7 Nightclubs in Seattle Where You Can Dance the Night Away

Seattle may not be known for its nightclub scene like other major cities, but that doesn’t mean the Emerald City doesn’t know how to party. In fact, Seattle’s nightlife offers a unique blend of music, culture, and entertainment that can’t be found anywhere else.

To experience it, though, you will have to expand your horizons beyond nightclubs. This isn’t such a bad thing, considering Seattle is home to many top-tier bars. If you’re interested in checking some out, head on over to my list of the best Seattle bars.

For those of you who really want to hit the dance floor, read on to discover the best nightclubs in Seattle, where you can dance the night away and enjoy great music.

The 9 Best Nightclubs In Seattle Are:

  1. Kremwerk
  2. ORA
  3. Vue Luxury Lounge
  4. Mint Lounge
  5. Supernova
  6. Trinity Nightclub
  7. Q Nightclub

Party all Night at The Best Nightclubs In Seattle

Seattle has a variety of clubbing offerings, from EDM and house to more eclectic and artistic options. The city is also LGBTQ+ friendly, with many clubs embracing inclusivity and showcasing the drag scene. These are our nine best nightclubs to visit in Seattle.

1. Kremwerk, Denny Triangle

1809 Minor Ave, Seattle, WA


Kremwerk is one of Seattle’s top night spots. The nightclub is LGBTQ+ run and provides a friendly and safe party atmosphere that includes alternative and eclectic drag. In addition, it offers a complete international lineup of progressive electronic dance music.

In the upstairs section, they offer the Timbre Room and Cherry, which both have their stage, bar, and DJ booth.

2. ORA, Belltown

2330 1st Ave, Seattle, WA


ORA is one of the newer clubs in the city and provides impressive views of Puget Sound. ORA’s multiple levels give platforms to various DJs, musicians, and artists from around the globe, although it’s best known for its EDM scene.

A top tip is to book a table, as this includes your entry and a bottle of booze.

3. Vue Luxury Lounge, Belltown

2324 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA


Vue is another new offering providing a modern, chic atmosphere with an industrial but high-tech element. The club is a mix of lux lounge, music venue, art space, and social club spread over two rooms.

4. Mint Lounge, Capitol Hill

1207 Pine Street, Seattle, WA


7 Nightclubs in Seattle Where You Can Dance the Night Away
Source: Mint Lounge

Mint Lounge is one of Seattle’s most well-known and well-loved nightclubs. The décor is superb, harkening back to the classic opulent 1950s cocktail lounges. Depending on the day of the week, the music will vary, and the nightclub showcases a wide range of top local and national live acts and DJs.

In addition to great music, the nightclub is famed for its top mixology.

5. Supernova, SoDo

110 S. Horton Street, Seattle, WA


Supernova is the ultimate dance and entertainment venue that caters to everyone. The nightclub celebrates art, music, and dance, accompanied by various music genres, including house music, disco, Latin, and hip-hop.

6. Trinity Nightclub, Downtown

107 Occidental Ave, S Seattle, WA


Trinity Nightclub has been a Seattle staple for close to 20 years. The nightclub is home to two dance floors and three rooms and has a fantastic craft cocktail bar, which will satisfy all your mixology needs.

The nightclub provides the best International and local DJs and artists, providing the ultimate dance experience in Seattle.

7. Q Nightclub, Firsthill

1426 Broadway, Seattle, WA

Q Nightclub

Q Nightclub is a massive complex that includes multilevel lounges and dance floors. The interior is pure design brilliance and has been created to improve the experience both in sound and visuals. Q is famed for its great drinks menu, and its craft vodka is a must.


Seattle has a rich selection of nightclubs catering to a wide range of tastes; from dance floors to lux lounges, there is something for everyone.

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