These 5 Seattle Record Stores Are a Vinyl Enthusiast’s Dream

If you love vinyl, you know there’s nothing as nostalgic as visiting a record store. Seattle has some of the best stores to flip through records, purchase memorabilia, and enjoy live music. Why not grab your bestie and spend the day at some of the best record stores in Seattle?

Our list of record stores includes 5 must-visit spots to get your vinyl fix and consists of a mix of new and used vinyl records.

1. Sonic Boom Records

2. Holy Cow Records

3. Spin Cycle Records Movies and Games

4. Easy Street Records & Cafe

5. Silver Platters SoDo

Where To Find The Best Record Stores In Seattle?

The hardest part about visiting these stores is picking which one to visit. There are a few all over the city. Some have rare vinyl, and others have a wide selection of records. This list contains different kinds of record shops, so no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it at one of these stores.

1. Sonic Boom Records, Ballard

Address: 2209 NW Market St.

Website link:

Sonic Boom is a music haven offering new and used vinyl, turntables, books, CDs, and DVDs. This local treasure has been around since 1997 and hosts many events, including live performances, listening parties, speed dating, and new release parties. This store is perfect if you’re looking for a specific record, want to enjoy a live band, or if you want to browse through a large selection of music.

2. Holy Cow Records, Downtown Seattle

Address: 1501 Pike Place

Website link:

Holy Cow is not just a record store but has an online marketplace where you can buy, sell, and trade music. They sell used records and have a sizeable classic rock collection. This shop is perfect if you want to spend the day flipping through stacks of vinyl, finding a few classic oldies, or looking for a rare one to add to your collection.

3. Spin Cycle Records Movies And Games, Capitol Hill

Address: 321 Broadway E.

Website link:

What happens when you have too many records and nowhere to store them? You open a record store.

Spin Cycle started as a place to store the owner’s vinyl collection but has grown into one of the best-stocked record stores in Seattle. You’ll find genres like rock, country, punk, and indie here. You’ll love this store if you love finding bargains and hidden gems or looking for newly released tracks.

4. Easy Street Records & Café, West Seattle

Address: 4559 California Ave SW.

Website link:

If you want to spend the day at a record store, then it doesn’t get much better than this. Easy Records has an incredible selection of music, good food, and friendly staff. The cafe and tracks are affordable, and there’s something for every music lover, no matter your budget.

5. Silver Platters SoDo, Bellevue

Address: 2930 1st Ave S.

Website link:

Silver Platters is one of the few chain outlets that sell records. This shop has a mix of old and new music, and it’s a great pitstop if you’re passing through Bellevue. On your visit, you can stock up on CDs or LPs and sell the records you’re not using in exchange for store credit. They also have a few bargain bins and carry rare CDs and vinyls.


This list has five of the best record stores in Seattle. Each offers something special, and whether you’re looking for a rare record or new music for your collection or want to spend the day flipping through some good tunes, this list has got you covered.


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