The 30 Best Coffee Shops In Seattle To Add To Your Bucket List

Seattle is irrefutably a city bursting with coffee culture; with its damp, drizzly weather and lively streets, it’s no wonder that Seattleites love their caffeine fix. But with so many options, where do you start, and how do you know where to go for the best cup of joe?

Here is our list of the top thirty coffee shops to visit in Seattle:

1. Anchorhead Coffee

2. Boon Boona Coffee

3. Café Allegro

4. Caffe Ladro

5. Caffe Vita

6. Hello Em

7. Elm Coffee Roasters

8. Storyville Coffee Pike Place

9. Starbucks Reserve And Roastery

10. And more …

The 30 Best Coffee Shops In Seattle

It’s no secret – nearly 300 cafes exist within this vibrant city, with new establishments popping up constantly, proving the thriving growth of Seattle’s notable coffee culture scene!

Choosing the best is no easy task, with all these coffee houses providing exceptional coffee. As we take steps into these exquisite establishments offering specialty brews celebrating diverse flavors while still providing traditional cups of joe, we list our top 30 for you to visit while visiting Seattle coffee culture.

1. Anchorhead Coffee

Neighborhood: Downtown Seattle | Phone Number: (206) 222-2295


Award-winning coffee roaster with multiple coffee shops in Seattle. They make their own food in-house from scratch and have a variety of specialty coffees for you to try out.

Their flagship store in Downtown Seattle is cozy and inviting, with a mix of traditional seating arrangements, bar seating, and coaches for lazy get-togethers. Plenty of space for working on your laptop while enjoying a perfect roasted espresso.

Anchorhead Coffee can also be found in Pike Place Market, Bellevue, and their latest addition in Capitol Hill, with their two-story café and bakery where the smells and tastes of freshly baked pastries tempt your senses. You can also participate in some events, such as learning to create café latte art.

2. Boon Boona Coffee

Neighborhood: Renton | Phone Number: (425) 496-8618


Boon Boona is a black-owned coffee shop. Founder and CEO Efrem Fesaha in 2012. Although he grew up in Seattle, his Eritrean roots meant he grew up experiencing the traditional coffee ceremony.

His beans are sustainably sourced through long-term relationships with coffee growers in Africa, bringing you some of the very best beans from Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya, and Burundi.

Boon and boona both mean coffee in different East African countries, and to experience the traditional coffee ceremony, you should make your way to the Renton Boon Boona Coffee, where fresh roasted coffee beans provide a comforting welcome.

They also have two other locations, one in Capitol Hills, where different neighborhoods converge, and outdoor seating overlooks 12th Ave Square Park. Their latest addition is the University Way Book Store.

3. Café Allegro

Neighborhood: University District | Phone Number: (206) 633-3030


Café Allegro was established in 1975 and is Seattle’s original espresso bar, serving the finest Seattle-style coffee. It’s a quaint little coffee shop with art-lined walls and friendly staff that build relationships with long-standing clientele.

Tucked away in an alley in the University District, they are the oldest roasteries in Seattle, sourcing beans from family farms around the world and roasting them in-house in small batches to create the best blend of roasted coffees that complement each other.

The feel is warm and cozy, a home away from home when you want to relax with great coffee in an authentic environment.

4. Caffe Ladro

Neighborhood: Upper Queen Anne | Phone Number: (206) 282-5313


Caffe Ladro started with its first location in Queen Anne, northwest of downtown Seattle in 1994. It has since grown to include 17 cafes, a coffee roaster, and a bakery.

Each café Ladro is unique and built to fit the neighborhood’s vibe and feel. However, the great-tasting coffee and freshly baked goods are consistent throughout the chain.

They even have three drive-thru locations for those on the go, which can be found at The Bothell, Edmonds Ladro, and Lynnwood Café.

Their flagship store, located in Upper Queen Anne, is in the historic district of Seattle, where the contemporary coffeehouse offers a cozy vibe with wood finishings and stained-glass features.

5. Caffe Vita

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill | Phone Number: (206) 712-2132


Caffe Vita is another gem of a coffee shop in Seattle with seven branches. Caffe Vita in Capitol Hill was established in 1995; it’s an unassuming little café in the middle of the hustle and bustle. The perfect spot to catch a break with a great cup of single-origin coffee while you watch the roasters do their magic.

The team comprises an eclectic bunch of people passionate about people and coffee. Apart from offering great coffee in a shabby chic environment, they also provide training for underprivileged youth as baristas to help them create a passion for coffee as well as provide them with a trade.

6. Hello Em

Neighborhood: Little Saigon | Phone Number: No listed number. Contact them via email at [email protected]


If you want to experience a different culture, you must visit Hello Em in Little Saigon in Seattle Chinatown International District. The artisanal coffeehouse focuses on robusta beans to give Vietnamese specialty coffee that extra punch of flavors.

They established Hello Em in 2021; they share their space with Little Saigon Creative which actively preserves the cultural hub of the Vietnamese community. You can take in the visuals from the wall display of historical facts about Little Saigon while enjoying a Vietnamese specialty coffee cà phê sữa đá with condensed milk that is served cold over ice.

Hello Em is the first Vietnamese coffee roastery in Seattle, and you can enjoy a variety of specialized drinks and foods reminiscent of Vietnamese culture.

7. Elm Coffee Roasters

Neighborhood: Downtown Seattle | Phone Number: (206) 445-7808


This modern and attractive coffeehouse in Downtown Seattle is in the historic Pioneer Park. Established in 2013 by Seattleite Brendan Mullally, where the vision was to create great-tasting coffee and long-lasting friendly relationships.

Enjoy the modern design while enjoying a fantastic cup of joe perfectly blended with balanced acidity, offering a clean sweet-tasting flavor that is smooth on the palate. You can enjoy the scenes in the roastery through large viewing windows while casually sipping your coffee.

When visiting Elm Coffee for the first time, make sure to try out their reasonably priced flight to get a selection of samples to try different drinks at the same time.

8. Storyville Coffee Pike Place

Neighborhood: Pike Place | Phone Number: (206) 780-5777


If you are visiting Pike Place Market, then pop over to Storyville Coffee for a cup of joe while you relax before moving on with exploring the marketplace.

The warm, inviting décor of wooden texture and color gives it a friendly and cozy feel. Seating combines traditional tables, couches, and nooks by the window overlooking Pike Place.

Enjoy your favorite coffee, either hot or cold, and I would suggest trying one of their breakfast sandwiches which are made to order for delicious freshness. If you prefer something sweet, try out one of their pastries, freshly baked daily.

Storyville Coffee has its own roastery in Bainbridge Island; if you find yourself craving a cup of Storyville coffee, you can always order single-use pods for your Keurig machine at home.

9. Starbucks Reserve Roastery And Tasting Room

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill | Phone Number: (206) 624-0173


This isn’t just any Starbucks. If you want to visit some of the best coffee houses, then you must make a turn at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Pike Place.

The architecture alone is something to marvel at; once you step through the doors, the mix of modern and traditional décor will take your breath away. A blend of warm textures and colors with wood, steel, and copper furniture and equipment offers visual stimulation. At the same time, the roasting smells of coffee beans create a sensory overload.

Take a seat at the bar and let the coffee masters concoct the perfect coffee to your taste. They will help you pick out the best blend of beans at the scoop bar for you to take home.

You can view Master roasters apply their craft while mesmerized by the intricacy of the room and find a new appreciation for your coffee.

10. Cedar And Spokes Coffee Bar

Neighborhood: Belltown | Phone Number: (206) 569-0726


Their flagship store in Seattle can be found in the Belltown neighborhood. Cedar and Spokes Coffee Bar originated from humble beginnings. The Texan couple started a small mobile coffee bar, in 2016, from a wooden cedar box on bicycle wheels and catered at farmers’ markets, little leagues, and events.

Today Brice and Tracey have a roastery with a quirky open space vibe that caters to specialty coffee with a small but well-curated line of single-origin coffee.

11. Pegasus Coffee

Neighborhood: Bainbridge Island | Phone Number: (206) 317-6914


The iconic ivy-covered landmark in Bainbridge Island is the birthplace of Pegasus Coffee. They have imported high-grown specialty-grade Arabica coffee since 1979 while roasting small batches for freshness and quality.

The original Pegasus in Bainbridge Island is created in the classical European style coffee house tradition, with a mix of seating and tables and a cozy fireplace where the gathering is intended to generate discussion. A haven for artists, this bohemian-style establishment is not just a coffee shop but also an art museum where musicians and poets showcase their work.

In 1983 Pegasus made history as the first coffee shop to open in Downtown Seattle, offering coffee on the go to working professionals as they head toward their offices.

12. Seattle Sunshine Coffee

Neighborhood: Bryant | Phone Number: (206) 420-8461


Seattle Sunshine Coffee is a relatively new coffee house that creates a community-like environment where you can enjoy hand-crafted espresso or espresso-based drinks made with the top-ranking espresso machine, La Marzocco.

Enjoy a relaxing drink with friends or go there to work and study, they have plenty of outlets to accommodate charges for laptops, and you have the choice of seating on two levels.

They are partnered with Marina Baked Goods and White-Knuckle Sandwiches to bring you tasty treats to go with Seattle’s Lighthouse Roasted Coffee.

13. Fremont Coffee Company

Neighborhood: Fermont | Phone Number: (206) 632-3633


Fermont Coffee established itself in 2003 in a historic house with a wrap-around porch. Each room in the house offers a more intimate and cozier feel where you can sit and enjoy the company of friends while sipping on smooth, sweet, and tangy espressos that are sustainable sources.

Roasted at the house with perfect attention to creating distinct flavors of origin and blended intelligently to create the ideal combination. The baristas show off their arty side by creating latte art with mythical horses and dragons, making the coffee sweeter with cute renditions of owls and cats, or spicing things up with ghoulish representations of skulls.

Enjoy the warm cozy feel of the rooms in the house, or take a seat outside on the porch on a sunny day to take advantage of some fresh air and vitamin D.

14. Poindexter Coffee

Neighborhood: University District | Phone Number: (206) 634-2000


This one may not be in the traditional coffee house allure of Seattle’s many other coffee shops. It’s a gem often overlooked, possibly due to the association with the Graduate Hotel; the coffee shop feeds into the hotel’s lobby but still offers an eclectic space with ambient light that finds many students hitting the books.

The tables offer significant space, with a local charm with black and white photographs lining the wall and a calm, cozy atmosphere.

Suppose you’re in the University district and need to refuel and refresh. In that case, Poindexter Coffee is the ideal place to take a break.

15. Preserve And Gather

Neighborhood: Greenwood | Phone Number: (206) 403-1149


If you find yourself in Greenwood suburbia, Preserve and Gather is the perfect neighborhood café that offers a lively feel with a mix of old-fashioned décor with retro flare and industrial feel.

The Wi-Fi-free zone provides a hominess with a bright, airy atmosphere that allows families and friends to gather and chat while enjoying a full espresso bar with baked goods, light breakfast, and lunches.

Although it may be out of the way from downtown, it’s worth the drive to enjoy their fantastic Cortado coffee with an authentic Spanish flare. They also offer homemade yogurt parfaits, pickles, and jams that are to die for.

16. Zoka Coffee Shop

Neighborhood: Greenlake | Phone Number: (206) 545-4277


Zoka Coffee Shop in Seattle is a cozy, welcoming coffeehouse with a modern and stylish interior. The ambiance is relaxed and comfortable, making it a perfect place to unwind or catch up with friends. Their menu features freshly brewed coffee made from high-quality beans sourced from different parts of the world, as well as tea blends, pastries, sandwiches, salads, and other delicious snacks.

The friendly, knowledgeable staff ensures customers get the best experience possible. Overall, Zoka Coffee Shop is an excellent spot for coffee lovers who appreciate great quality drinks and a laid-back atmosphere.

They opened their first store in 1996 in Greenlake, with more to follow due to their success in Kirkland, South Lake Union, and the University district. They roast their own beans in their Bellingham roastery to ensure each cup offers the best-tasting coffee every time.

17. Onda Origins Café And Roastery

Neighborhood: Hillman City | Phone Number: (206) 313-9765


Onda Origins runs a delightful café with an atmosphere that is both lively and comfortable, providing an ideal break after queuing for Flour Box doughnuts. In addition to crafting exceptional tasting coffee blends, Onda also volunteers substantial earnings with their growers—an outstanding 12 times higher than the Fair-Trade benchmark.

Recently commended by Eater as the top small-batch roaster around, this thriving firm located in South Seattle boasts its own petite roastery plus a snapshot of paradise tucked away at Hillman City. By focusing on creating better conditions for farmers globally, they are working towards promoting equal opportunities through every aspect of business practice.

18. Herkimer Coffee

Neighborhood: Greenwood | Phone Number: (206) 784-0202


Established in 2003, their flagship store in Greenwood has a roastery for wholesale, but you can still make use of their coffee shop for a relaxing specialty coffee. They also have branches in the University District, South Lake Union, and Belltown.

Herkimer Coffee is a charming coffee shop with a warm and inviting atmosphere inside the shop. The wooden tables and chairs, exposed brick walls, and a cozy fireplace add to the ambiance. While the aromas of freshly brewed coffee fill the air, friendly baristas are always ready to serve you your favorite beverage.

Herkimer Coffee offers a wide variety of specialty drinks, including espresso-based beverages like lattes and cappuccinos, drip coffee made from beans roasted on-site, and cold brews perfect for hot summer days. They also have an impressive selection of teas and pastries from local bakeries to complement your drink.

19. Victrola Coffee

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill | Phone Number: (800) 575-5282


The Victrola Coffee Shop flagship is in Capitol Hill in an old 1920 auto row building with powder blue walls and yellow window frames, reminiscent of the ancient Victorian era. It is a favored and snug coffee house comprising exposed brick walls, wooden beams stretching along high ceilings, and large windows that allow ample natural light influx. The atmosphere exudes warmth and an inviting aura, with seating options ranging from luxurious armchairs to communal tables.

Victrola offers top-notch coffee obtained straight from farmers across the globe to ensure optimum quality. The beans are roasted on the premises with classic roasting equipment that imbues an exceptional richness of taste in each cup of joe. Apart from their Roastery in Capitol Hill, they also have branches in Beacon Hill and Downtown Seattle.

Victrola has a variety of delectable pastries and baked goods that are freshly prepared every day, apart from coffee. Their menu comprises both sweet and savory options like croissants, muffins, breakfast sandwiches, quiches, and many others.

20. Analog Coffee

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill | Phone Number: (800) 390-7670


Analog Coffee in Capitol Hill is considered one of the finest coffee shops due to its discreet location. Based on a serene residential street, this small café blends effortlessly with its modest decor and includes a vinyl HiFi stationed in the corner.

The coffee beans sourced are obtained from the finest roasters across Washington, including Herkimer and Stamp Act Camber in Bellingham. The establishment prioritizes serving an exceptional cup of classic coffee over heaps of signature drinks. That said, their vanilla syrup, which it’s made in-house, is worth trying to create tasty cold brews!

21. Coffeeholics House

Neighborhood: Greenwood | Phone Number: (206) 588-1937


Coffeeholic House stands out in Seattle’s coffee scene as one of the top contenders. With two locations, Greenwood and Columbia City (takeaway only), it offers a uniquely distinct experience for customers looking to explore beyond traditional cups of coffee. Their specialty lies in Vietnamese drinks composed of sweetened condensed milk and egg foam.

Their top-selling product is the Coffeeholic Dream, which comprises a traditional Vietnamese coffee combined with rich and smooth salted cheese foam. Alternatively, if you crave something more saccharine, try out their exquisite homemade Purple Haze ube latte infused with syrup for an extra hint of sweetness.

Their organic robusta beans sourced from Vietnam are roasted in-house via traditional phin filters, resulting in a genuine and flavorful cup with hints of nuttiness and richness.


Neighborhood: Fermont | Phone Number: (206) 861-2767


Aroom could easily be mistaken as a company specializing in minimalist interior design, given its contemporary, dark furniture with orb lights hanging from lofty floor-to-ceiling windows. With considerable empty spaces incorporated into the blueprint of this place to evoke an industrial and airy ambiance, it’s easy to see why someone would assume such premises was dedicated solely for that purpose.

However, upon further examination, you’ll realize Aroom has more than just basic designs on offer; it’s rather like diving headfirst into a pool full of roasted espresso beans, which envelop your senses completely once inside!

AROOM operates under the leadership of a visionary 26-year-old, assisted by her mother and father, who are skilled chefs. Additionally, her husband, an expert coffee roaster, and her sister, who has a flair for creating unique recipes. The team also includes two ambitious best friends to round out their dynamic squad.

Their specialty Vietnamese iced coffee is potently strong. It complements mellower toppings such as salty foam, homemade coconut ice cream, or our preferred option of black sesame cream. This creamy topping has notes of nuttiness and sweetness that balance out the intense boldness of the coffee perfectly.

23. Caffe Fiore

Neighborhood: Sunset Hill | Phone Number: (206) 922-3117


At Sunset Hills, Caffe Fiore is a haven that may have a limited online presence. Yet, its coffees, espressos, and toothsome cookies are sure to entice you. They mainly offer Caffe Vita coffee but do provide exclusive blends too.

I adore the warm ambiance created by brick walls and soft illumination, which adds a hint of romance to this place where you can relax with your favorite book in peace. It is an enchanting spot, ideal for meeting up with friends, family members, or classmates to work on a project while relishing their delectable coffee.

In addition to this delightful beverage selection, one can also pair it with delicious doughnuts and other tasty snacks served. Another adorable branch of Caffé Fiore can be found in Queen Ann, where they strive to create a warm and inviting vibe for their respective communities through the expertise of their baristas, who consistently offer top-notch customer service.

24. Cafe Hagen

Neighborhood: South Lake Union | Phone Number: (206) 913-2847


Café Hagen is a haven of Scandinavian comfort amidst the bustling South Lake Union. It exudes Copenhagen’s effortless blend of relaxed sophistication and understated elegance, providing Seattle with a taste of Danish charm. They have two modern cafes, including Queen Ann, and their quint little roastery.

Café Hagen offers a serene atmosphere complemented by Scandinavian-inspired coffee sourced from Hagen Coffee Roasters, which has developed an exclusive line of beans for Café Hagen. The café also serves delectable snacks and a range of hand-selected fine wines and beers alongside its selection of Scandinavian-style dishes.

Café Hagen’s menu items are a testament to their zeal for providing customers with an exclusive European experience infused with the laid-back charm of the northwest. With delectable Scandinavian pastry recipes handed down from previous generations, homemade sauces, and syrups – you’re in store for something truly indulgent at Café Hagen!

25. Cloud City Coffee

Neighborhood: Maple Hill | Phone Number: (206) 527-5552


In 2002, Jill Killen founded Cloud City Coffee in Maple Leaf with the aim of establishing a communal meeting venue. Dubbed the “Maple Leaf town hall,” Cloud City is renowned for its lively environment, attracting diverse groups like commuters, retirees, babies, little league clubs, and local residents.

An incredible selection of roasted coffee blends can be found at the roasting facility in Georgetown, and there is also a separate coffee house located in Fermont. Both offer great-tasting coffees with a selection of delicious light breakfasts and lunches, which you can enjoy at a table next to a window or on a comfy sofa.

26. Broadcast Coffee

Neighborhood: Central District | Phone Number: (206) 322-0807


Although Broadcast Coffee is not the most stylish or fashionable of Seattle’s coffee shops, It is an attractive neighborhood café due to its unassuming nature. The idea was sparked by the proprietor’s father, who served as a radio disc jockey.

Their roast emphasizes balance and sweetness while maintaining consistent quality across their coffee selection offered in various options ranging from dark roasts to light or medium roasted choices that cater effectively to every taste preference.

Their Central District branch located inside Temple Pastries is the perfect option for those looking to grab something delicious to eat along with their coffee fix! They also offer delightful seasonal beverages or experiment with the refreshing pony drinks that come in fascinating flavor combinations.

27. Espresso Vivace

Neighborhood: Capitol Hill | Phone Number: (206) 860-2722


Espresso lovers flock to Espresso Vivace for the perfect Italian-style espresso. Their flagship location in Capitol Hill is immensely popular and caters to both sweet-toothed coffee drinkers and those who prefer their brew black. The highlight of a visit? Undoubtedly, witnessing their talented baristas create beautiful latte art right before your eyes!

Established in 1988 by founder David Schomer, Espresso Vivace remains one of Seattle’s top-notch coffee hubs to date. Schomer personally trains staff on crafting intense yet flavorsome cups that exude freshness – an ethos they hold firm even today. For all fans of stronger coffees out there- this spot deserves your attention!

Their café located in South Lake Union is worth a visit too. With their single-origin coffee beans, their brews stand out with bold and distinct flavors. If you stop by, don’t miss the chance to indulge in two crowd favorites: Velvet Mocha and Café Nico, both equally satisfying delights for your taste buds!

28. Pilgrims Coffee House

Neighborhood: North Aurora | Phone Number: (206) 395-4982


The Pilgrim Coffeehouse evolved from a mobile food truck to a fixed establishment with walls and a roof located in North Seattle. Despite this transition, the traditional food truck can still be reserved for special events!

The coffeehouse creates a cozy atmosphere akin to being at home, featuring glossy tiled floors and wooden furnishings. Additionally, it offers a specialized selection of blends in its retail section. While the central bar top tables may not provide access to electrical outlets ideal for working purposes, the spacious layout ensures minimal disruption even if you choose to work on your laptop there.

What makes Pilgrim Coffee House so remarkable is that I get to spend a relaxing afternoon sipping coffee with my furry friend by my side. It’s the perfect way for us to enjoy each other’s company.

29. Lula Coffee Co.

Neighborhood: West Seattle | Phone Number: (206) 566-5405


The atmosphere inside is an urban coffee house that features colorful couches accompanied by pop art decor. Despite this welcoming environment, many individuals opt to utilize its drive-through service instead of stepping through the door due to how widely recognized it is as a go-to destination for beverages on the go.”

The aim was to differentiate this cafe from others in the area by creating a cheerful and upbeat atmosphere with vibrant beverages garnished with eccentric toppings with various flavors like peppermint, marshmallows, toffee, and berry syrups blended together to whip up delectable drinks that look as good as they taste.

The vibrant artwork adorning the walls, as well as offering nutritious menu options with quirky names, are all intended for social media posting on your Instagram feeds.

30. Milstead And Co.

Neighborhood: Fermont | Phone Number: (206) 659-4814


Milstead and Co. showcase a divine coffee collection in Fremont that is ideal for a caffeine boost after exploring the famous Fremont Troll attraction. Local brands are known tastefully for fruity-tart experiences where decaf drinks aren’t part of the menu. Still, preparation includes choices like hot or cold golden milk latte spiced up nicely that can influence your palate!

Although I have always admired its ample space and well-lit ambiance, what keeps me returning is its ever-changing range of coffee roasters, including Intelligentsia, Coava, and Stumptown from Portland, to name some examples. However, they regularly add beans from different esteemed roasters to appeal to top-level enthusiasts.

Their newly revamped industrial aesthetic portrays an era distinctively far-removed from quirky original Fremont looks, with high tables conducive enough even as standing desks for visitors who prefer working at this joint while surfing Wi-Fi.

Why Are There So Many Coffee Shops In Seattle?

The 30 Best Coffee Shops In Seattle To Add To Your Bucket List

Seattle has the best weather for gathering people indoors; dark rainy days will prompt people to leave their houses to assemble at their local coffee shops to enjoy the warming effect of a great cup of joe.

Seattle is well known as the world center of coffee roasting. It has become the epicenter of artisan roasting, encouraging several coffeehouses to pop up on every corner.

Research shows that there are at least 56 coffee shops for every 100,000 residents. This is not hard to believe, as Seattleites are true coffee enthusiasts.

Why Is Seattle Known For Coffee?

The love affair of coffee and Seattle goes back to the late 1800s when Oscar Delaloyes found some coffee beans and started operating out of a small cart, eventually opening the famous Seattle Tea and Coffee in Pike Place Market.

Seattle is as famous for its coffee shops as it is for the rain. It has an abundance of coffee snobs, and the coffee culture makes for the best coffee, with artisans showcasing their talent to blend and roast beans to create the best coffee.


When visiting Seattle, wherever you find yourself, you are sure to find a few great coffee shops in your neighborhood. Be sure to see some of the original coffee shops that stood the test of time and started the coffee shop craze, like, Café Allegro and Pegasus; also, check out the Starbucks Reserve for the sheer visual effect of the roastery. And pop into Hello Em or Boon Boona Café for a bit of different cultural education.

Whichever coffee house you find yourself in, you will surely experience phenomenal coffee with the friendliness and warmth of the baristas that love to showcase their talent and craft. So, sit back and enjoy Emerald City at its best and find out why it’s the coffee capital of the world.

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