The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Tacoma, WA

Looking for the best brunch in Tacoma, WA? Luckily, the city offers some divine options for every culinary mood – leaving your tastebuds satisfied and your belly full. Whether you’re looking for something fancy or eating on a budget, you can find a restaurant to fit the bill.

Brunch must compensate for a missed breakfast and fulfill your afternoon tummy rumble. Therefore, finding the best restaurant is a serious affair. These best spots will have you returning again and again, ticking all the taste and satisfaction boxes.

The 10 best brunch spots in Tacoma, Washington, are:

1. Tibbitts Fern Hill

2. Siete

3. Le Sel Bistro

4. Lobster Shop

5. Little Jerry’s

6. Art House Café 

7. Red Elm Café 

8. Cooks Tavern

9. Dirty Oscar’s Annex 

10. Manny’s Place

Where To Find The Best Brunch Spots In Tacoma, WA

Tacoma presents a pleasing lot of options for brunchtime adventures. Although there are many to choose from, the search for the best few will save you from a disappointing meal. These ten restaurants are well-reviewed and promise ultimate deliciousness.

1. Tibbitts @ Fern Hill

8237 S Park Avenue

If you’re looking for an American brunch at its finest, one of the most revered restaurants is Tibbits at Fern Hill. They claimed the title of #1 Farm to Table Restaurant in Tacoma on Yelp – which is more than enough reason to know their dishes are tasty!

Tiddbitts sources top-notch ingredients from local farmers with ample switchable vegetarian and vegan options on the menu. Since this Tacoma restaurant is one of the best, you must make a reservation. Note that they’re only open Thursday through Sunday.

2. Siete

1100 Town Center NE

If you’re planning your late breakfast for Wednesday through Sunday, one of the best establishments is Siete. There are many reviews applauding the restaurant’s attention to flavor and presentation. Think of steak tartare and salmon mousse, crab benedict, and lamb meatballs.

Siete is a flavor town, and even the harshest critics have left satisfied. You will need to make a reservation to nab a spot, but it’s well worth it.

3. Le Sel Bistro

229 Street Helens Avenue

Any bistro sounds the alarm for brunchtime visits, but Le Sel Bistro takes the cake. This classy French-inspired surf ‘n’ turf spot makes the food of your dreams. You can delight in the following dishes:

  • Tasty smoked salmon bagels with whipped cream cheese
  • Lamb chops layered with Sunnyside eggs
  • Poached-egg English muffins

It’s best that you know that they’re a classier restaurant with prices to match, and you will need to make a reservation to enjoy their curated meals. So, if you’re looking for finer brunch dining, Le Sel Bistro is the place.

4. Lobster Shop

4015 Ruston Way

One of the top recommended places is Lobster Shop, which offers you some darn good seafood cuisine. To add to the list of good qualities, Lobster Shop is at the waterfront and displays panoramic views of Commencement Bay wherever you sit.

Although pricier than other places, this restaurant sure knows how to impress the tastebuds. Brunch options include:

  • Wagyu New York striploin
  • Herbed quinoa cakes
  • Shrimp skewers
  • Various delicious salads

5. Little Jerry’s

8233 Park Avenue S

If you loved the “Seinfeld” TV show, you’ll adore Little Jerry’s because of the themed décor. This cozy yet chic American restaurant will serve you some mean brunch goodies:

  • Hearty French toast layered with crispy bacon and egg
  • Delectable buttermilk hotcake

There are many other unique bruncheon goodies, and Little Jerry’s is not shy on portions. They’re also quite affordable. You’re bound to have a pleasant time at this diner-style restaurant, which is open Monday to Saturday.

6. Art House Café

111 N Tacoma Avenue

This colorful café serves a flavorful Pacific Northwest brunch all week long. It is a popular spot, so you will experience slower service than other places, but rest assured that their food is worth the wait. You can dine on these gorgeously presented dishes and many more:

  • Italian benedict
  • Greek frittatas
  • Stuffed biscuits
  • Breakfast pizzas

Their diverse menu also caters to vegans and gluten-free diets. Art House Café offers a lively ambience, and you need to make a reservation if you’d like to experience it.

7. Red Elm Café

1114 MLK Jr Way

Another café to add to your to-brunch list is Red Elm. This restaurant offers a casual yet lively setting while packing a punch in its menu. You can delight in their fluffy waffles, including gluten-free ones, or melt-in-your-mouth pastries. If you’re in a savory mood, they also have perfectly toasted sandwiches, loaded hashbrowns, and chicken spinach salad.

You don’t want to miss out on their whole-bean coffee, which truly is delightful. They’re also very affordable and are open throughout the week.

8. Cooks Tavern

3201 N 26th Street

One underrated restaurant that deserves to make the list of best Tacoma brunch spots is Cooks Tavern. Imagine the most mouthwatering rubbed pork chop, chorizo omelettes, leches fritas, and other unique brunch items.

Cooks Tavern aims to please, and many customers only have great things to say about the place. You can enjoy this dynamic restaurant without a reservation any day of the week.

9. Dirty Oscar’s Annex

2309 6th Avenue

The 10 Best Brunch Spots In Tacoma, WA

One name that is often mentioned for brunch is Dirty Oscar’s Annex– and for good reason. This relaxed New American spot has tasty food like bacon stuffed waffles, biscuits & gravy, as well as traditional breakfast options. If you’re in the mood for brunch-time drinks, they’re famous for their Bloody Mary.

They’re open all week, and reservations aren’t necessary. Note that they are a bar, so you’ll have to be 21 and over to visit.

10. Manny’s Place

3814 N 26th Street

You can find Manny’s Place in the beautifully historic Proctor District, which offers you an affordable yet wonderful American brunch. There are hardly any unhappy customers at this quaint restaurant. Plenty of people have left satisfied with their glorious portions of:

  • Blueberry waffles
  • Topping-dense omelets
  • Breakfast burritos

Manny’s Place isn’t well known, but you’re bound to find a scrumptious meal at this casual dining restaurant. They’re open Tuesday through Sunday, and walk-ins are welcome.


If you’re hungry for the best brunch in Tacoma, WA, this list covers an option for every budget. Now that you know the top ten picks, you can enjoy your late breakfast at a place that has flavorful menu options and a lively atmosphere to match.

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