Top 20 Bakeries In Seattle To Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings

In case you’re craving something sweet but don’t feel like traveling too far, Seattle has an abundance of bakeries to choose from. Seattle is home to some of the best bakeries in the country, and you can easily hop between them to sample a variety of delicious desserts.

The 20 best bakeries in Seattle include:

  1. Bakery Nouveau
  2. Rosellini’s
  3. Byen Bakeri
  4. Temple Pastries
  5. Crumble & Flake
  6. The Deep Sea Sugar & Salt
  7. Dahlia Bakery
  8. The Sea Wolf Bakers
  9. Le Panier
  10. La Parisienne
  11. Coyle’s Bakeshop
  12. Lady Yum
  13. The Confectional
  14. And more …

And many more.

1. Classic Favorites at Bakery Nouveau

You can find Bakery Nouveau in 3 neighborhoods, making tracking them in any part of Seattle easier. While West Seattle is their main location, they have bakeries in Capitol Hil and Burien. The three bakeries have the same menu, and you can expect the same decor and atmosphere.

They have a dedicated team of bakers who ensure the quality of their food. The bakery is large, with enough room for all the customers, and provides friendly and quick service. The bright white walls ensure the bakery gives off enough light, and you can dine in since there are a few tables and chairs.

This bakery has a wide variety of pastries you can choose from, and they also serve sandwiches, cakes, and pies. You’ll notice something new now and then when you go there because they rotate their items seasonally. One of their most popular items is the twice-baked chocolate croissant, and many people recommend trying it.

Address: 4737 California Ave West, Seattle

Contact Number: (+1) 206-858-6957

Operating Hours: Wednesday – Sunday (7 am to 5 pm); Monday & Tuesday (Closed)

2. Great Desserts At Rosellini’s

Rosellini’s offers a wide selection of desserts for those with a sweet tooth. Many favor their lemon meringue tarts, but you can also order other pastries and mouses if it’s not your taste, and their tartlets can come in a single serving or a larger one to share. They sell small batches of bread on a rotating schedule.

Rosellinis also serves French macaroons, classic-style cakes, desserts for various elegant venues, and espressos to enjoy with your treats. It is a small French-styled bakery with friendly staff who are incredibly helpful. Step inside Rosellini’s, and you can expect a charming and inviting atmosphere enhanced with an elegant display showcasing all of their sweet treats.

Rosellini’s Fine Cakes & Baked Goods takes great pride in its staff members as they are well-versed in the assortment of sweets and are enthusiastic about working with customers to create unique cakes for special occasions.

Address: 1413 NW 70th Street, Ballard, Seattle

Contact Number: (+1) 206-706-4035

Operating Hours: Wednesday – Friday (7 am to 4 pm); Saturday – Sunday (8 am to 4 pm); Monday – Tuesday (Closed)

3. Best Scandinavian Treats At Byen Bakeri

The Byen Bakeri is the best Scandinavian bakery in Seattle, with a bright entryway and yellow walls. The air in the bakery makes you feel welcomed, and you can find many treats like cinnamon rolls, cookies, and other pastries. They also serve exotic treats like kringles, semla, and lefsa, attracting tourists worldwide to their bakery.

The bright yellow door outside the bakery will immediately attract your attention and ensures you can’t miss it. Unfortunately, the Byen Bakeri is relatively small, so their seating is limited for customers who prefer to enjoy their treats on the spot. However, you can order from them online to pick it up yourself or have it delivered through standard apps like Uber Eats and Postmates.

Address: 15 Nickerson Street, North Queen Anne, Seattle

Contact Number: (+1) 206-218-1000

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday (6 am to 5 pm); Saturday (6:30 am to 5 pm); Sunday (7 am to 4 pm)

4. The Best Croissants at Temple Pastries

Temple Pastries features a cruffin treat that mixes a muffin and a croissant, and it’s one of the best sellers at this bakery. Their coffee is a local favorite, and the bakery occasionally features fun seasonal drinks like their sweater weather lattes. Their croissant menu is extensive and features a rye and buckwheat option.

The Temple Pastries bakery has an airy atmosphere created by the tall windows that let in plenty of light, allowing you to relish in the sun. The bakery can seat quite a few customers since it has two floors where you can enjoy your sweet treats.

In addition to their great pastries, they also have a coffee shop inside the bakery. While they serve regular coffee, they also have iced lattes, cappuccinos, and espressos. The chai tea is also highly recommended by locals and goes perfectly with their chocolate croissants.

Address: 2524 S Jackson Street, Central District, Seattle

Contact Number: (+1) 206-408-4131

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday (7 am to 3 pm)

5. French Pastries At Crumble & Flake

The Crumble & Flake bakery is a small establishment with a minimalistic menu, and they focus on making small batches of their treats. Crumble & Flake’s specialty lies in their croissants and cream puffs, which many recommend. This bakery also has special weekend treats like the twice bakes ham, smoked paprika croissants, and a black sesame kouign-amann.

Many customers often describe the ambiance of Crumble & Flake as cozy and inviting, with a small and intimate space that adds to its charm. While the bakery may not have ample seating, it offers the perfect opportunity to grab a delicious treat to enjoy on the go or as a special treat to savor later. Interestingly their rival Dahlia Bakery based their popular donuts on Crumble & Flakes’s unique recipe.

Address: 1500 E Olive Way, Capitol Hill, Seattle

Contact Number: (+1) 206-329-1804

Operating Hours: Wednesday – Friday (8 am to 3 pm); Saturday – Sunday (9 am to 3 pm); Monday – Tuesday (Closed)

6. Perfect Cakes From The Deep Sea Sugar & Salt

The Deep Sea Sugar and Salt bakery is a pop-up shop run from a trailer. You can order from them in advance, and they also accept walk-ups with a limited selection of whole cakes they bake fresh daily. The Deep Sea Sugar and Salt bakery has a monthly menu that changes, ensuring various cakes and flavors.

The unique flavor combinations at The Deep Sea Sugar & Salt are a defining characteristic of the restaurant. They are well-known for surprising customers with unusual flavor combinations like sea salt, herbs, and exotic spices that they incorporate into traditional recipes to create their unique cakes.  

There is always something new and exciting to try at The Deep Sea Sugar & Salt because they frequently offer seasonal and limited-edition treats in addition to their regular menu. They offer gluten-free, vegan, and other alternatives for customers with specific dietary restrictions.

Since they run the bakery from a trailer, there is limited seating space, but the staff often place a few tables and chairs outside for customers to enjoy their cake slices on the spot. Customers often describe the atmosphere at The Deep Sea Sugar & Salt Bakery as cozy and welcoming, with a charming and whimsical aesthetic.

Address: 6601 Carleton Avenue S, Georgetown, Seattle

Contact Number: (+1) 206-588-1186

Operating Hours: Thursday – Sunday (11 am to 6 pm); Monday – Wednesday (Closed)

7. Delicious Pies At The Dahlia Bakery

Owned by Seattle’s best-known restaurateur and author, Tom Douglas, the Dahlia Bakery has some delicious offerings for those with a sweet tooth. Their most famous item is the triple coconut cream pie, which they have made for over 30 years.

While this bakery is mainly known for its pies, you can also find salads, sandwiches, and other baked goodies like loaves of bread, cookies, and cakes. The Dahlia bakery also features Mochi Donuts, which are gluten- and rice-based, catering to clients with unique taste buds.

The Dahlia Bakery has a reputation for having a warm and inviting place where you can enjoy a sweet treat inside or be seated outside in the fresh air if you prefer. The helpful, knowledgeable staff is happy to guide you to the best pastry for your cravings.

Address: 2001 4th Avenue, Downtown Seattle

Contact Number: (+1) 206-441-4540

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday (8 am to 3 pm)

8. Bread From The Sea Wolf Bakers

Top 20 Bakeries In Seattle To Satisfy Your Sweet Cravings

The Sea Wolf Bakers are very dedicated to quality in their treats and other pastries. They serve cinnamon rolls, croissants, and homemade bread rolls. Their bread is handcrafted, and their menu rotates with the seasons so that you can experience different treats throughout the year.

Their bread selection includes sourdough loaves, baguettes, whole grain varieties, and more. The bread is known for its crusty exteriors, open and airy interiors, and complex flavors developed through natural fermentation.

The aroma of baking bread and pastries fills the air inside the bakery, creating a warm and welcoming feeling. There are a few tables and chairs around the bakery for a dine-in option or if you have to wait for an order.

While you can order and collect from their bakery, you can also find their baked goodies at other stores around Seattle. They outsource their loaves of bread and treats to various restaurants, grocery stores, and other cafes.

The fresh products of the day are on display, and the staff is friendly and happy to help any customer. In addition, Sea Wolf Bakers use locally sourced ingredients and maintain a strong relationship with farmers in the area.

Address: 3621 Stone Way N Suite D, Fremont, Seattle

Contact Number: (+1) 206-457-4181

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday (7 am to 6 pm)

9. The Convenient Le Panier Bakery

Since it’s inside the Pike Place Market, you can enjoy a pastry from the Le Panier bakery. At the same time, you do your daily shopping for the ultimate convenient shopping and bakery experience. It’s another French-style bakery with macaroons, baguettes, napoleons, and authentic French croissants and bread.

Le Panier is also one of the older bakeries in town since they have been in business since 1983. One of the great things about them is that they cater to vegans with many sweet treats on their menu.

The bakery is quite small but has a comforting atmosphere that invites you in, and the busy feeling around the bakery only adds to its charm. The bakery also delivers locally through Mercato so that you can enjoy their pastries in the comfort of your home or office. You can also call ahead for orders to pick up during the day.

Address: 1902 Pike Place, Seattle

Contact Number: (+1) 206-441-3669

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday (7 am to 6 pm)

10. La Parisienne French Bakery

The most authentic French pastries and sweet treats in Seattle will be at the La Parisienne bakery. They have a full French cuisine menu of macarons, éclairs, and even Paris Brest. In addition, you can also order sandwiches, quiche, and salads, but their main side dish is a French onion soup many recommend.

The bakery has a great Paris theme and decor that complements it. You can sit in the bakery and sip on one of the many beverages they serve while munching on the sweet pastries. You can also order the night before for pickup the following day.

Address: 2507 4th Avenue, Capitol Hill, Seattle

Contact Number: (+1) 206-728-1874

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday (7 am to 6 pm); Saturday (7 am to 5 pm; Sunday (Closed)

11. Splendid Scones At Coyles Bakeshop

Coyle’s Bakeshop has a classic bakery feeling with its small but cozy space. There are a few tables and chairs around the bakery to enjoy your pastries, and they offer various treats. They have cake slices of different flavors, delicious scones, and almond croissants.

Coyle’s also has a select lunch menu, and they serve expertly brewed coffee with organic milk, but they also cater to vegetarians, which is a bonus. The owner, Racheal, teaches online croissant classes, which you can access on their website, and there is also a Bake-At-Home section with some of their best recipes.

Address: 8300 Greenwood Avenue N, Seattle

Contact Number: (+1) 206-257-4736

Operating Hours: Wednesday – Sunday (7 am to 3 pm); Monday – Tuesday (Closed)

12. The Best Macarons From Lady Yum Bakery

The Lady Yum bakery is a local attraction for macaron lovers. This bakery has done extremely well for itself and has expanded from 1 store to 5 in just a few years. You can find their bakeries around Seattle in Downtown, Pioneer Square, Seatac Airport, Bellevue Square, and Kirkland.

Their macarons come in various flavors, including raspberry chardonnay, cotton candy, and salted caramel. Lady Yum also serves wine and champagne, a unique addition to the menu you won’t find in most bakeries.

Many often describe the bakery’s atmosphere as charming and whimsical, with a cozy and inviting ambiance. The shop features a display case filled with colorful macarons and other treats, creating an enticing visual feast for customers who walk by.

Address: 256 Bellevue Square, Bellevue, Seattle

Contact Number: (+1) 866-523-9986

Operating Hours: Monday – Saturday (10 am to 9 pm); Sunday (11 am to 7 pm)

13. Mini Cheesecakes From The Confectional

The Confectional Bakery is known as one of the best bakeries in Seattle due to its amazing cheesecakes. The flavors of these cakes range from raspberry to lemon, and they even have some seasonal flavors to try. Driving to this bakery for the seasonal mini cheesecakes is not a wasted trip.

The bakery has 2 locations, the first being in Pike Place Market and the other in The Armory at Seattle Center. You can order your cheesecakes ahead of time for pickup, but they no longer offer delivery. The shop also offers flavors that are not available online, so they recommend popping in to see which unique cheesecakes you can try.

Address: 1530 Pike Place, Downtown Seattle

Contact Number: (+1) 206-282-4422

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday (10 am to 6 pm)

14. Cookies From Heaven At Sugar Bakery & Cafe

The Sugar Bakery & Cafe has two locations, the main in First Hill and the second in South Queen Anne. This bakery specializes in a wide range of cookies, cake slices, and powder puff lattes. The fun decor inside both bakeries gives you a welcoming feeling, and the plants provide the bakeries with life.

The Sugar Bakery offers affordable sweet treats for both vegan and non-vegan customers. They offer delivery through services like Uber Eats, Postmates, DoorDash, and others. You can order and arrange for a delivery or collect from the bakery if you have the time.

Address: 1014 Madison Street, First Hill, Seattle

Contact Number: (+1) 206-749-4105

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday (6:30 am to 8 pm); Saturday – Sunday (8 am to 7 pm)

15. Slices From Simply Desserts

Simply Desserts offer a wide range of cakes from as little as $5 a slice to satisfy your cravings. The display cases surround the front of the shop, with the full-sized cakes on display inside. As you pass by, you can also see the desserts and other treats they offer from the bakery’s large window view.

While you enjoy your slice, you can also order an espresso to go with it. The lemon-blueberry cake and the white chocolate strawberry slices are some of the most popular choices, but you must get them in-store since Simply Desserts don’t deliver.

Address: 3421 Fremont Avenue, North Seattle

Contact Number: (+1) 206-633-2671

Operating Hours: Wednesday – Thursday (1 pm to 7 pm); Friday – Saturday (1 pm to 9 pm); Sunday (1 pm to 7 pm); Monday (Closed); Tuesday (By appointment only)

16. Authentic Japanese Treats At The Fuji Bakery

You can’t miss the bright pink walls that make the outside of the Fuji Bakery so unique. Fuji grows its additive-free yeast and imports certain ingredients from France. Then they add Japanese ingredients to create some unique and delicious creations.

One of the most recommended items on their menu is the malasadas, specifically the purple ube flavor, but you can also get them in beef, crunchy cream, and matcha. They also serve a delicious Japanese souffle cheesecake and a variety of standard bakery treats.

Address: 1030 Elliott Avenue, Interbay, Seattle

Contact Number: (+1) 206-216-3616

Operating Hours: Monday – Saturday (7 am to 5:30 pm); Sunday (7 am to 4 pm)

17. Columbia City Bakery

The Columbia City Bakery is owned by the James Beard Award  Semi-finalist for Outstanding Baker, Evan Andres, and it has made a name for itself on the South end of Seattle. This bakery has a wide selection of treats, including breads and snails.

The champagne sourdough bread is a highly recommended option for any sweet craving. You can place orders on their website to collect, but the bakery has fresh pastries and coffee to enjoy when you pop in. The bakery’s inside has a few showcases to display all their treats, and there are a few tables and chairs where you can enjoy a coffee and something sweet.

Address: 4865 Rainier Avenue S, Interbay, Seattle

Contact Number: (+1) 206-723-6023

Operating Hours: Wednesday – Saturday (9 am to 3 pm); Sunday – Monday (Closed)

18. Three Girls Bakery

The Three Girls Bakery was first established in 1912 and was the first Seattle establishment to grant female proprietorship, and the current owner has been working in the shop for over 50 years. This bakery is a local favorite with its cookies and different pastries.

The bakery has a giant window showcasing their daily loaves of bread and treats. It is known for its traditional Jewish-style baked goods, particularly freshly baked bread, bagels, and pastries. There is limited space inside the bakery to dine in, but if you can catch a seat, you will feel welcomed by the decor’s warm atmosphere.

Three Girls Bakery has a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors, providing a taste of tradition and a connection to Seattle’s history. It remains a popular destination for those looking for freshly baked bread and pastries made with time-honored recipes and a dedication to quality.

Address: 1541 Pike Place, Stall 1, Seattle

Contact Number: (+1) 206-622-1045

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday (7 am to 6 pm)

19. Ice Cream Sandwiches From Hello Robin

At Hello Robin, you can expect a wide variety of freshly baked cookies made from scratch with high-quality ingredients. The bakery offers classic flavors like chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, peanut butter, and unique and seasonal varieties such as lavender shortbread and lemon sugar.

What sets Hello Robin apart is their signature ice cream sandwiches. They pair their freshly baked cookies with locally sourced, premium ice cream flavors to create a delectable combination. Mix and match your favorite cookies and ice cream flavors to create a unique ice cream sandwich.

Cookies and ice cream sandwiches aren’t the only sweets on the menu at Hello Robin. They make products like bars, scones, and brownies with the same care and precision. The bakery has a warm and friendly vibe, with cheerful decor and friendly staff but has limited seating space inside.

Address: 522 19th Avenue, Capitol Hill, Seattle

Contact Number: (+1) 206-735-7970

Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday (11 am to 10 pm)

20. Many Unique Flavours To Try At Fresh Flours

The Fresh Flours bakery has 4 locations Beacon Hill, Phinney Ridge, and South Lake Union, and their main store in West Seattle. This bakery is known for the unique and fresh flavors they provide their customers, including green tea and azuki bean muffins. They also serve traditional sweets like galettes and danishes with coffee and other beverages.

Fresh Flours Bakery also caters to those with dietary preferences and restrictions. They offer gluten-free and vegan options, allowing more people to enjoy their delectable creations.

Their website lets you order online and pick up your sweet treats from the stores for faster and more convenient service. Each Fresh Flour bakery has a unique decor that gives a warm and inviting feeling. You can also dine in at these locations since they have ample seating.

Fresh Flours Bakery has become a favorite among locals and tourists thanks to its dedication to excellence, delicious baked goods, and friendly service. This bakery has a delightful selection of options to satisfy your cravings, whether you’re looking for a fresh loaf of bread, a sweet pastry, or a filling dessert.

Address: 6015 Phinney Avenue, West Seattle

Contact Number: (+1) 206-297-3300

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday (6 am to 5 pm); Saturday – Sunday (7 am to 5 pm)


While most bakeries have similar dishes like the croissants and cookies they serve at Bakery Novoui and Temple Pastires, a few serve unorthodox treats like Byen Bakeri with their authentic Scandinavian cookies and the Fuji Bakery with their green tea muffins. Seattle has plenty of bakeries where you can choose between cookies, cakes, ice cream, and many more sweet treats.

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