The 10 Best Restaurants on Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Island, Washington, a picturesque locale in Puget Sound, offers more than just beautiful landscapes and ferry rides – it boasts a delightful and diverse culinary scene. Visitors and residents can experience various flavors and ambiance at the island’s best dining establishments. Ranging from cozy diners to fine dining, the restaurants on Bainbridge Island are sure to impress foodies and casual diners alike. Read on to see the best restaurants on Bainbridge Island.

One must-try spot on the island is the Streamliner Diner, known for their scrumptious sandwiches and mouthwatering hash browns. With a long-standing reputation among locals, this charming eatery has become a staple destination over the past 20 years. In addition to the Streamliner Diner, the Harbour Public House serves up satisfying fare such as clam chowder with smoked salmon and crispy fish and chips. This family-friendly establishment provides the perfect backdrop for a laid-back late lunch on a leisurely afternoon.

For those seeking a more upscale dining experience, Restaurant Marche offers an elegant patio setting and a menu tailored to seasonal ingredients. This fine dining establishment proves that Bainbridge Island’s culinary landscape offers something for every taste. With so much variety, food enthusiasts will surely find their perfect dining adventure on this idyllic Pacific Northwest island.

Best Restaurants on Bainbridge Island

Via Rosa 11

Small Batch Italian Kitchen | Website

The 10 Best Restaurants on Bainbridge Island in 2023
Pizza con Ortiche e Asparagi from Via Rosa 11

This Italian gem on Bainbridge Island is known for its delicious, authentic cuisine. Diners can enjoy a variety of handmade pasta dishes, pizzas, and antipasti, all crafted with fresh ingredients. Via Rosa 11 is perfect for lunch or dinner and offers indoor and outdoor seating, making it a top choice for any occasion.

Hi Life

Premium Poke Bowls & Bento Boxes | Website

Hi Life offers a Japanese menu with comforting poke bowls, premium bento boxes, and an excellent canned Japanese beer selection. With its welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff, Hi Life is an excellent choice for those seeking a casual and comfortable dining experience on Bainbridge Island.

Proper Fish

Fish & Chips | Website

Proper Fish is a seafood lover’s dream, serving a variety of high-quality fish dishes. Their menu features traditional fish & chips, flavorful clam chowder, and other seafood delights. With a cozy bar and Winslow location, Proper Fish is perfect for lunch or dinner.

Jake’s Pickup

American Comfort Food | Website

For a quick and delicious bite, check out Jake’s Pickup. This casual eatery serves up delectable breakfast items, sandwiches, and burgers made from locally sourced ingredients. Located near the ferry terminal, Jake’s Pickup is a convenient option for those coming to or leaving Bainbridge Island.


Pizza & Wine | Website

Bruciato is known for its mouthwatering artisanal pizzas that are crafted with fresh, local ingredients. Diners can choose from a range of traditional and unique toppings and enjoy their meal in a vibrant, modern atmosphere. In addition to pizza, Bruciato offers various Italian dishes, making it an excellent choice for any meal.


Seafood, Tapas | Website

Seabird is a charming cafe that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Bainbridge Island. Patrons can delight in the extensive menu, featuring everything from classic egg dishes to fresh seafood and vibrant salads. The relaxed atmosphere and outdoor seating make Seabird a perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a meal.

Agate Restaurant

Seafood | Website

Agate Restaurant is a cozy gem that serves up delicious seafood dishes like pasta with oyster mushrooms and Spring King Salmon with cucumber, radishes, and herb yogurt. If not everyone in your group is into seafood, they also offer gluten-free New York Strip Steak and a burger with rosemary french fries.

Ba Sa

Vietnamese | Website

For contemporary seafood with a twist, visit Ba Sa. This elegant restaurant fuses Vietnamese and French culinary traditions, producing innovative and delightful dishes. Popular dishes include taro egg rolls, spicy truffle wontons, and butter beef.

Emmy’s Vege House

Vegetarian & Vegan Options | Website

The 10 Best Restaurants on Bainbridge Island in 2023

Emmy’s Vege House is a haven for vegans and vegetarians on Bainbridge Island. The menu offers a wide selection of plant-based dishes that are both flavorful and satisfying. Their ginger chicken, noodle soup, and golden rolls will surely delight your senses.

SuBI Japanese Restaurant

Sushi Bar | Website

SuBI infuses traditional Japanese cuisine with modern twists, resulting in an exquisite menu that includes sushi, sashimi, and a variety of cooked dishes. With its sleek design and inviting atmosphere, SuBI is a top choice for those craving authentic Japanese fare on Bainbridge Island.

Breakfast, Coffee, and Dessert Spots

Bakeries and Cafes

Bainbridge Island offers a selection of charming bakeries and cafes for enjoying breakfast, coffee, and dessert.

  • Coquette Bake Shop is known for its exquisite pastries and breakfast items, attracting locals and visitors alike with its delectable treats.
  • Cups Espresso & Cafe serves freshly brewed coffee and a variety of sandwiches, making it an ideal spot for those seeking caffeinated beverages and a quick, satisfying meal.
  • For those on the hunt for a scrumptious baked good, Blackbird Bakery is a must-visit establishment. Famed for its mouthwatering pastries and artisan bread, the bakery offers an assortment of items perfect for breakfast or a midday snack.
  • One cannot discuss Bainbridge Island’s cafes without mentioning the Streamliner Diner, a cozy eatery providing a warm atmosphere and hearty breakfast fare.
  • Stepping into Pegasus Coffee House, patrons can expect a welcoming environment coupled with delightful coffee, tea, and light bites.

Top Spots for Waffles

When it comes to waffles, Bainbridge Island hosts several contenders for the top spot.

  • The Streamliner Diner offers a scrumptious selection of waffles that are both crispy and fluffy, a treat for any waffle lover.
  • L’Atelier TR, though primarily known for its French-inspired cuisine, also offers a breakfast menu where diners can indulge in delicious waffles.
  • For a unique twist on waffles, head over to Bainbridge Apothecary and Tea Shop where you can enjoy a delightful lavender waffle, a creative spin on the classic recipe.
  • No waffle tour of Bainbridge Island would be complete without mentioning the island’s dessert hotspots. Mora Iced Creamery and Emma and Otto’s Ice Cream both serve up scrumptious waffle cones topped with their respective house-made ice creams.
  • For a sweet treat, pay a visit to Bon Bon Candies and browse their selection of tantalizing confections.

In conclusion, Bainbridge Island’s breakfast, coffee, and dessert spots cater to a wide range of tastes, with options that satisfied any craving. From artisan bakeries to iconic waffle houses, there’s an eatery on the island for everyone to enjoy.

Dining Experiences

Restaurants with a View

Bainbridge Island offers some picturesque dining experiences overlooking the harbor and waters, giving visitors the chance to enjoy both delicious food and stunning views. Doc’s Marina Grill, for instance, is a popular spot nestled among charming shops and boats. Here, you can savor tasty clams and sample Seattle’s beers and ciders.

Outdoor Seating Options

As you explore the restaurants of Bainbridge Island, you’ll find some lovely outdoor seating areas to take advantage of the island’s idyllic surroundings. At Harbour Public House, guests can dine al fresco while enjoying dishes like clam chowder with smoked salmon and fish and chips.

Wine and Beer

Bainbridge Island is also home to wineries and breweries that present an incredible range of choices for wine and beer enthusiasts, including:

  • Sisters’ Cider House: This trendy spot offers an extensive range of house-made ciders in a relaxing ambience.
  • Bainbridge Vineyards: A local favorite, this vineyard offers tastings and bottles of their handcrafted, award-winning wines.
  • Eleven Winery: Their cozy tasting room invites guests to savor a selection of red, white, and dessert wines.
  • Amelia Wynn Winery: This winery boasts a collection of small-batch, artisanal wines produced with an emphasis on quality and sustainability.
  • Fletcher Bay Winery: With its comfortable tasting room, Fletcher Bay showcases a variety of quality wines complemented by friendly, knowledgeable staff.
  • Bainbridge Brewing Alehouse: Highly regarded among beer lovers, this alehouse offers an ever-changing menu of their own beers on tap, as well as selections from other local breweries.

When visiting Bainbridge Island, be sure to explore these varied dining experiences, from scenic views and outdoor seating to the diverse offerings of local wineries and breweries.

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