Stay In The Bella Swan House From Twilight (Book 1 Year Ahead!)

Bella Swan’s house, fondly known as the Twilight Swan House, is a hallmark piece of movie history – and now it’s an Airbnb house that you can visit and stay for the night! This movie series home is a dedicated holiday rental and offers a unique experience for Twihards.

You can book a stay at the Twilight Swan House on Airbnb, but you must do so a year in advance when the slots open. This 5-bedroom, 1.5-bathroom rental can host you and your friends for a memorable Twilight experience. The rooms are accurate to the movies and have impeccable detail.

Got more questions about Bella’s house? Here, you’ll find all the details about how the rooms are decorated, nearby attractions, and how you can snag a spot to relive some of your favorite scenes!

Where Is The Bella Swan House?

Stay In The Bella Swan House From Twilight (Book 1 Year Ahead!)
Source: Airbnb

The gloomy Forks, Washington is the perfect place for gorgeous vampires like Edward, but this magical 1930s home is on 184 S 6th Street, St. Helens, Oregon – just short of 3 hours from Seattle!

Amenities And Features

Twilight fans Amber and Dean bought the house in September 2018 and opened an Airbnb for fans to get a real-life piece of the Twilight love story. The owners are dedicated to keeping the home décor as close to the movie as possible!

All furnishings, from the windows to the walls, are superbly accurate and detailed, with a few bits of fan art. You’ll also find life-size cardboard cutouts of the beloved characters – and yes, Edward keeps you safe while you sleep!

Stay In The Bella Swan House From Twilight (Book 1 Year Ahead!)
Source: Airbnb

Bella’s Room

The Twilight Swan House features 5 bedrooms, including Bella’s true-to-the-movie room. Her quarters include accurate bedding, signature string lights, artwork, a closet with outfits from the movie, picture frames with wedding photos, and even the gold onion!

The attention to detail is immaculate. Amber remains searching for movie memorabilia, and fans help by donating some, too.

Other Bedrooms

The other bedrooms are themed and include one that is Team Jacob, Charlie’s room with Bella’s high school certificate, and two other thematic rooms.

Stay In The Bella Swan House From Twilight (Book 1 Year Ahead!)
Source: Airbnb

The Kitchen and Charlie’s Dining Room

These rooms are painted precisely the colors from the movie, and you can enjoy your self-catered meals at the dining table where Charlie spent his time drinking a beer.

Stay In The Bella Swan House From Twilight (Book 1 Year Ahead!)
Source: Airbnb

The Living Room

As you can guess, the furnishings are as you see on screen, and during the Christmas season, the tree is there too! There are also Halloween decorations during the spooky season.


There are 1.5 bathrooms ready to accommodate you and your friends!


You can enjoy the movie views from the kitchen and Bella’s room. You can park onsite, but please avoid the neighbor’s parking lots! There is no fence and a gully behind the house.

Nearby Attractions

The Swan residence is only part of it! You can visit Columbia View Park, which often hosts movies, concerts, and events. You can also pop in at the Columbia Theatre, the Courthouse Museum, or go shopping. There are also plenty of nearby restaurants.

How To Book At The Twilight Swan House

For $380 to $450 a night, you get to reenact the scenes of the Swan home, but you better book in advance! Currently, availability is exclusive to Airbnb, and slots open a year in advance. Mostly, there’s a minimum 2-night stay policy, but there are a few one-night-only dates that open.

It would be best to stay attentive to the Instagram page to determine when slots become available. Many people think the rental is booked for years ahead, but as long as you jump when bookings open, you can get a date for the following year.


Many people think the Bella Swan house is booked for 5 years in advance, but this isn’t true. As long as you stay attentive to when the booking dates open, you can reserve dates for the following year. This true-to-the-movie location is ready and waiting for you to relive your favorite Twilight scenes!


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