The 26 Best Italian Restaurants in Seattle

Seattle isn’t the first place you’d expect to find the best Italian eateries, but the good news is that many do excel in the Italian culinary field. In the search for the best, these Seattle Italian restaurants are impeccable at their craft. Whether you’re a pizza fanatic or a pasta connoisseur, these refined establishments showcase prolific flavors!

These are the 26 best Italian restaurants in Seattle for any occasion:

1. Bar Del Corso

2. II Nido Serafina

3. Cafe Juanita

4. Altura

5. Cafe Lago

6.  Il Bistro

7. Ristorante Machiavelli

8.  La Medusa

9.  Cantinetta

10. Ristorante Picolinos

11. Pizzeria Pulcinella

12. And more …

1. Bar Del Corso – Beacon Hill

Google Rating: 4.6

Bar Del Corso is a well-loved Seattle delight adored by people and food critics alike. It may be a busy place, but that’s just how good their food is. Think of an Italian fiesta of wood-fired pizza with the perfect crust. Don’t miss out on the small plates of house-made fried risotto balls and meatballs, not to mention their Braised Pork Ragu.

They get their ingredients from locals and Italy, bringing you a true, flavorful experience! Besides the food Bar Del Caso is a local favorite for the whole family. With live entertainment, people of all ages can enjoy themselves.

Waiting time to get in is around 45 minutes, so if you’d love to be part of the fun, booking in advance is worth the wait.

Location: 3057 Beacon Ave S

Contact: 206-395-2069


2. II Nido – West Seattle

Google Rating: 4.7

Il Nido is a captivating Italian restaurant housed in a century-old log cabin. The ambiance feels like you’ve been transported into a romantic candle-lit getaway. Il Nido has more than one James Beard nomination crediting its ability to impress you with glorious food.

Il Nido conjures the most divine meals creatively plated for your enjoyment. You can start with a freshly baked Focaccia or a tomato-laden Burrata, then move to their mains. The restaurant’s main dishes cost $58 maximum. The menu offers scrumptious options like melt-in-your-mouth pasta and carefully cooked Pork Coppa.

They also have a decent wine list and cocktail menu. The restaurant tends to be quite a busy place, so you’ll need to make a booking to reserve a seat, opting for indoors or their patio area.

Location: 2717 61st Ave SW

Contact: 206-466-6265


3. Cafe Juanita – Kirkland

Google Rating: 4.7

Although Café Juanita technically isn’t in Seattle, it is only 17 miles from Downtown. They’re well-reviewed and offer the best Italian dining possible. They are an esteemed fine-dining restaurant with four prix-fixe tasting menu options for omnivores, pescatarians, vegetarians, and vegans with optional wine pairings.

Café Juanita’s set menus range from $125 to $150, with add-on options between $20 to $75. Wine pairings are $125. Their culinary influence is from Northern Italy, with the most delectable ingredients producing dishes like Porcini, Risotto, Ravioli, succulent duck breast, and lamb.

You must book your seat beforehand, as walk-ins are rarely lucky. Note that if you cancel 48 hours before your booking, you’ll incur a cancellation fee per guest, but if you’re ready to commit to the divineness of Café Juanita, you won’t be disappointed!

Location: 9702 NE 120th Pl, Kirkland

Contact: 425-823-1505


4. Altura – Capitol Hill

Google Rating: 4.6

Altura is a perfect date-night location and an excellent fine-dining option. Altura has charming décor with an Italian flair to ensure you feel cozy during your meal. They define their restaurant’s culinary focus as Pacific Northwest cuisine prepared with Italian cooking principles.

Offering the best Italian food possible, Altura concentrates on using foraged and regional products. You can anticipate dishes with delectable lamb and delicate oxtail garnished with fragrant Italian herbs. Their well-crafted flavors make for a superb Italian dinner.

Their set menu is $175 per person, and the dishes vary depending on the season. Still, if you’d like the same level of heavenly food but prefer an al le carte menu, they have their sister Italian restaurant, Carrello, across the street – ready to serve you genuinely made Italian pasta and more.

Location: 617 Broadway E

Contact:  206-402-6749


5. Café Lago – Montlake

Google Rating: 4.5

Café Lago opened in 1990 to share Tuscan-inspired recipes and create a homely restaurant for the whole family. Café Lago serves a mean Italian meal from gourmet pasta to traditional-made Italian pizza. They also have a delicious salad selection.

This Seattle restaurant welcomes the whole family. Even the children can enjoy themselves with crayon art. As for the interior, Café Lago has striking checkered floors, art accents, rustic hints, and ample seating space.

They have a $10 Pizza Night every Monday from 5 to 9 pm for an affordable yet scrumptious Italian night. Your best chance of getting a seat is to make a reservation, and you wouldn’t want to miss their delectable food and appealing ambiance!

Location: 2305 24th Ave E

Contact: 206-329-8005


6. II Bistro – Pike Place Market

Google Rating: 4.5

Il Bistro defines itself as a romantic Italian eatery. The indoor lighting is a warm reddish haze, bound to charm you with its soothing low-lit ether, and paired with spectacular Italian dishes; it’s a recipe for greatness.

If you’re interested, their authentically prepared Italian food includes dishes like sauteed calamari, house-made Focaccia, Burrata, Lasagna, Bolognese, Kurobuta pork shank, and many other pleasantries -including pizza! Meals range from $15 to $40.

Il Bistro is Open Table’s 2023 Diner’s Choice, and they have been serving food for over thirty years, easily showing how excellent the restaurant is. It is highly recommended that you make a reservation if you plan to visit.

Location: 93 Pike St, Suite A

Contact: 206-781-8000


7. Ristorante Machiavelli – Capitol Hill

Google Rating: 4.5

Ristorante Machiavelli has been in Capitol Hill since 1988 and is a neighborhood favorite. They have a cozy interior with warm lighting to set the perfect mood for your meal. They have supporting press from the coveted Seattle Times.

Their Italian culinary expertise extends to classic dishes like Macrina bread, wood-fired pizza, and many delectable pastas. Their menu specialties are Spinach Ravioli, Tortellini Formaggio, handmade Gnocchi al Sugo, and Lasagna Bolognese. Their price per dish ranges between $7 to $50.

Ristorante Machiavelli doesn’t accept reservations, but there’s a waiting list at the door where they will give you a wait-time estimate if it’s busy. Their busiest times are 6:30 to 8:30 pm, and waiting times vary widely.

Location: 1215 Pine St

Contact: 206-621-7941


8. La Medusa – Columbia City

Google Rating: 4.6

If you’re looking for a Southern Italian Seattle restaurant, La Medusa is fantastic and ready to serve! They make use of regional organic ingredients and the finest Sicily imports. Seattle Met has the restaurant valued as an editor’s pick.

Their closely selected ingredients encompass a seasonal menu, including fresh Italian bread, tomato soup, Burrata, salmon Crudo, and inventive pasta dishes like Mafalde with braised pork waygu.

If you want to bring some Italian culinary goodness home with you, they have a sister store named Persephone, selling local fruits and veggies, olive oil, fresh pasta, and Italian pantry goods.

Location: 4857 Rainier Ave S

Contact: 206-723-2192


9. Cantinetta – Wallingford And Bellvue

Google Rating: 4.5

Cantinetta is a Tuscan Italian food spot bound to impress you with its culinary prowess. They pride themselves in their authentic handmade pasta and organic Pacific Northwest ingredients. They are backed with serious publicity, including reviews from Seattle Met, The Seattle Times, Seattle Magazine, Madison Park Times, and more.

Cantinetta has an exquisite menu with Burrata, Watermelon Gazpacho, Arancini, house-made Focaccia, and heavenly portions of pasta like Tagliatelle, Gnocchi, Ricotta Cappelletti, Mafalde, and Risotto. They also serve Halibut and Ribeye.

All Cantinetta interiors are polished and gorgeous, bringing you a refreshing level of class for your dining experience. Reservations aren’t always necessary, but booking to prevent missing out is a good idea.

Location: 3650 Wallingford Ave N/ 10038 Main St, Bellevue

Contact: 206-632-1000


10. Ristorante Picolinos – Ballard

Google Rating: 4.5

Casual dining and fine Italian food are always a grand time. Ristorante Picolinos is one of those eateries that offer all that while capturing the heart through dreamy ambiance and appetizing food.

The restaurant is decorated with awe-inspiring artwork, draping curtains, classy seating, and a quaint garden area! Whether planning a date night or looking for a charming food spot, Ristorante Picolinos has it all. As for food, you can expect Italian classics like Tuscan Bruschetta, Rigatoni Bolognese, Ravioli Del Giorno, and more.

Their menu is on the more affordable side, with meals spaced between $12 to $36. You can get by with a walk-in, but Ristorante Picolinos is reservation-worthy!

Location: 6415 32nd Ave NW

Contact: 206-781-8000


11. Pizzeria Pulcinella – Lakeridge

Google Rating: 4.7

If your Italian food craving is pizza-focused, nothing fits the bill more than an Italian pizzeria! Pizzeria Pulcinella hones its culinary craft on Neapolitan Pizza. They use Southern Italian wheat, succulent tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil, wood-fired in their Valoriani oven.

The Verace Pizza Napolitana Association has verified Pulcinella as a certified Neapolitan pizzeria. Now that you know the level of authenticity, you can look forward to pizzas with gourmet toppings like fresh mozzarella, pepperoni, crimini mushrooms, olives, capers, basil, gorgonzola, Italian sausage, ricotta, parmesan, and more.

They also have a few impactful pasta and salad dishes. Appetizers are between $10.99 to $13,49, salads are $7.99 to $12.99, pizzas are $13.50 to $19.99, and pasta is $11.99 to $16.99.

Location: 10003 Rainier Ave S

Contact: 206-772-6861


12. Il Terrazzo Carmine – Pioneer Square

Google Rating: 4.6

Italian cuisine meets fine dining at Il Terrazzo Carmine, a top-notch lavish restaurant waiting to tantalize your tastebuds. Carmine Smeraldo founded the restaurant in 1984, aiming to bring authentic flavors from his childhood city, Naples. He has since passed, but the restaurant carries his legacy of true hospitality and excellent food.

Il Terrazzo Carmine has differing menus that include Antipasti platters, Burrata, Prosciutto, Calamari, and more. Try unique Italian dishes like Tuscan bean pasta with escarole or prawn bisque with cream. You can expect only great things from the rest of their dishes – especially their specialty pasta. 

Il Terrazzo Carmine is a gorgeous space with a country feel. Their décor is most graceful, and they have a patio complemented with crystal chandeliers. Reservations aren’t too difficult to come by, so feel free to plan ahead!

Location: 411 1st Ave S

Contact: 206-467-7797


13. Mezzanotte – Georgetown

Google Rating: 4.6

Thinking of a place with superb pasta, wine, and cocktails? Mezzanotte is a top-notch Italian restaurant in Seattle with a funky design, outdoor seating, and a strong menu. Executive Chef Jason Stratton oversees the cooking, with culinary ideas elaborate enough for 11 courses!

For a fine-dining experience at $150, you can anticipate highly seasonal meals lasting for around two and a half hours, including off-menu plates of pasta, flavorful seconds, and fine dessert. Note that drinks, tax, and gratuity still need to add to the cost, but it remains worth it.

Reservations are necessary; if you’re under 21, you must inform them due to seating arrangements. Besides fine dining, they have an al le carte menu with options like sea scallops with Asian pear and salsa, lamb or beef ragú, and roasted pork belly.

Location: 1210 S Bailey St

Contact: 206-466-6032


14. La Rustica – West Seattle

Google Rating: 4.6

La Rustica is an Italian delight that has been serving pleasing cookery since 1996. Besides one ownership change, they kept many soulful recipes, including their signature Wild Boar Osso Bucco and Roasted Lamb Shank. The busy restaurant vibe exudes fascination thanks to their décor and garden patio that overlooks Elliott Bay. Booking beforehand will save you from waiting and ensure a good seat!

You will find that they have a detailed menu, with many reviews favoring La Rustica for their divine culinary abilities, Meals start at $14, mainly between $25- $30, and the most expensive meal is $47. They have hearty portions of pasta, seafood, salad, bruschetta options, and dessert.

Location: 4100 Beach Dr SW

Contact: 206-932-3020


15. Spinasse – Capitol Hill

Google Rating: 4.6

Spinasse is a fancy Italian restaurant that offers a stellar fine-dining experience for romance, celebrations, or simply a suppertime retreat. Their signature is freshly produced pasta crafted in the same manner as in Piedmont, Northern Italy.

Chef Stuart Lane started at Spinasse in 2015, and he is a brilliant culinary master who keeps the legacy of soulful Italian food alive using authentic techniques from Piedmont.

Spinasse’s seasonally inspired menu includes all the signature Italian kinds of pasta (house-made, of course) and graces your palate with options like Porchetta, Ricotta, pork and beef ragú, pan-seared King salmon, and so much more!

They also have a set tasting menu for $115 per person with an optional $65 pairing. Feel free to reserve a spot and experience their glorious food and alluring atmosphere.

Location: 1531 14th Ave

Contact: 206-251-7673


16. That’s Amore Italian Café – Judkins Park

Google Rating:  4.6

That’s Amore is a one-of-a-kind Italian Seattle restaurant that is incredibly enjoyable to visit. They have pasta and pizza for any Italian food mood, and the décor is spot-on with checkered floors and rustic finishings. The star of the show, though, is the gorgeous view of the Seattle skyline.

They serve classic Italian dishes with a modern Pacific Northwest twist. They have an expansive menu with tasteful uniqueness, like deep-fried risotto cakes, a baked goat cheese platter, braised boar tenderloin, perfect pasta options, and tasteful pizza choices. You wouldn’t want to miss deserts like cannoli and tiramisu!

Meals cost between $12 and $32. That’s Amore is a 32-seater restaurant, so if you’d like to visit, a reservation could help!

Location: 1425 31st Ave S

Contact: 206-322-3677


17. Pasta Casalinga – Downtown

Google Rating: 4.6

Pasta is in their name, so pasta is their game! Pasta Casalinga sources ingredients from markets, local fishermen, and farmers to ensure only the most wholesome quality with the richest flavor. They handcraft their pasta, too – every kind possible!

Their menu changes regularly, and they make almost countless types of pasta.

Currently, and for example, they have:

  • Spaghetti alla chitarra with anchovies, capers, pepperoncino, Gaeta olives, and tomatoes
  • Reginette with Calabrian spicy sausage, pickled shishito peppers, charred summer squash, and pecorino
  • Gigli with arugula walnut pesto, ricotta salata, and cayenne pepper

Their website shows exciting visuals of each type of pasta, and they offer pasta-making lessons! Their dishes are seriously incredible, and they probably have the most carefully crafted pasta on this list!

Location: 93 Pike St #201

Contact: 206-445-2987


18. The Pink Door – Downtown

Google Rating: 4.6

The passionate visionary Jackie Roberts opened The Pink Door in 1981. The Pink Door is one of the most popular Seattle restaurants in general, not just for its divine Italian cuisine! They are a dynamic influencer on the food scene, providing top entertainment, including live trapeze performances and burlesque shows.

They also have a terrace that boasts views of Elliot Bay! This Italian restaurant has it all, and besides entertainment, you can enjoy meals like Bruschetta, Tuna Crudo, pasta, risotto, salads, fish, prawns, muscles, and clams.

The lush pink lighting, live performances, and yummy Italian food attract quite the crowd, and your visit will only be ensured by making a reservation.

Location: 1919 Post Alley

Contact: 206-443-3241


19. Due’ Cucina – Capitol Hill

Google Rating: 4.5

An affordable gourmet Italian restaurant exists, and its called Due’ Cucina! Their prices for pasta start at $9.90 and max at $13.90, and the amazing news is that it’s handcrafted the Italian way! They rotate their types of pasta, and you can mix and match them to their set menu sauces and toppings.

Pasta isn’t all there is! Due’ Cucina also serves lasagna, bruschetta, salads, porchetta, and homemade desserts. They also have a well-stocked bar with wine and beer. Alongside their scrumptious affordable food, the restaurant’s ambiance is delightful, and has a sleek, modern interior. No reservations are needed.

Location: 412 Broadway E

Contact: 206-208-6670


20. Nolita – Ballard

Google Rating: 4.6

Nolita is a charming Italian food and wine restaurant named after how the owners moved from NYC and references “North of Little Italy.” It is the most adorable restaurant with classy décor and striking artwork to enjoy with food and wine.

Nolita aims to harmonize Italian food and wine; they have an attired wine selection to partner with your meals. Their menu also supports vegans and gluten-free eaters so that they can also enjoy some Italian pasta. Meals are affordable, starting at $10 and maxing at $29.

You’ll find classic Italian dishes from risotto to veal, and they have a fairly large selection of eats to suit any mood. Walk-ins are most welcome!

Location: 5909 15th Ave NW

Contact: 206-789-4933


21. Serafina – Eastlake

Google Rating: 4.5

Serafina opened in 1991 with the idea to extend the warmth of a home-cooked Italian meal and the homely feel of Italy. Thanks to its heartfelt, authentic interior, Serafina is the quaintest true-feel Italian restaurant. They also have an outdoor area that looks out to the trees.

Many visitors praise the atmosphere and the delightfulness of their food. They’ve created a tasty Italian menu serving recommended options like Bolognese, Ravanello, roasted chicken, halibut, and lasagna.

Location: 2043 Eastlake Ave E

Contact: 206-323-0807


22. Bar Cotto Pizzeria – Capitol Hill

Google Rating: 4.6

The modern-designed Bar Cotto Pizzeria doesn’t go to the length of describing themselves as an Italian restaurant, but they are a pizzeria after all, and one look at their menu can confirm that they are an Italian establishment!

Their menu offers nine wood-fired pizza options, four pasta dishes including Gnocchi, two calzone plates, and 10 Italian antipasti choices. You should be able to get away with spending between $30 to $50 a person.

The well-reviewed pizzeria has many returning customers most pleased with the food quality, hospitality, and ambiance. Bar Cotto is a 35-seater restaurant, so if you’re in a group of more than six people, you must reserve seats.

Location: 1546 15th Ave

Contact: 206-838-8081


23. La Fontana Siciliana – Belltown

Google Rating: 4.5

If you’re looking for a more low-key yet picturesque Italian restaurant in Seattle, La Fontana is the shining star! This restaurant has courtyard seating, ready and waiting to transport you to Italy. They’ve been serving guests since 1994, inspired by Sicilian cuisine.

And what Italian food might they grace you with? Think of Contadina grilled eggplant, beef tenderloin with lemon and extra virgin olive oil, risotto with Italian arborio rice, and pasta dishes that soar with striking flavor. Their dishes are priced from $6 to $34.

La Fontana Siciliana is a favorite amongst the locals, so reservations may help prevent a wait time or save space for a large group.

Location: 120 Blanchard St

Contact: 206-620-2221


24. Raccolto – West Seattle

Google Rating: 4.6

Italian meets contemporary at Raccolto, where the interior is fresh and airy, while the food is Italian-inspired, focusing on seafood, veggies, and house-made pasta. They serve oysters with champagne marionette, Ahi Tuna Crudo, five different pasta dishes, and four protein-oriented meals.

You can order off the menu or opt for a four-course tasting with dessert for $79 and add a wine pairing for $35 – if you’re in the mood to feast. Happy hour at the bar is every day from 5 pm-6 pm and 9 pm-10 pm Booking isn’t essential, but Raccolto does see some busy days.

Location: 4147 California Ave SW

Contact: 206-397-3775


25. Vendemmia – Madrona

Google Rating: 4.5

Vendemmia is an Italian pasta paradise with a clean, spacious interior ready to host you for dinner any day of the week. They have imaginative handmade pasta and other Italian entrees.

In their pasta department, they have unique options like Gnocchi with lemon ricotta and wild mushroom, Garganelli with shrimp and lemon pesto, and Rigatoni with rabbit confit, oyster mushrooms, and parmesan. Other dishes include Focaccia, wild halibut, and Coppa pork chop.

Location: 1126 34th Ave

Contact: 206-466-2533


26. List Restaurant

2226 1st Avenue

The vivid red color scheme at List Restaurant sets the tone for the Spanish dining experience. It offers a casual yet intimate dinner dining experience for patrons older than 21.

Standout dishes at this Belltown restaurant include:

  • Columbia River steelhead with spicy cilantro pesto.
  • Spicy meatball marinara
  • Grilled octopus salad with citrus emulsion

Guests do not require reservations to dine. List Restaurant is open daily from 4 to 11 pm.

Does Seattle Have a Little Italy?

Little Italy is a popularized neighborhood in Manhattan, New York City. The neighborhood is named after the substantial Italian population who immigrated in the 1880s. The Italians in Little Italy have some renowned restaurants with signature food, but so does Seattle’s Italian neighborhood!

Seattle’s Italian immigration history also sets in the 1880s, and by 1910, Seattle was home to 3500 Italians. Almost half of the immigrants settled in Southeast Seattle, namely, Rainer Valley and Beacon Hill. Since the Italian localization, the area has been known as Garlic Gulch – Seattle’s version of Little Italy in NYC.

Today there aren’t as many Italians in the area, and not many people call it Garlic Gulch, but you will find Italian remnants of history, like the stores and restaurants.

Explore the Best Italian Restaurants in Seattle

This comprehensive list of 25 Seattle Italian restaurants is the best of the crop. Some are fancy, and others are entertaining or more affordable. Whatever you’re looking for in terms of Italian food, each of these restaurants makes a concerted effort to bring culinary authenticity.

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