24 Fancy Restaurants in Seattle That’ll Impress Your Date

Impressing your date is just a fancy restaurant away! If you’re in Seattle, you’re in luck because there are ample classy restaurants with scrumptious food and tasteful interiors ready to set the ultimate romantic mood.

These 24 fancy restaurants in Seattle are among the finest and have the most impressive food and romantic ambiance:

1. Canlis

2. Archipelago

3. Altura

4. The Capital Grille

5. The Loupe Lounge

6. Smith Tower Observatory Bar

7. Andaluca Restaurant

8. Shiro’s Sushi

9. Six Seven Restaurant… and more

1. Canlis – Queen Anne

Cuisine: Pacific Northwest

Price Scale: Around $165 per person

Google Rating: 4.6

Canlis is pretty much the go-to Seattle fine dining restaurant – and for good reason! The romantic feeling this restaurant gives is undeniable, thanks to its modern mid-century design, warm lighting, and intimate seating plan. Your date may have heard of Canlis – most Seattleites do, which means the impressive factor is there.

Canlis has been around since 1950, which makes them masters in the fancy restaurant department. The added benefit of this polished food spot is that you and your date get to dress up and feel part of a classy ambiance.

As for food, you won’t want to miss out on their tasting menu! Their head chef is Aisha Ibrahim, who sources only the finest ingredients and has the creative flair to make delectable food. Your date will embark on a tasty journey that might help you win their heart.

Location: 2576 Aurora Ave N | Contact: 206-283-3313 | Website: https://canlis.com/

2. Archipelago – Hillman City

Cuisine: Filipino-inspired

Price: $215 per person, excluding beverages

Google Rating: 4.9

If you can reserve a spot at this sought-after restaurant, that’s remarkable enough already! Bookings open every two months, and seats are fully booked within the hour of opening, so be sure to subscribe to their mailing list for updates!

So, why is Archipelago so popular? If the rating didn’t say enough, you’d be delighted to know that their food is delicious and gorgeously plated – no matter the meal. The serve Filipino-inspired food will introduce you and your date to unique historical flavors.

The interior of the Archipelago is modern and welcoming. The seating isn’t quite the one-on-one you expect, but the restaurant is about the food-tasting experience that will leave you and your partner with memories you can talk about for ages.

Location: 5607 Rainier Ave S | Contact: Via website only | Website: https://www.archipelagoseattle.com/

3. Altura – Capitol Hill

Cuisine: Italian

Price: $175 per person

Google Rating: 4.6

Altura focuses its food on forage and local ingredients to bring you the tastiest Italian food possible. Nothing fills your belly quite like an Italian dish, which your date will surely appreciate. You can expect plates like tender oxtail and scrumptious lamb adorned with fresh Italian herbs.

Fine dining at Altura means your food comes in multiple courses, giving you the time to form a romantic bond over good food. As for the ambiance, Altura has luxurious swooping curtains, formally dressed waitrons, a reclaimed European angel statue, and intimate one-on-one seating.

The service at Altura is excellent, and many good reviews prove that the restaurant is top-notch. Booking a spot isn’t as difficult as the first two options, but you’ll still experience the same level of class.

Location: 617 Broadway E, Seattle | Contact: 206-402-6749 | Website: https://alturarestaurant.com/

4. The Capital Grille – Downtown

Cuisine: American

Price: Around $100 per person

Google Rating: 4.7

This charming, low-lit, vibey restaurant holds a few awards, including The 2012 Travelerโ€™s Choice Award from TripAdvisor, Best Steakhouse, 2012, Orange County, and Most Popular High-end Restaurant, 2011 and 2012, Urbanspoon.

The Capital Grill is an upscale establishment offering you and your partner fine dining. Their menu serves American classics like steak, but there are ample seafood options, soups, poultry, and salad. Although the prices are a bit more expensive, the portion sizes are worthwhile, and you’ll leave with a full belly.

The Capital Grille is spacious and has comfortable seating, including lounge-worthy booths. You can also enjoy the full bar to complement your meal. Note that the restaurant is quite popular, and you may experience a waiting time, so you might want to book beforehand.

Location: 1301 4th Ave ย ย | Contact: 206-382-0900 | Website: https://www.thecapitalgrille.com/home

5. Il Nido – West Seattle

Cuisine: Italian

Price: Meals range from $20 to $105

Google Rating: 4.7

Il Nido is a superb choice, endorsed by James Beard nominations, which means you’ll definitely experience some world-class, tasty Italian dishes. If your date is a pasta fan, look no further than Il Nido because they have some of the best in Seattle – upping your impressive scale.

They have a lovely wine list to add to the romance of your meal. As for the interior, Il Nido is a well-lit place with a modern, rustic design that will leave you most pleased. The seating is also intimate and candle-lit.

This highly-rated restaurant is not as well-known as the previous restaurants on this list, so you could get away with a walk-in – especially for bar seating, which is fully serviced. Il Nido is the perfect choice for an affordable fine-dining restaurant that will surely surprise your date.

Location: 2717 61st Ave SW | Contact: 206-466-6265 | Website: https://ilnidoseattle.com/

6. Smith Tower Observatory Bar – Downtown

Cuisine: Multiple

Price: $22 per entry ticket. Food ranges between $15 – $30

Google Rating: 4.6

If you want to bring the wow factor to a delightful dinner, nothing does it better than 360-degree views of Seattle. The Smith Tower Observatory Bar is located on the 35th floor of a 1914 skyscraper. There is an open-air viewing deck too!

This speakeasy bar has delectable food, with options like pork pop stickers, pulled pork, cheese platters, poke bowls, Mexican beef stew, and shrimp. Note that they stop serving food at 8 pm, so you’ll need to have a late lunch or early dinner, but their extensive cocktail menu is bound to leave you with a good time.

You must buy an entry ticket to access the restaurant, but the view is worth every penny.  This option is both an attraction and a restaurant and truly is a magical place to celebrate romance.

Location: 506 2nd Ave #35 | Contact: 206-624-0414 | Website: http://www.smithtower.com/attractions/observatory-bar/

7. Copine – Ballard

Cuisine: New American

Price: $140 per person

Google Rating: 4.7

24 Fancy Restaurants in Seattle That'll Impress Your Date

Copine is a contemporary American restaurant that offers American cuisine using French cooking techniques. The restaurant sources fresh, local ingredients for the most delicious meals. Chef Shaun McCrain is inventive, and you can expect a weekly menu change, which will keep you on your toes.

24 Fancy Restaurants in Seattle That'll Impress Your Date

The restaurant has a set 3 Course Menu, serving enough food to keep you and your partner’s belly happy. You can expect only the finest of meals, such as shrimp starters, pork tenderloins, and innovative desserts.

Copine’s ambiance is rather trendy and luxurious – the perfect setting for a date. The restaurant is spacious, so you’ll have enough privacy to have deep, meaningful conversations over a glass of wine. You can get away with a walk-in, but make sure to call first!

Location: 6460 24th Ave NW| Contact: 206-258-2467 | Website: ย https://www.copineseattle.com/

8. Shiro’s Sushi – Belltown

Cuisine: Sushi

Price: $140 per person

Google Rating: 4.6

Nothing is as impressive as good sushi if your date is a fan. Shiro’s serves some of the most gourmet sushi in Seattle, and their fish comes from local and international sources. They don’t serve al le carte, but their set course menu is well worth the experience.

For table guests, you must order from a different menu for $85 for 19 pieces of sushi served in four courses. If you sit at the bar, it’s $140, and you get three appetizer plates and 15 pieces of seasonal sushi served by their chefs.

Shiro’s sushi has an airy interior and trendy finishes. If you sit at the sushi bar, you get to watch the chefs make your meal – which is quite fascinating. Your best bet to get a spot is to book a table or bar seat so you aren’t disappointed at the door.

Location: 2401 2nd Ave | Contact: 206-443-9844 | Website: https://shiros.com/

9. Six Seven Restaurant – Belltown

Cuisine: Pacific Northwestern

Price: $30-$50 per meal

Google Rating: 4.5

Fancy a date with a sea view? Six Seven is located by the Edgewater Hotel – the perfect place for a wholesome time with your romantic interest. This award-winning Open Table 2019 Dinersโ€™ Choice restaurant serves seasonally crafted food with the freshest local ingredients.

Their al le carte menu options include breakfast, lunch, and dinner for an anytime-of-the-day date.  You can order traditional breakfast options or have a lunch feast on things like salad, pork belly, and smoked salmon tacos. Dinner options include Miso Black Cod, Roquefort Crusted Filet, Tofu Fried Rice, and more.

The view is the star of the show here, which overlooks Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. You can dine indoors with their beautiful architecture or on the patio on the water’s edge.

Location: 2411 Alaskan Wy Pier 67 | Contact: 206-269-4575 | Website: https://www.edgewaterhotel.com/seattle-six-seven-restaurant/

10.  Eden Hill – Queen Anne

Cuisine: New American

Price: $160 per person, or a condensed option for $85 per person

Google Rating: 4.6

Nothing compares to the class of Eden Hill! Your date is in for a pleasant surprise if you choose to dine here, as the ambiance and food are immaculate. Whether it’s your first date or 50th anniversary, their new American cuisine is a tasteful treat.

Their menu changes seasonally, but some options on their al le carte menu include things like honey walnut prawns, seared halibut, lamb ham carbonara, and grilled prime hanger steak. If you’re in the mood for fine dining, they serve a mean 5-course tasting menu.

Eden Hill also has pleasant cocktail and wine options. The interior of Eden Hill is romantic, with clean finishes and dreamy wallpaper, and you can expect cozy seating.

Location: 2209 Queen Anne Ave N | Contact: 206-708-6836 | Website: http://www.edenhillrestaurant.com/

11. Art of the Table – Northlake

Cuisine: Pacific Northwest

Price: $135 per person

Google Rating: 4.5

Art of the Table is absolutely stunning! Their dรฉcor is quaint and lovely and is only the start of the good impression they’ll leave for you and your date. The interior is artsy and colorful, which rings true to the name – but so does their food.

They only have a 5-course menu option, but each dish is mastered to perfection, and each bite will take you on a journey. The chef introduces each course, giving you a true culinary experience. Many reviews support the tastiness of their food.

You’ll need to reserve a table in advance to get a spot at this prized food spot, and luckily, it’s not too difficult to snag a seat. If you need to cancel, do so beforehand, or else you’ll still need to pay in full.

Location: 3801 Stone Way N Suite A | Contact: 206-282-0942 | Website: https://www.artofthetable.net/

12. Andaluca Restaurant – Downtown

Cuisine: Mediterranean

Price: Max $45 per meal

Google Rating: 4.5

Andaluca has enough charm to impress you before you even enter. The dรฉcor is luxurious, complimented by lush chandeliers, leather seats, and romantic lighting. This Seattle restaurant has supporting press from Seattle Times, OpenTable, and Seattle Magazine, complimenting their tasty food and romantic atmosphere.

Their menu is al le carte, with no course options, but that doesn’t need to be a deal breaker! You can immerse yourself in the Mediterranean flavors with dishes like risotto, pan-roasted salmon filet, grilled pork, paella, and more.

Walk-ins are possible, but it’s best to reserve your seat to ensure you get a spot at the wonderful Andaluca.

Location: 407 Olive Way | Contact: 206-382-6999 | Website: https://andaluca.com/

13. Aerlume – Downtown

Cuisine: Pacific Northwest

Price: Around$100 per person

Google Rating: 4.5

Aerlume boasts magnificent views of Puget Sound and is truly an immersive Seattle restaurant that will stun your date with beauty. This restaurant has floor-to-ceiling windows so that you will have a city-life view no matter your seating.

Aerlume focuses its dรฉcor on fire elements and is set in a modern lavish interior. What’s more, they have a fireplace for a toasty ambiance.

They have an expansive menu with ample options to satisfy any food mood. You can order smaller plates like Peruvian steak bites, freshly roasted vegetables, grilled Spanish octopus, soup, and wraps. Larger meals include wild Alaskan black cod, grilled pork, seared halibut, and tandoori fried chicken.

Location: 2003 Western Ave Suite C | Contact: 206-539-2200 | Website: https://www.aerlumeseattle.com/

14. Harvest Beat – Wallingford

Cuisine: Vegan

Price: $135 per person with wine pairing

Google Rating: 4.7

Is your date vegan or vegetarian? That’s no problem; Harvest Beat is the place to be for a wholesome, plant-based meal. Finding a restaurant that caters to your significant other’s dietary preferences is surely a way to their heart, and Harvest Beat does it well.

They serve a seasonal 5-course dinner with wine pairing. Harvest Beat makes an effort to source only the finest local ingredients, making for a hearty meal. Not only does Harvest Beat make the tastiest food, but their meals are also astoundingly beautiful, which will please any vegan!

As for ambiance, Harvest Beat has a luxurious low-lit interior, which gives you all the eye candy you need- besides your date, of course. Be sure to book in advance to secure a spot!

Location: 1711 N 45th St | Contact: 206-547-1348 | Website: https://www.harvestbeat.com/

15. The Corson Building – Georgetown

Cuisine: New American

Price: $150 per person with pairings

Google Rating: 4.8

One of Seattle’s top restaurants is The Corson Building, thanks to its flawless food, service, and ambiance. The Corson Building is a house built in 1910 that now serves as a restaurant while honoring its architectural integrity.

Nothing feels as homey as a house, and The Corson Building will make your date feel at home. This quaint restaurant has spacious seating, and the dรฉcor is some of the most delightful. If you sit outdoors, you’ll be graced with garden greenery.

As for food, you can order from their menu with options like salad, home-baked bread, braised duck leg, ricotta dumplings, and grilled lamb leg. Their prix fixe is a six-course menu, and you can add a wine pairing.

Your best option is to make a booking to ensure you get a spot.

Location: 5609 Corson Ave S | Contact: 206-762-3330 | Website: https://www.thecorsonbuilding.com/

16. Tomo – White Center

Cuisine: Japanese Inspired

Price: $86 per person

Google Rating: 4.2

Tomo is Brady Ishiwata Williams’ restaurant which he named after his Japanese grandmother – his number one cooking inspiration. You’ll surely taste the love of cooking in each dish, which hopefully sparks delight for you and your date.

Tomo has Japanese-inspired food, and you can order al le carte or book a spot for Tomo’s set five-course menu. Menu items include wagyu carpaccio, halibut, fried chicken, kakigori, clam tartine, and anything Chef Brady sees fit for the evening.

Tomo is a beautifully designed restaurant with plexiglass-adorned walls, low lighting, and modernized finishings. Tomo is a unique Seattle food spot, bound to dazzle your partner.

Location: 9811 16th Ave SW | Contact: [email protected] | Website: https://tomoseattle.com/

17. Cascina Spinasse – Pike

Cuisine: Italian

Price: $86 per person

Google Rating: 4.6

Cascina Spinasse is a quaint, rustic Italian restaurant that started in 2008. Their central focus is handmade pasta, prepared the same way as in Northern Italy. The Italians know the way to the heart, and that’s by means of good food.

You can order from their menu or opt for their tasting menu. You can expect signature Italian dishes, including ricotta, crespelle, and Carciofi, or you can taste the goodness of braised duck leg, pan-seared salmon, and flank steak.

Cascina Spinasse is also gorgeously decorated with bold artwork and wooden finishes. This food spot is everything you can expect from a quaint Italian restaurant – including its wine list!

Location: 1531 14th Ave | Contact: 206-251-7673 | Website: https://spinasse.com/

18. Violet – Capitol Hill

Cuisine: New American

Price: $95 per person, not including drinks

Google Rating: 4.6

Violet isn’t the most well-known restaurant, but it deserves an honorable mention for its divine food and romantic ambiance. This well-lit, rustic Seattle food spot is truly a worthwhile date location for your next adventure. They were voted Seattle Magazine’s best new restaurant of 2019.

They’re mostly known for their repertoire of exotic wines and even have a wine club. If your partner is a wine connoisseur, Violet is the winning choice! They also have a unique cocktail menu.

Their head chef is the admired William Belickis, who is dedicated to seasonal and local ingredients. Violet’s French, Italian, and Spanish-inspired meals include options like grilled leg of lamb, asparagus risotto, Spanish white anchovies, and many more.

Location: 1734 12th Ave | Contact: 206-695-2588 | Website: https://www.violetseattle.com/

19. 84 Yesler – Pioneer Square

Cuisine: Pacific Northwest / Seafood

Price: $110 for a 4-course

Google Rating: 4.8

Nestled in the historic Pioneer Square is the delightful 84 Yesler restaurant. Their head chef, Christina Siegl, is a culinary specialist who trained at many lavish restaurants, including the Michellin-starred Pauly Saal. Thanks to her expert talents, your meal will be nothing short of incredible.

84 Yesler’s menu aims to incorporate culinary influences from around the world, and all ingredients are carefully sourced and organic. You can order al le carte with delights such as smoked octopus, coconut ceviche, lobster cappelletti, or king salmon. They also have a 4-course or 6-course tasting menu.

84 Yesler has a vibrant ambiance that will surely charm you with its radiant interior colors and beauty. This cozy nightlife space is ideal for a suppertime date.

Location: 84 Yesler Way | Contact: 206-624-1111 | Website: https://84-yesler.com/

20. Surrell – Madison Valley

Cuisine: Pacific Northwest 

Price: $175 per person for a 10-course, $110 for a 4-course

Google Rating: 4.7

If your date loves the enchantment of forests, Surrell mimics its natural landscape with their ethereal interior of greenery and wood accents, along with captivating ambient lights.

Their website also quotes Alan D. Wolfelt, saying, โ€œFood is symbolic of love when words are inadequate.โ€ The quote is reason enough to prove that Surrell is date-worthy!

Surrell also carries their woodland theme to their food plating, and gorgeous food seriously ups the wow factor for your date! As for taste, their relationship with farmers, ranch owners, and foragers ensures only the best ingredients packed with flavor. They also make provisions for vegans and vegetarians!

You can book an exciting 10-course tasting menu, and they have an elaborate wine bar, which is more reason to love the place. You will need to make a reservation via their website before you visit.

Location: 2319 E Madison St | Contact: 206-402-5698 | Website: https://surrellseattle.com/

21. Maximilien Restaurant – Downtown

Cuisine: French

Price: Around $60 for a meal with drinks

Google Rating: 4.3

If you’re picturing a white-tablecloth date, this French restaurant is the perfect meeting place. Maximilien has its roots laid down since 1997, and they are masters of romantic food, because they’re inspired by Paris – the city of love!

If you haven’t braved the flavor of Escargot yet, you can try some at Maximilien. If snails aren’t your thing, which is completely understandable, their menu also offers French onion soup, deep fried brie, fresh oysters, cheese boards, filet mignon steak, duck leg confit, and more.

The restaurant has also got around 100 French and Northwest wines. The restaurant has picture frame-like windows boasting glorious views of the sea, city, and Olympic mountains. Paired with the polished interior, Maximilien is nothing short of spectacular!

Location: 81A Pike St | Contact: 206-682-7270 | Website: https://www.maximilienrestaurant.com/

22. Iconiq – Mount Baker

Cuisine: French/Japanese

Price: $45 for an al le carte meal

Google Rating: 4.7

Iconiq is a unique blend of French and Japanese cuisine, catered by Chef Kawai, a persistent, inspirational person that invents the most heavenly food. Some options include soup, octopus, risotto, halibut, wagyu ribeye, and braised Iberico.

The restaurant is simple, modern, and cozy, hinting at class but subtle enough to make you feel comfortable. You can also admire the view of Downtown Seattle and Puget Sound with a glass of wine or sake.

Location: 1421 31st Ave S | Contact: 206-568-7715 | Website: https://www.iconiqseattle.net/

23. Lowell’s Restaurant – Pike Place Market

Cuisine: Seafood

Price: Max $32 a meal

Google Rating: 4.4

24 Fancy Restaurants in Seattle That'll Impress Your Date

Lowell’s is impressive because it offers three floors for dining overlooking Puget Sound and Pike Place Market. If you’re in the mood for the sea or people-watching, this is the place to be! Lowell’s also has a fantastic interior that’s warm and welcoming.

Lowell’s has been around since 1957, so you can expect only the finest hospitality thanks to its experience. Their menu serves breakfast and lunch for a charming daytime date. You can find food options like crab benedict, clam chowder, soup, calamari, salad, sandwiches, and salmon filet.

Location: 1519 Pike Pl| Contact: 206-622-2036 | Website: http://eatatlowells.com/

24. Marination Ma Kai – North Admiral

Cuisine: Hawaiian-Korean

Price: Maximum $15 per meal

Google Rating: 4.5

Fancy a unique culinary experience? Marination Ma Kai is a Hawaiian-Korean restaurant with the most marvelous food. If you’re looking for a more affordable Seattle restaurant for a date that still dazzles your senses, Marination Ma Kai is a worthy choice.

Their menu includes foods like tacos and specialized sandwiches with toppings like pork cutlet, kimchi, and Kalbi beef. They also have fresh salads, tater tots, kimchi fried rice, and sliders.

Marination Ma Kai is mainly a daytime date spot because of the view! This Seattle restaurant is next to the harbor, so the panoramas of the sea and Seattle skyline are a lovely backdrop for a wholesome lunch.

Location: 1660 Harbor Ave SW | Contact: 206-328-8226 | Website: http://marinationmobile.com/

How To Pick An Impressive Restaurant For A Date

Now that you have a couple of fancy Seattle restaurant options, you’ll want to choose the one that suits you best while still impressing your date. These three factors should guide you to the perfect food spot that will be your romantic backdrop.

1. The Ambiance

This is arguably the most important factor for a date because it doesn’t help to be in a restaurant that doesn’t pass the vibe check. You’ll want the restaurant to be almost as attractive as your date.

You should look up your desired restaurant to flick through photos of how it looks and see if the views and dรฉcor match your needs. If it’s cold, you should find a place with heating – a fireplace wins extra romantic points!

Looking at the restaurant ratings will also ensure that the ambiance is worthwhile and that the service you receive is up to scratch. You don’t want to go somewhere where the service is so poor that it ruins the date!

2. The Food

Food sets the mood! Your best bet is to have a few restaurant options in mind with different cuisines, then ask your date what food they’re in the mood for so that you can please them. If your love interest has dietary preferences or food allergies, you need to keep that in mind when picking!

3. The Pricing

Breaking the bank for a date isn’t the best of ideas. Make sure that the restaurant you pick is relatively affordable so that you can pay for both of you – a necessary step for making a good romantic impression. Fine dining restaurants are a grand experience beyond food, but if it leaves you financially strapped, opt for a non-fine dining restaurant to save a few bucks.


One way to the heart is a scrumptious meal, and these 20 impressive options will surely set a romantic ambiance. Remember that the ambiance, food, and pricing guide you to the best choice. May your date be the best one yet!

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