13 Fun Activities to Do on Your Birthday in Seattle

On your birthday, you should be able to celebrate by doing things that make you the happiest. If you wake up in Seattle on your special day, you will be spoiled for choice of activities for your celebrations.

Young or old, adventure seeker, nature lover, foodie, or music and dance fan, there is a perfect celebration activity for everyone looking for their brand of fun to enjoy their birthday in Seattle. Let’s take a trip on the fun bus around Emerald City to find the perfect way to celebrate your special day.

The 13 best things to do for your birthday in Seattle are:

1. Whale Watching

2. Over The Rainbow Hot Air Balloon Rides

3. Hot Tub Boats

4. Fox In A Box Escape Rooms

5. Whirlyball

6. Chihuly Garden And Glass

7. Harry Potter Magic At Play

8. Candlelight Concerts

9. Skydive Snohomish

10. And more…

The Best Things To Do For Your Birthday In Seattle

Seattle is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, a variety of cultural and artistic experiences, and iconic landmarks, to name a few options. Regardless of your definition of fun, you will find something that tickles your birthday fancy in our list of the best things to do in Seattle.

1. Whale Watching With San Juan Safaris, Friday Harbor

10 Front Street


Unless your birthday is in December or January, a whale-watching tour with San Juan Safaris is an adventure you can enjoy year-round. Due to the high salmon population, whales are always in the area, but the peak season is during summer.

Take a 3-4 tour around San Juan Island to see orcas, greys, minkes, or humpback whales. In addition to these majestic creatures, you will encounter sea lions, harbor seals, porpoises, river otters, and dozens of marine birds. The island also boasts numerous eateries, accommodation options, and resorts if you decide to extend your celebrations.

2. Over The Rainbow Hot Air Balloon Rides, Woodinville

16509 140th Place NE


If you’re looking for an unconventional way to see Seattle’s beautiful, varied views, taking a hot air balloon ride with Over the Rainbow is the way to go. The company offers sunrise and sunset flights, or you can book a private tour to include only your birthday guests.

As the balloon floats gently up into the air (usually about 2,000 feet), the breathtaking panoramic views include Puget Sound and her islands, the Cascade Mountain range, Emerald City’s stunning skylines, the Olympic Mountains, and Woodin Wine Country. On landing, you can enjoy a delightful mimosa or sparkling apple cider if you’re on the Sunrise flight.

3. Hot Tub Boats

2520 Westlake Avenue N


Did you ever wake up and feel like floating in a hot tub on Lake Union? While most people wouldn’t think it possible, Seattle offers this slightly outlandish but oh-so-fun experience.

You get to captain a hot tub boat using a joystick, taking a group of up to five other guests along. On arrival, guests get ready in the changing rooms, get a quick lesson on navigation, and then float onto the water to relax in the 104-degree hot tub. You can enjoy a 2-hour trip, ending off with a hot shower with towels,  complimentary shampoos, and soaps supplied.

4. Fox In A Box Escape Rooms

2121 1st Avenue


Puzzle mania meets adventure! Fox In A Box escape rooms provide some heart-pounding action for those who enjoy exercising their problem-solving skills. You and your guests will have 60 minutes to escape from a locked room by searching for clues and solving puzzles.

There are three escape rooms to choose from. Save the world during the Cold War in Mission Bunker, escape from death row in Prison Break, or untie yourselves and get away from your psycho captor, the Zodiac Killer!

5. Whirlyball, Edmonds

23401 Hwy 99


Whirlyball is the world’s only team sport that’s fully mechanized and pure, unadulterated fun! Players drive around in a whirlybug (bumper car-type vehicle), playing a game that appears to be a cross between basketball and La Crosse. As teams try to hit their basket, the opponents bump them with their whirlybugs and try to prevent them from scoring!

It’s a superb family outing for a birthday in Seattle because it’s suitable for all ages, from 8 -80. When your game ends, you can enjoy gourmet pizza, dessert, and beverages from the restaurant.

6. Chihuly Garden And Glass

305 Harriston Street


While Chihuly Garden and Glass may be an artist’s dream birthday venue, Dale Chihuly’s glass art will impress even the least arty visitor.

The Glasshouse is the crowning glory of the venue, with a 40-foot suspended sculpture in hues of oranges, reds, yellow, and amber. The landscaped gardens were designed to accentuate the glass pieces among the plants and flowers, a true vision of beauty.

When you can tear yourself away from the stunning glass pieces, you can enjoy cocktails and a light meal at The Bar.

7. Harry Potter Magic At Play, Bellevue

The Shops At The Bravern, 11111 NE 8th Street


Harry Potter fans abound in all age groups, so this venue is suitable for children and adult witches and wizards alike. Enjoy the iconic Harry Potter locations, like Platform 9 ¾, the Great Hall, and the gorgeous boathouse. Participate in a Hogwarts class, play Quidditch, and other interactive games and activities as you exchange your reality for a bit of magic for a few hours on your birthday.

8. Candlelight Concerts

Venues vary but include The Flight Museum and Arctic Club Hotel


Candlelight concerts will light up your birthday as you celebrate listening to your favorite artists in the glow of thousands of surrounding candles. The concerts feature music ranging from orchestral classics to movie scores and also include contemporary artists. A romantic evening with a gorgeous date and delightful music can rank right up there on Seattle’s list of birthday treats.

9. Skydive Snohomish, Snohomish

9906 Airport Way


Skydiving will be on any adrenaline junkie’s birthday bucket list, and Skydive Snohomish has fulfilled many a dream since 2000. Imagine freefalling at 120 mph for 60 seconds from 8000 – 14000 feet!

Thankfully, you will have a trained instructor strapped to your back, and the rest of the jump will see you floating down slowly as the parachute deploys. Then, you can enjoy the breathtaking views as you drift back down to earth, literally and figuratively. Skydive Snohomish must be Seattle’s most exciting birthday activity!

10. Seattle Pinball Museum

508 Maynard Avenue S


If you’re fascinated by vintage gaming, you can have endless fun at the Seattle Pinball Museum. The museum contains a host of machines, some dating back to 1961, with themes like Star Wars, Captain Fantastic, Bobo, Ghostbusters, and more. While it only opens at noon, you can have hours of unlimited play once you’ve paid your admission fee.

11. The Pink Door Restaurant

1919 Post Alley


It may be that your perfect birthday celebration is a delicious meal with some classic entertainment. The Pink Door restaurant is a mix of Italian and American dining, with some extraordinary entertainment on the side. The cuisine is delicious and beautifully plated, a meal fit for a celebration.

While dining, you may encounter a roaming tarot reader, trapeze artists might be soaring above your head, or it may be the evening for a cabaret show. After an evening at the Pink Door, you will know you’ve had the perfect birthday in Seattle.

12. Century Ballroom

915 E Pine Street, 2nd Floor


If dancing comes more naturally to you than walking, you can dance the night away at Century Ballroom. There are group and couple lessons, with evening events including a 30-minute lesson before joining a hall full of other keen dancers of various skill levels. With a few minutes of basic step instruction, the crowd practices their dance, changing partners every so often.

The venue offers different events in a few dance halls. Many dance lovers regularly attend classes and Swing Dance events for a good workout and socializing. Dancing is thirsty work, and Century Ballroom also boasts a full bar with some food items.

13. Snoqualmie Falls And Woodinville Wine Tasting

2960 4th Avenue S


Evergreen Escapes provides a superb birthday combination for nature lovers and sommeliers. Take a day trip through forests and farmlands and enjoy the views of the magnificent Snoqualmie Falls. You will visit three boutique wineries and have the opportunity to taste 4-6 wines at each vineyard. After this splendid birthday treat, your transport will drop you back at your accommodation.


No activities are off the table when celebrating your birthday in Seattle. From its awe-inspiring natural settings to ballroom dancing and candlelight concerts, Emerald City offers a long list of things to do for every birthday celebration. Whatever tickles your fancy to do on your birthday, Seattle is the place to do it.

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