35 Cute Restaurants in Seattle for An Aesthetic Dining Experience

Eating at a restaurant has more value than just the food on the menu. Everybody loves eating at a place with magnificent décor to partner with their meal. Seattle, Washington, boasts hundreds of aesthetic restaurants, but among all the options, which ones are the best?

Restaurants are also about the experience, and there are many charming, picturesque Seattle restaurants waiting to be explored. Whether you’re a local or a traveler, these 35 restaurants in Seattle boast the cutest, most pleasing design and are highly rated for their aesthetic and food.

35 Cute Restaurants In Seattle With The Best Aesthetic Are:

1. The Pink Door

2. The Walrus And The Carpenter

3. Brimmer and Heeltap

4. Smith Tower Observatory & Bar

5. Willmott’s Ghost

6. La Carta de Oaxaca

7. Rupee Bar

8. Eden Hill

9. Maíz

10. FlintCreek Cattle Co

11. And more …

1. The Pink Door

The Pink Door welcomes you through a literal pink door! This highly reviewed restaurant has a unique aesthetic with a picturesque design that is beautifully elegant. There’s a Jester mural, low lighting, a deck overlooking Elliot Bay, and a stage that hosts unique entertainment, including trapeze and music.

This restaurant ticks all the boxes regarding décor, but their food is extra delicious too! Their cuisine is centralized on Italian dishes, and their pasta is rave-worthy. No matter your dish, their food quality is consistent across the board.

35 Cute Restaurants in Seattle With the Best Aesthetic

Although The Pink Door is wildly popular and attracts tourists from far and wide, the eye-candy furnishings and gourmet Italian dishes will draw you back time and time again. This restaurant is graceful during the day but offers incredible nightlife.

Location: 1919 Post Alley

Contact: 206-443-3241

Website: https://www.thepinkdoor.net/

2. The Walrus And The Carpenter

This quaint restaurant delight opened its doors in 2010 in Old Ballard. The Walrus And The Carpenter was inspired by the ambiance of a fisherman’s pub, which has made for an aesthetically tasteful restaurant.

Did someone say seafood? This restaurant has the most divine seafood options, scrumptious enough to fill your belly most pleasantly. Oysters are their specialty and the freshest you’ll find in Seattle.

35 Cute Restaurants in Seattle With the Best Aesthetic

The ambiance of The Walrus and the Carpenter is set by a branching chandelier, lighting the way to the cozy space. Most of the space was built by friends and family of the founders, Renee Erickson, Jeremy Price, and Chad Dale.

The Walrus and the Carpenter opens at 4 pm and closes at 10 pm. They have happy hour Monday through Thursday between 4 pm and 5 pm.

Location: 4743 Ballard Ave NW

Contact: 206-395-9227

Website: https://www.thewalrusbar.com/

3. Brimmer and Heeltap

Brimmer and Heeltap is as cute as a restaurant can get. Jen Doak is the owner of this restaurant masterpiece, and she named it after British-inspired terms, highlighting the ambiance of wine culture – an ongoing theme, with a wine club available.

Brimmer and Heeltap has been around since 2013. It’s a charming coffee shop by day and a bustling nightlife restaurant from Wednesdays through Sundays at 5 pm.

35 Cute Restaurants in Seattle With the Best Aesthetic

The restaurant has a lovely garden patio, a bodacious bar, and ample dining space. The décor hints at using different textures like wood and metal to create a layered aesthetic.

As for food, Brimmer and Heeltap has an experimental menu with the majority of the cuisine Northwest-focused with hints of international influences. Think of steak tartare, kimchi, and English pea hummus as examples of their unique menu.

Location: 425 Market St NW

Contact: 206-420-2534

Website: https://www.brimmerandheeltap.com/

4. Smith Tower Observatory & Bar

Smith Tower Observatory & Bar is a speakeasy-inspired space with a stunning 360-degree view of the surroundings of Seattle on the 35th floor of Smith Tower.

There is also an open-air deck for more expansive views. You’ll need to purchase a ticket to access the restaurant, but the Seattle aesthetic blooms from up there and is worth every penny.

35 Cute Restaurants in Seattle With the Best Aesthetic

The cuisine focuses on local dishes, with cheeseboards, potstickers, pulled pork, poke bowls, and more. Their 4.6-star Google rating shows just how scrumptious their food is, and the view certainly compliments your meal.

Location: 506 Second Avenue

Contact: 206-624-0414

Website: https://www.smithtower.com/attractions/observatory-bar/

5. Willmott’s Ghost

Willmott’s Ghost is a Roman-inspired restaurant with mouthwatering Roman and Italian cuisine with delectable pizzas on the menu. There is also an ample selection of roast dishes, seasonal salads, and fried foods. Don’t forget dessert, as the tiramisu is a star on the menu.

The restaurant is named after the founder Ellen Willmott, a botanist who spread her passion for plants throughout her friend’s homes and public spaces. You best believe the flowering décor at Willmott’s Ghost is gorgeous, making for a tasteful pairing with the menu. They also have a patio for serene dining.

35 Cute Restaurants in Seattle With the Best Aesthetic

Another reason you should visit Willmott’s Ghost is that they’re a charitable restaurant supporting Jubilee Women’s Center, Lifelong, Seattle Humane, some schools, and several more. You’ll be dining for a good purpose.

Location: 2100 6th Ave

Contact: 206-900-9650

Website: https://willmottsghost.com/

6. La Carta de Oaxaca

Fancy some Mexican food? La Carta de Oaxaca is the place to be, with dishes such as tamales, tacos, quesadillas, and other traditional Mexican dishes. They also have a delightful cocktail menu for the drinks department.

Their head chef is Chef Gloria Perez, who cooks with love. A video on their website introduces the wonderful chef and the generations of La Carta women that inspired La Carta de Oaxaca.

They have indoor and outdoor seating to match any mood and weather, and the restaurant has a quaint low-light aesthetic surrounded with photographs of La Carta to infuse history into the space. They also have a lively bar area.

You can visit from noon until evening throughout the week. You can contact them directly for pick-up orders if you’re not in the mood to dine in.

Location: 5431 Ballard Avenue NW

Contact: 206-782-8722

Website: https://seattlemeetsoaxaca.com/

7. Rupee Bar

Nightlife is a Seattle delight, and Rupee Bar is a worthy consideration. Rupee Bar opened in 2014 in Manolin, founded by Patrick Thalasinos, Rachel Johnson, and Joe Sundberg.

Although the place is a bar, don’t let that deter you from the scrumptious food catered by head chef Elisabeth Kenyon. Chef Kenyon was a chef Kenyon 2020 James Beard semifinalist for the Rising Star category. She is also a 2022 semifinalist for best chef in the Northwest.

The dishes are Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine with options like curry, salads, sambol, and more. The menu changes seasonally.

As for the interior, Rupee Bar won the James Beard Award for the Best Restaurant Design (75 seats and under). The restaurant has a polished look and is the perfect backdrop for a night in town. If you’re convinced, Rupee Bar is open Wednesday to Sunday from 5 pm onwards.

Location: 6307 24th Ave NW

Contact: 206-397-3263

Website: https://www.rupeeseattle.com/

8. Eden Hill

If you’re into intimate spaces, Eden Hill has a welcoming space for your dining needs. The restaurant has a fresh, trendy design and is a cute dinner spot. You can also opt for the tasting menu if you’re an indecisive eater.

The food is centered around fine dining, with unique seasonal dishes. Some menu options include salads, seafood, steak, halibut, and veggie-inspired meals. Eden Hill also has a comprehensive, detailed drinks menu that remains unmatched by other restaurants on this list. They also have a wine club.

They have a 4.6-star Google rating, which means Eden Hill will not disappoint. They are open all week from 5 pm until 9 pm.

Location: 2209 Queen Anne Ave N

Contact: 206-708-6836

Website: http://www.edenhillrestaurant.com/

9. Maíz

Maíz is a restaurant that guarantees cute eye candy with an immersive, colorful space, including pinks, yellows, and other bright, enticing colors. The restaurant holds the title of one of the ‘Hottest Restaurants In Seattle Area’ according to Eater Seattle.

Their menu is focused on Mexican street food, and they make use of history-rich, artesian-style tortillas for guaranteed freshness and taste. Maíz is also environmentally conscious about the ingredients they source. The menu comprises tamales, quesadillas, gorditas, tacos, cordites, and more.

This restaurant is one of the most vibrant places on this list and opens at 10am for the earlier foodies looking to grab a bite before evening settles in. They’re also beside a Starbucks if you’re dashing from a coffee run.

Location: 1914 Pike Place

Contact: 206-679-4414

Website: https://www.maizseattle.com/

10. FlintCreek Cattle Co

FlintCreek Cattle Co is USA Today’s winner of the 2022 ‘Best Steakhouses in Seattle’ title. This is the place to be for a meaty meal, and you want a menu with options like steak, chops, roasted veggies, and pasta. Their meats are sourced from small-scale, free-range farms to ensure the most flavorful meals.

Their food and décor are delightful and earn them a 4.6-star Google rating. The interiors are of modern design, with a high ceiling creating a spacious ambiance. They also have a bar area serving cocktails and beyond.

FlintCreek Cattle Co opens at 4 pm throughout the week and has a daily happy hour for drinks from 4 pm to 5:30 pm.

Location: 8421 Greenwood Ave N

Contact: 206-457-5656

Website: https://flintcreekseattle.com/

11. Ba Bar University Village

Ba Bar University Village is a spacious restaurant ready to host a bustling crowd. Ba Bar has classic, cute décor that creates a delightful indoor and outdoor space. The patio area is also covered and heated; therefore, you can also enjoy the outdoors in winter!

Their menu is inspired by Southeast Asian street food. Their food is simply delicious, and they offer some of the best vegan food in Seattle. Some of their menu options include prawn dishes, noodles, salad, wraps, and chicken wings.

35 Cute Restaurants in Seattle With the Best Aesthetic

They’re open daily from 11 am to catch a lovely lunch or scrumptious dinner. They have happy hour Monday through Friday between 2 pm and 5 pm. The restaurant is often busy, and you can book a spot on their website to avoid queues.

Location: 2685 NE 46th Street

Contact: 206-328-1112

Website: https://babarseattle.com/university-village/

12. The Corson Building

Cute is an understatement for this restaurant which opened in 2008. Enjoy this gorgeous restaurant in a 1910 building boasting classic, elegant architecture. You can enjoy the indoor bliss or sit outside in the greenery of a well-kept garden.

Their local relationships inspire the food and beverage menu, with artisans, farmers, foragers, and winemakers contributing to the mix. American food never looked this good! Try some of the finest Al La Carte foods with options like bread, salads, steak, panna cotta, and more.

The restaurant is only open Thursday through Sunday. The Corson Building serves multiple-course dinners on Saturdays and Sundays for around $110. Note that their menu does change.

Location: 5609 Corson Ave S

Contact:  206-762-3330

Website: https://www.thecorsonbuilding.com/

13. Le Pichet

Le Pichet is a restaurant ready to solve your French food cravings! Jim Drohman and Joanne Herron were inspired by the French lifestyle, so much so that they opened Le Pichet in 2000 to share their passion with Seattle. The name means ‘The Pitcher’ after how wine gets served in France.

Jim left his engineering career to study French cuisine in Paris at l’Ecole Superior de Cuisine Francais by Jean Ferrandi. Joanne has also frequently visited France for personal and professional escapades and has been in the hospitality industry since 1988. Rest assured that Le Pitchet offers an authentic French experience.

Besides the detailed French origins, Le Pichet is a 32-seater restaurant with a street-style ambiance situated in Pike Place’s historic district. The décor is graceful and peaceful, which gives Le Pichet a worthy spot on the list.

Location: 1933 1st Ave

Contact: 206-256-1499

Website: https://www.lepichetseattle.com/

14. Lady Jaye

Lady Jaye is a rustic-chic restaurant escape offering you indoor and outdoor dining. It is a smokehouse that also features a butcher shop. Lady Jaye promises to offer an experience beyond eating, complimented by a well-designed, cozy space catered by top chefs.

Their meat comes straight from the farm, which ensures only the finest, most flavorful quality. Some menu options include steak, ribs, sandwiches, and burgers. Each meat dish is expertly smoked by their smoker, whom they named Cletus.

35 Cute Restaurants in Seattle With the Best Aesthetic

Lady Jaye has a funk design for visual appeal, and with a tasteful menu, you’re bound to have a good time. They’re open from Wednesday to Sunday, and you can make a reservation on their website to ensure you get a spot at one of Seattle’s top BBQ restaurants.

Location: 4523 California Ave SW

Contact: 206-457-4029

Website: https://ladyjaye.com/

15. Stateside

Stateside is a modern, laid-back restaurant awaiting your enjoyment of a well-decorated, welcoming space. The pretty restaurant is adorned with vibrant wallpaper and warm lighting, guaranteed to make your visit feel light-hearted and happy.

As for food, Stateside serves food inspired by various international cuisines to match any food mood you’re interested in. They have duck, chicken, ribs, dumplings, salads, prawns, steak, and vegetables on the menu, which makes Stateside a truly diverse restaurant.

The owner is Chef Eric Johnson, and Stateside has won the 2015 title of Seattle Met’s ‘Restaurant of the Year.’ Stateside has also been featured in The New York Times. The restaurant is open from Wednesday to Saturday between 5 pm and 5:30 pm.

Location: 300 East Pike St

Contact:  206-557-7273

Website: https://www.statesideseattle.com/

16. Stoneburner

You can find the wonderful Stoneburner restaurant at the Ballard Hotel. Jason Stonebuner opened the restaurant, and he has long-standing relationships with foragers, farmers, and fishers, which guarantees the freshest, most flavorful ingredients.

The menu includes pizza, pasta, salads, veggies, steak, and burgers. Stoneburner also has a comprehensive wine list. They also offer a room service menu to Ballard Hotel guests.

As for the interior design, Stoneburner is ultra chic and has warm lighting. Each table has reclaimed historical relics for visual appeal during meals. The Stoneburner décor is story-like, and you’re bound to enjoy the aesthetic along with their heavenly meals.

Location: 5214 Ballard Ave NW

Contact: 206-695-2051

Website: https://www.stoneburnerseattle.com/

17. Bottlehouse

If you’re looking for a cute restaurant in Seattle, Bottlehouse has all the charm you could need. Bottlehouse used to be an actual house, made in 1905, but now it’s a uniquely quaint restaurant with many zones to enjoy meals – including a garden patio.

Bottlehouse has cheese platters, baguettes, sandwiches, and macaroni and cheese. The menu also features a hand-picked wine list – the restaurant is actually a wine bar, and you can join their wine club. The food here isn’t the most diverse, as it is mainly a wine bar, but the ambiance is worth the visit.

Bottlehouse is open every day from 3 pm to 11 pm. They close at 12 am on Fridays and Saturdays for an extended nightlife.

Location: 1416 34th Ave

Contact: 206-708-7164

Website: https://bottlehouseseattle.com/

18. Rasai

Rasai is absolutely gorgeous, with a well-curated interior fulfilling your cute restaurant dreams. The décor is rustic, with many colors and textures adding to its visual appeal. The restaurant is spacious, with a front patio and covered outdoor seating options.

Rasai is an Indian restaurant and is definitely one of the top choices if you’re in the mood for a spicy dish. Their menu has plentiful options of Indian food like curry, Kathi, rice dishes, and other unique items. These wholesome, hearty meals and the décor are a recipe for a good time.

You can visit Rasai every day besides Monday. They have two opening slots, 11 am to 2:30 pm, and again from 5 pm to 10 pm. They also deliver food if you do not want to dine in.

Location: 473 N 36th St A

Contact: 206-632-3575

Website: https://rasaiwa.com/

19. Boat Bar

Boat Bar opened in 2020 and has graced the Seattle restaurant scene with tasty meals and well-rounded interiors. The restaurant is decorated with gleeful greens and white accents, creating a refreshing space with a bright ambiance.

The food is French-inspired, with a menu that changes daily to fit with seasonal changes. You can expect many raw and cooked seafood dishes, along with a comprehensive wine list to wash down your meal. They also serve delicious cocktails.

Boat Bar also supports multiple charities, including schools, Town Hall Seattle, Vietnam Health Clinic, Fuse Innovation Fund, Hopelink, and more. Besides being a cute restaurant, Boat Bar is a place of charity, and it feels good to dine for a good cause!

Boat Bar opens at 5 pm, and you can dine every day except Tuesdays. They also have a happy hour every day from 5 pm to 6 pm.

Location: 1060 E. Union St

Contact: 206-900-8808

Website: https://boatbarseattle.com

20. Nue

Nue is a cozy, artsy restaurant that caters for both the eyes and belly. You’ll find yourself surrounded by exposed bricks, wooden panels, and murals if you decide to visit, and there’s an entire shelf dedicated to nuanced trinkets.

Nue has a menu focused on multiple international cuisines and is named after a Japanese mythological monster that looks like a tiger mixed with other animals. The name references the ties to Nue’s multicultural menu. You can find meals from the Dutch, Caribbean, Egyptians, Koreans, Vietnamese, and more.

The restaurant is the perfect lunch and dinner spot for a tasty feast and artsy surroundings in Seattle. They open at 11 am, close at 11 pm on weekdays, and 12 am on Fridays and Saturdays. Their happy hour is 3 to 6 pm. They also offer delivery.

Location: 1519 14th Ave

Contact: 206-257-0312

Website: https://www.nueseattle.com/

21. Ciudad

Ciudad has a high Google rating of 4.7 stars and is a worthwhile bar and grill for your next meal. The restaurant has a retro look, with bold blues and oranges enlightening the industrialized space. They have their main restaurant and a secluded 20-seater room for private events.

Ciudad aims to spark happiness and community with its space, and its dishes are inspired by Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Greece, and the rest of the Mediterranean. You can expect curated meats, exotic vegetables, and delectable flatbreads on the menu, and you’re welcome to mix and match the dishes to your liking.

35 Cute Restaurants in Seattle With the Best Aesthetic

Cuidad also has a full bar if you want something to pair with your meals. They’re known to have friendly service and high-quality food. Ciudad is open from 11:30 am daily and closes at 9 pm and on Fridays and Saturdays at 10 pm.

Location: 6118 12th Ave South

Contact: 06-717-2984

Website: https://www.ciudadseattle.com/

22. Spinasse

Spinasse is a high-end restaurant that serves Italian cuisine. They made it onto this cute restaurant list because of their fabulous interior decorated with warm, inviting colors, ambient lighting, and exposed wood. The rustic dining experience Spinasse offers is worth the visit.

Spinasse started in 2008, inspired by the food from the Piedmont region of Northern Italy. Chef Stuart Lane is the in-house chef at Spinasse, who creates soulful, artisan dishes following the traditional cooking methods of Piedmont. Spinasse serves a menu with many Italian dishes, from pasta to steak.

Their drinks menu is also a delightful treat, and Sara Rosewall is their wine director, ensuring only the finest selection. Cocktails are also a worthy drink option.

Spinasse is open all through the week from 5 pm, closing at 10 pm in the week, and closes at 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

Location: 1531 14th Ave

Contact: 206-251-7673

Website: https://spinasse.com/

23. Marmite

Marmite is a delightful restaurant option that has an ultra-elegant interior design. If you’re looking for a gorgeous setting, Marmite will fulfill your aesthetic desires thanks to the airy, well-lit space, high ceilings, and lavish finishes. You can also opt for their patio area adorned with whimsical fairy lights.

Marmite started in December 2016 and was opened by the food-passionate Sara and Bruce Naftaly. Their restaurant has a French-inspired menu, introducing dishes like soups, salads, lasagne, and countless other hearty meals to fulfill any food mood. Bruce sources ingredients from locals to ensure only the finest quality.

Marmite won a spot on Bon Appetit Magazine’s America’s Best New Restaurants in 2017 list. They also have a top-notch bar fondly named Spirit in the Bottle. You can visit Marmite Wednesday through Sunday to get a taste of some of the finest food in Seattle.

Location: 1424 11th Ave

Contact: 206-755-8606

Website: https://www.marmiteseattle.com/

24. Nirmal’s

Nirmal’s is a very cute restaurant, thanks to its tall ceilings, exposed brick walls, and quaint décor. The restaurant builds on traditional Indian food, with modern Indian menu options tastefully made with imported spices and local ingredients.

Executive Chef Ashish Bagul curates each meal, and along with the owners’ passion, you’ll taste the exotic flavors of Indian cuisine. Nirmal’s is the Best Seattle Indian Restaurant for Special Occasions of 2023, according to Seattle Eater.

If you’re in the mood for menu items like Tikki, Kebabs, Curry, Masala, and more, Nirmal’s is open every day of the week, from 11am in the week, and 5:30 pm on weekends, ready to serve you some of the most incredible Indian food.

Location: 106 Occidental Ave S

Contact: 206-683-9701

Website: https://www.nirmalseattle.com/

25. Annapurna

Annapurna is a Nepalese restaurant with the most inviting interior. It is an underground bar and restaurant decorated with colorful murals, Nepalese, Tibetan, and Indian trinkets, and pictures aimed to immerse you in the culture.

Roshita Shrestha started the restaurant after moving from her home in Nepal. She is an avid, passionate cook and has traveled to other Asian countries, which inspired and expanded her culinary horizons. Thanks to her cooking enthusiasm, she now shares it with Seattle through her restaurant.

Annapurna’s menu has Nepalese, Indian, and Tibetan influences, bound to have your senses travel to these foreign countries. Their food options include things like curry, dumplings, veggies, and rice dishes. The hearty, wholesome meals come in decent portions, leaving you with a full belly.

You can dine in from 4 pm until 9 pm, Tuesday through Sunday. Annapurna’s menu is also available on delivery apps.

Location: 1833 Broadway Capitol Hill

Contact: 206-320-7770

Website: http://annapurnacafe.com/

26. Oddfellows Café

Oddfellows Café is a charming food spot with dreamy décor. The walls are red brick face walls, with an interior that has rustic, farm-style finishings. They also have a courtyard with an artsy mural and admirable greenery if you’re in the mood for an outdoor meal.

Oddfellows Café suits any time of day, from a midday café to a nightlife extravaganza. Their menu is New American, with a menu that has traditional breakfasts, salads, toasted sandwiches, cured meats, burgers, steak, and other American classics. They also offer vegetarian and gluten-free menu options.

This laid-back restaurant offers a spacious, quaint ambiance for both day and night. They’re highly publicized in the press and have a 4.5-star Google rating with 1350 reviews. They’re open all week, whether you want breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Location: 1525 10th Ave

Contact: 206-325-0807

Website: http://www.oddfellowscafe.com/

27. Sisters and Brothers

Sisters and Brothers is a bar-style restaurant where many people gather for good food and aesthetic ambiance. The interior has an elegant cellar-like design, decorated with Moroccan lights and colorful hints throughout the space. They also have a courtyard for outdoor enjoyment.

If you’re into hot wings, Sisters and Brothers is the place to be. They’re a highly appraised fried chicken joint and have supporting press from Seattle Eater and Seattle Met. They have an American menu with salads, chicken dishes, burgers, and more.

Sisters and Brothers also pride themselves on their cold beer and esteemed bar. The restaurant opens at 11am daily and closes at 9pm in the week, 10 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Sisters and Brothers also deliver between 11 am and 7:30 pm if you want to enjoy their food at home.

Location: 544 Elliott Ave W

Contact: 206-283-2078

Website: https://www.sistersandbrothersbar.com/

28. Sabine Café

Looking for a daytime meal? Sabine Café in Ballard opened its doors in 2020 and has been a loved restaurant, café, and bar ever since. The décor is ultra trendy, with stunning embellished architecture, brightly colored walls, and quaint décor. They also have a covered terrace.

By day, Sabine café supports your breakfast and lunch needs with a delectable bakery supported by the pastry chef Maddy O’Donnell. Their food is Mediterranean inspired, and their head chef is Jacob Dunkelberger, who has plenty of years of culinary experience to ensure each dish is perfectly flavorsome.

They use seasonal, organic ingredients and support local farmers and foragers for the freshest, most gourmet meals possible.

When the clock strikes 4 pm, Sabine Café bursts into a cocktail bar, ready to entertain nightlife and continue serving scrumptious dinners. They’re open every day of the week from 9am and open the bar at 4pm til midnight Tuesday through Saturday.

Location: 5307 Ballard Ave NW

Contact: 206-208-0281

Website: https://www.sabineseattle.com/

29. Tilikum Place Café

Tilikum Place Café is ready to enlighten your meals with stunning interior design. They’re a European-style bistro with lounge-worthy seating and have sophisticated hints of lighting with artsy decorations. The restaurant is spacious, and they have a neat bar area too.

No one knows Seattle like a Satellite, and chef and owner Ba is one of them. She curated her menu and aimed to please her fellow Seattleites with delicious meals and welcoming hospitality.

35 Cute Restaurants in Seattle With the Best Aesthetic

Tilikum Place Café has a seasonal menu that is European-inspired. You can expect menu items like salad, soup, roast dishes, fish, steak, and pasta. They have honorable mentions from The Ney York Times, Seattle Met, The Food Network, and Seattle Magazine.

Location: 407 Cedar St

Contact: 206-282-4830

Website: https://www.tilikumplacecafe.com/

30. Art Of The Table

This bustling restaurant will take you on an adventure. Art of the Table is an intimate space that artistically matches the name with astounding artwork and dynamic interior design. This is truly a one-of-a-kind restaurant for more than just its aesthetic.

Art of the Table stays true to culinary perfection, and they only offer 5-course meals that are pre-booked. Each dish is introduced by the chef, which stays true to the artistry that is cooking. Since each meal is carefully curated, you’re bound to experience a joyous time thanks to the unique, scrumptious tastes offered to you.

Art of the Table is open Tuesday through Saturday between 5pm and 9pm.

Location: 3801 Stone Way Suite A N

Contact: 206-282-0942

Website: https://www.artofthetable.net/

31. The White Swan Public House

This magnificent dockside restaurant has boundless aesthetic appeal. If you’re ready to enjoy the ambiance of a well-decorated restaurant in Seattle, The White Swan Public House is a spacious, warmly lit, extravagant space to enjoy a hearty meal.

The menu is almost fully seafood to pair with the dockside view, but there are a few other options, like cheeseburgers and ribs. You best believe they have some fine wines too, and a fully stocked bar to accompany your dining experience.

The restaurant is open Monday through Friday, 3 pm to 10 pm. On Saturdays and Sundays, they are open from 10 am to 10 pm. Happy hour is on all weekdays from 3 pm to 5 pm.

Location: 1001 Fairview Ave N

Contact: 206-588-2680

Website: http://www.whiteswanpublichouse.com/

32. Six Seven Restaurant

Six Seven is the in-house restaurant of the Edgewater Hotel. The views from the restaurant are impeccable, and the interior is massively classy, checking off every aspect of your aesthetic restaurant needs. You can even see the Olympic Mountains from the patio!

Six Seven is a seafood restaurant, and the menu is carefully curated by its renowned chef. They only use fresh, organic ingredients to ensure every meal is gourmet.

Their breakfast menu features oats, eggs, bagels, and more. Lunch has appetizers, salads, and soups, and the dinner menu includes seafood, beef, soup, and roast dishes.

35 Cute Restaurants in Seattle With the Best Aesthetic

Six Seven is open every day from 7am to 2 pm and again from 5:30 pm to 10 pm. Happy hour is 3 pm to 5 pm, Sunday through Thursday.

Location: 2411 Alaskan Wy Pier 67

Contact: 206-269-4575

Website: https://www.edgewaterhotel.com/seattle-six-seven-restaurant/

33. Andaluca

Andaluca is a restaurant that offers a glamourous backdrop to your next meal. The aesthetic is ultra-chic, with chandeliers and classy design accents. You’ll feel like you’re dining in luxury if you decide to visit Andaluca.

The restaurant serves Mediterranean and Spanish dishes with plentiful options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’ll find menu options like soup, salads, flatbread dishes, roasted vegetables, cured meats, and paella. Andaluca has supporting press from Seattle Times, OpenTable, and Seattle Magazine for both food and décor.

Andaluca is available any day of the week. They’re open Mondays to Thursdays, 7 to 11 am. Wednesday through Friday they open again at 5 to 9 pm. On Saturday, they’re open from 7 am to 12 pm, and open again from 5 pm to 10 pm. Sunday, they’re only open from 7 am to 12 pm.

Location: 407 Olive Way

Contact: 206-382-6999

Website: https://andaluca.com/

34. Ben Paris

Ben Paris is found at The State Hotel and is one stunning restaurant that has a worthy spot on the list. The walls are decorated with vibrant wallpaper, filling the airy space with joy, complimented with bright lighting and clean design features.

They serve American fare-style food true to Seattle’s cultural roots. Most ingredients are sourced from the Pike Place Market. Some of their dishes include seafood, burgers, pork chops, salad, nachos, and sandwiches. They also offer a unique cocktail menu.

35 Cute Restaurants in Seattle With the Best Aesthetic

Ben Paris every day, with varying hours, with morning and evening slots, so be sure to check the times before heading over!

Location: 130 Pike St

Contact: 206-513-7303

Website: https://benparis.com/

35. Café Munir

Visit Café Munir to enjoy mezze, sandwiches, skewers, and more. Their modern Arabic and Lebanese-inspired menu has gourmet meals, rich with flavor and expertly prepared for a one-of-a-kind meal, leaving your tastebuds and tummy satisfied.

Café Munir is definitely a cute restaurant, as it is a cozy, warmly lit space with Arabic-inspired décor. Surround yourself with charming interiors, and fill your belly with well-portioned, delicious dishes at Café Munir, a must-visit restaurant for unique cuisine.

The restaurant is open Tuesday through Sunday, 4:30 pm to 9 pm, for a flawless, cute restaurant dinner.

Location: 2408 80th St NW

Contact: 206-472-4150

Website: https://www.instagram.com/cafemunirseattle/


This list should give you all the guidance you need to find the cutest, most aesthetic restaurants across Seattle. Whatever cuisine you’re in the mood for, these restaurant options are a feast for your eyes beyond your belly and await your visit!

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My name is April, and I’m a Seattle-based writer, traveler, and foodie. I started this travel guide blog to share my passion for Seattle with fellow travelers and locals alike.

Whether you’re looking for the best coffee shops, the trendiest restaurants, or the most scenic hiking trails, I’ve got you covered.

When I’m not writing or exploring Seattle, you can find me watching movies with my husband, reading, or gardening with my dog in the backyard.

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