20 minutes
  • Type of trip – Outdoorsy
20 Incredible Weekend Trips From Seattle (Less Than 4 Hours Away)

Trillium Lake, further south, is one of the most enchanted places on Earth. Hike around the lake or relax on the shore and take in the breathtaking backdrop of Mount Hood. A trip to Columbia River Gorge will be budget-friendly, considering the accommodation isn’t pricey and the activities are inexpensive.

12. Minimalistic Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Island might not have many things to do, but it will allow you to relax and enjoy the scenery without rushing. On the other hand, the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art and the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum are open to the public without charging an admission fee. Stop by the Bloedel Reserve, a garden with 150 acres of trees and meadows, when you want to stroll and be more active.

The Eagle Harbor Inn is the best place to stay during your trip. It’s a small hotel near the water to enjoy the incredible views. The rooms start at $270 per night, but it varies depending on which room you want. The Marshall Suites offer bigger rooms with more luxury, and they start at $300 per night.

  • Location – Bainbridge Island, Washington
  • Distance from Seattle – 10 miles
  • Travel time from Seattle – 1 hour
  • Type of trip – Relaxing

Winslow Way has a vibe similar to Carmel-by-the-Sea’s and is pleasant for a quick stroll through the window displays. Bainbridge Brewing and Eagle Harbor Brewing are two places to try local artisan beers. Bainbridge is undoubtedly a budget-friendly option for any weekend trip.

13. Long Beach And Its Golden Shores

Long Beach is a favorite among many visitors, with its golden sand stretching for miles ahead. The area contains various camping sites, RV parks, and resorts. However, tourists highly recommend the Adrift Hotel, and it is right on the water with a great beachfront view for as little as $80 per night.

The hotel has a pool and restaurant to keep you busy when you’re not on the beach. There is also a bar to enjoy a drink after a long day of hiking and trailing along the coast. The restaurants and shops of Long Beach are only ten minutes away from the hotel and within walking distance.

Around the neighborhood are Cape Disappointment Park and the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge. At the Willipa Refuge, you can hike around the grounds and sightsee some of the wildlife they protect. Krazy Kartz is a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy, and it’s only 400 meters from Adrift Hotel.

The Pickled Fish restaurant has an ocean view, serves excellent seafood, and is only 100 meters from the hotel. You can get some of the best coffee beans at Long Beach Coffee Roasters. Additionally, they sell packaged coffee you can enjoy in your hotel room, and you can take some home after your trip.

  • Location – Long Beach, Washington
  • Distance from Seattle – 171 miles
  • Travel time from Seattle – 3 hours and 30 minutes
  • Type of trip – Beach getaway

Kite lovers will love the World Kite Museman, where you can make your kite and see a variety of unique kites. You can visit the Funland Family Fun Center, and it’s also a great adventure for kids, with plenty of arcade games and laser tag to keep them entertained.

The beach offers plenty, such as sand castle building, surfing, and horse riding along the coastline. Long Beach is roughly 28 miles long, and the entire beach is rich in culture, activities, and cuisine, which you can enjoy on a weekend trip, but it is unfortunately not a budget-friendly trip.

14. Romance Your Partner At Gig Harbor

Gig Harbor is a romantic getaway destination that doubles as a relaxing vacation spot. When you decide on your accommodation, there are two main options. First is the Best Western Wesley Inn & Suites, which costs roughly $120 per night, is near downtown, and offers a complimentary breakfast.

You can also stay at The INN at Gig Harbor for about $130 a night and enjoy their gym and fitness center. Some rooms even have jacuzzi tubs to relax at night after a long day of exploring. The INN also has excellent views of the clear water surrounding the town.

Weekend visitors from Seattle have their pick of waterfront restaurants, such as the pub-style Tide’s Tavern and the breakfast-centric Netshed No. 9. The restaurants in this area are small. Still, they feel cozy, especially since the locals are welcoming and friendly towards tourists.

Booking a gondola trip is an inexpensive way to have an Italian experience. The gondolier will serenade you with Italian music as he steers the boat across the water. It’s easy to see why locals regard this spot as one of the top romantic weekend getaways near Seattle.

  • Location – Gig Harbor, Washington
  • Distance from Seattle – 44 miles
  • Travel time from Seattle – 1 hour
  • Type of trip – Romantic

The 7 Seas Brewing is worth visiting for local beer and delicious appetizers. The brewery moved to a location near the water, and they are also kid-friendly, meaning you can bring the whole family for an outing. Alternatively, you can stop by the modern-style Harbor History Museum.

The food and beverages in Gig Harbor are the primary draw for visitors. Visit Heritage Distilling’s flagship facility for a tour and tasting, or swing by their central location for a taste. Kiss Cafe is perfect to satisfy any light-lunch cravings with its outstanding sandwiches.

15. Nature Lovers Need To Visit North Cascades National Park

North Cascades National Park is a hiker’s paradise for a weekend trip. Midway through June through the end of September is the park’s dry season, when most hikers visit. You can go during the popular season, or if you prefer a quiet trip, you can go off-season when there will be fewer visitors.

There are at least five or six trails that you can complete in under two hours, and some of them in as little as an hour. You can take one of the many hiking trails, and the park has fishing spots and camping sites. Camping at North Cascades National Park costs about $30, but it can be slightly less.

Near the park are a few accommodation spots like the Ross Lake Resort. Ross Lake Resort has beautiful cabins, and they are close to everything you might need during your weekend trip. The accommodations start at $255 a night and can go as high as $460, depending on the group’s number of people.

  • Location – North Cascades, Washington
  • Distance from Seattle – 110 miles
  • Travel time from Seattle – 2 hours
  • Type of trip – Hiking

The towering peaks of the Northern Cascades are breathtaking enough to stun visitors, and the crystal-clear blue alpine lakes are a photographer’s dream. Larch trees, conifers that turn a bright yellow in the fall, are another popular tourist attraction in the North Cascades.

The area around North Cascades Park has a few restaurants worth visiting. The Up River Grill & Tavern is perfect for burgers and fries while enjoying a beer. You can also stop by Heather Meadows Cafe for coffee, sandwiches, soup, and the occasional mimosa.

16. Whale Watching At Orcas Island

Orcas Island is where you can relax with nature surrounding you everywhere you look at an affordable price. When you drive or hike to the top of Mount Constitution, you can see the fantastic view of the islands surrounding Orcas. The town of Eastsound is smack in the middle of the island, where you can find restaurants, hotels, and many shops.

The Rosario Resort & Spa has a great water view and is secluded enough to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Their rooms start at $200 per night, and you can take full advantage of the spa amenities and grab a quick bite at the restaurant, which is also conveniently inside the resort. The resort also has a pool, which is great for any summer weekend trips.

Orcas Island is full of activities and events to keep you busy during your weekend. Deer Harbor Charters offers whale watching, sailing, and wine cruises. The town also has a pottery shop and a historical museum, but if those aren’t your activities, you can stop by the golf course or farmers market. There are a few festivals once a year, including a film and literary festival.

  • Location – Orcas Island, Washington
  • Distance from Seattle – Approximately 105 miles
  • Travel time from Seattle – Roughly 3 hours
  • Type of trip – Relaxing

Orcas Island has many restaurants to choose from with various cuisines. Brown Bear Baking is a small French bakery with outdoor seating and delicious chocolate croissants. You can visit The Inn at Ship Bay for seafood, vegan options, and alcoholic drinks. Lastly, you can get an affordable meal at Mijitas and enjoy an authentic Mexican dish.

17. Stay Directly On The Waterfall In Snoqualmie Falls

Snoqualmie Falls is only a short drive from Seattle, where you can find outstanding views. Because of its significance to the Snoqualmie people, Snoqualmie Falls is on the National Register of Historic Places. The town has many shops and restaurants you can visit, with plenty of hotels and camping spaces nearby.

Salish Lodge & Spa will provide a relaxing and luxurious weekend trip away from your busy city life. The lodge is situated right on the cliffside of the waterfall, and they have a restaurant inside with over 50 fantastic wines to choose from. The rooms are roughly $500 per night, which is a little pricey, and when you are on a tight budget, you might want to consider an alternative camping spot.

The Tall Chief Campground is roughly ten minutes from Snoqualmie Falls, and you can expect to pay around $50 – $60 per night for a tent camping site. The camping ground has a swimming pool, shower facilities, and a hot tub to enjoy while you’re there.

Around Snoqualmie, you can visit the Northwest Railway Museum and learn more about Washington’s history. The DirtFish Rally School is only 1.4 miles from Snoqualmie Falls, where you can learn how to rally from a professional driver, but they have an age limit of over 16. You can also enjoy some normal activities like hiking, fishing, and biking during your stay.

  • Location – Snoqualmie, Washington
  • Distance from Seattle – 30 miles
  • Travel time from Seattle – Approximately 1 hour
  • Type of trip – Sightseeing

The Snoqualmie Falls Brewery is about a mile away from the falls. This brewery not only serves great beer but excellent food as well. You can enjoy wings, burgers, pretzels, fries, or a sandwich, but they also cater to vegetarians with a range of salads. Their beer list is almost endless, and if you’re not a beer lover, you can order wine or ciders.

18. Go On A Romantic Hot-Air Balloon Ride In Willamette Valley

Willamette Valley is one of the best spots for a romantic weekend trip or if you love wine. The area has plenty of wineries and is one of the best activities for many locals and out-of-town tourists. There are over 600 wineries, so the chances you will run out of places to visit are slim.

The Vintages Trailer Resort has vintage trailers to accommodate you during your stay, and their trailers start at $125 a night. The trailers are comfortable with beds and small kitchens, while some have bathrooms. You can bring your dogs since the park is pet friendly, and they also have a pool area and free WiFi.

You can stay at the Best Western McMinnville Inn for cheaper accommodation for roughly $95 per night. This Inn also has a pool, but its main amenity is a fitness center. The property also has several wineries within 5 miles.

  • Location – Willamette Valley, Washington
  • Distance from Seattle – Roughly 225 miles
  • Travel time from Seattle – About 3 hours and 30 minutes
  • Type of trip – Romantic

You can book a hot air balloon on your trip and see the town from another perspective, and it’s also a great romantic activity to enjoy with your partner. Hiking is also popular since Silver Falls State Park is nearby. The Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum is only ten minutes from the Best Western, where you can watch a movie, tour, or shop for a unique souvenir.

For any cheap eats, you can go to The Happy Bibimbap House, which serves Korean food, or Lardo for fries, burgers, and sandwiches. The Painted Lady is more for fine dining and date nights with gourmet dishes. This trip is a splurge getaway since it is a romantic destination, and spoiling your partner can be expensive.

19. Simplicity Is Key In Astoria

20 Incredible Weekend Trips From Seattle (Less Than 4 Hours Away)

Portland is a weekend getaway destination for many people, and Astoria is a great place to stay while in that area. Because of its rich history and the numerous films shot in and around Astoria, it is an ideal location for fans of both cinema and history. You may spot filming locations from movies like The Ring 2, Free Willy, and The Goonies.

The Hampton Inn and Suites Astoria is an excellent family accommodation spot overlooking the river. Their rooms start at $130 per night, but you can get a little cheaper at the Best Western Astoria Bayfront Hotel since they have rooms for $120 per night. The Best Western has a pool and hot tub close to the waterfront.

  • Location – Astoria, Washington
  • Distance from Seattle – About 180 miles
  • Travel time from Seattle – Roughly 3 hours
  • Type of trip – Historical

The town has a few antique shops, and you can try some local beverages. The restaurants in the area serve fantastic seafood, like Bowpicker Fish & Chips, Silver Salmon Grille, and Buoy Beer Company. Astoria is a budget-friendly destination close to Seattle, meaning you won’t spend too much on travel expenses.

20. Enjoy A Cheap Weekend Trip To Richmond

While Richmond is in Canada, it is the ideal location for a weekend trip that won’t break the bank. This weekend trip is thrilling regardless of summer or winter since there is always something to do. However, the main attraction of this town is its extensive list of food places and different cuisine types.

Richmond has a famous street that many know as “Food Street” since it has over 200 Asian restaurants in that specific street. Richmond’s sizeable Asian community means many fantastic Asian restaurants and cuisine. Richmond is the place to go if there’s a certain kind of cuisine you’ve been craving but can’t find in Seattle.

Yuan Chen is one of the many restaurants with great food and tea tastings. You can also stop by the Chef Tony Seafood Restaurant since they serve dim sum. The Aberdeen Center is a large Asian mall with most of the town’s cuisine types.

  • Location – Richmond, Canada
  • Distance from Seattle – Approximately 140 miles
  • Travel time from Seattle – About 2 hours and 20 minutes
  • Type of trip – Foodies

Accommodation in Richmond includes the Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Riverport. Their rooms cost $85 per night, which is excellent for families. Richmond is a great town to visit with a tight budget since its hotels are inexpensive and it’s near Seattle. You can use what you don’t spend on living costs and traveling for endless food choices.

Endless Options for Weekend Trips From Seattle

Plenty of weekend getaway spots around Seattle are less than 4 hours away. The three-and-a-half-hour travel to Lake Chelan and Long Beach is almost too long, but the area’s many attractions and convenient proximity to the coast make it worthwhile. While Tacoma and Bainbridge Island are less than 1 hour away, they have less to keep you busy during your stay.

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