20 Best Places to Go Glamping in Washington State, From Yurts to Treehouses

Washington has many great glamping spots, whether you want a weekend getaway or plan on staying for a while. These unique accommodations, from yurts to treehouses, offer nature lovers authentic outdoor adventures while maintaining a sense of luxury.

The best places to go glamping in Washington state include:

  1. Tahunya Adventure Resort
  2. The Pacific Dunes Resort
  3. Iliana’s Village
  4. Mounthaven Resort
  5. The Tolt MacDonald Park & Campground
  6. The Blue Lake Resort
  7. The Rolling Huts
  8. West Beach Resort
  9. The Cave Creek Farm
  10. And more …

1. Glamping Near Seattle At The Tahunya Resort

20 Best Glamping in Washington State, From Yurts To Treehouses

The Tahunya Adventure Resort offers a variety of tents, RV campsites, and upscale glamping facilities already set up for your convenience. With your off-road vehicles, you can explore the nearby forest and many attractions around the resort, including Hood Canal and Gold Mountain. The resort also rents a variety of 4x4s, ATVs, and other off-road vehicles on-site, offered by a local company.

The glamping tents have full-sized beds, heating systems, and small kitchens. Those with an active spirit can partake in one of the many activities, like fishing, off-roading, and hiking. You can also play golf at Gold Mountin’s golf club and watch a movie at the Rodeo Drive-In for a relaxing date night.

The Belfair area also has many restaurants where you can enjoy yourself and try different cuisines. The Hama Hama Oyster Saloon offers fresh oysters, and JRs hideaway has great homemade meals. The Mosquito Fleet Winery, known for its high-quality handmade wines, is conveniently located near the resort.

  • Location – 900 North East Missionwood Drive, Belfair, Washington
  • Price (Per person/night) – Around $250
  • Best season to visit – Summer

2. Coastline Glamping At The Pacific Dunes Resort

20 Best Glamping in Washington State, From Yurts To Treehouses

The Pacific Dunes Resort is a relatively small campsite near Copalis Beach. It’s perfect for a weekend getaway whether you’re on a budget or want to splurge. They have many activities like dune driving, clamming, and beach combing, and you can also go hiking since the resort is near the Olympic National Forest.

The glamping tents feature a king-sized bed with premium linens and extra blankets for the colder months. The small kitchens and wood-burning stoves are great for making light meals. Before retiring for the night, you can kick back and relax on the patio overlooking the beach or in the luxury bathhouse.

The Quinault Beach Resort and Casino are nearby for other entertainment and dining experiences. There is a coffee shop, an Ocean lounge, and two bigger restaurants inside the casino. At Emily restaurant, you can enjoy some of the best seafood in town, and Big Eats has burgers and other traditional American food like fries, hotdogs, and steaks.

3. Glamping At Iliana’s Village Near Cascades National Park

20 Best Glamping in Washington State, From Yurts To Treehouses

Iliana’s Village has a variety of glamping tents, providing you with all the comforts of home in the wide open spaces of nature. The tents include electricity, dining areas, coffee machines, BBQs, fire pits, and access to toilets and warm showers. The glamping tent rentals are relatively cheap so you can consider it a budget trip, but extra costs can add up from activities and dining.

Since Hood Canal is nearby, you can dine on fresh oysters, crab, shrimp, and other fish cuisine at local restaurants. The activities include whale watching, beach combing, kayaking, and boating for those who love being outdoors. In addition, you can also experience nature by scuba diving in the canal or backpacking through the National Park.

  • Location – 38470 North Highway 101, Liliwaup, Washington
  • Price (Per person/night) – From $150
  • Best season to visit – All Year round

4. Mount Rainer Neighbours The Mounthaven Resort

20 Best Glamping in Washington State, From Yurts To Treehouses

The Mounthaven Resort has plenty of options for glamping, including tents, family cabins, RV sites, and vacation homes. The glamping cabins feature fireplaces, full kitchenettes, and bathrooms. BBQs and fire pits are also at every cabin site, but unfortunately, they don’t allow pets inside or at the cabins.

The property has two creeks and a pond to enjoy the outdoors. Activities include visiting the local historical sites, skiing and sledding in the winter, hiking trails, and rock climbing. Several activities outside the park include horseback riding, fishing, art and crafts, berry picking, and fine dining.

The Mount Rainer area also has many restaurants to enjoy a night out, like the Basecamp Bar and Grill and the Copper Creek Restaurant. Whittakers Bunkhouse Cafe has an extensive coffee and breakfast menu, and you can stop by Wildberry for traditional Nepal cuisine. The Mount Rainer accommodation isn’t expensive, and the activities and restaurants are also affordable so you can consider this trip budget-friendly.

  • Location – 38210 SR 706 East Ashford, Washington
  • Price (Per person/night) – Roughly $95
  • Best season to visit – All Year round

5. Tolt MacDonald Park By Leavenworth Is A Fun Glamping Spot

Tolt MacDonald Park & Campground is famous for its high-quality salmon habitat in the Tolt and Snoqualmie rivers. When fall time hits the campground, the visitors can observe the salmon spawning in the river. There are six yurts on the property, and all of them include fire pits for cold nights.

Their activities include a ballfield, boat launch, hiking, and mountain biking, but you can also observe the nature around the campgrounds. To book and reserve a yurt isn’t expensive, and you pay an additional fee for every extra activity or service you might want to utilize from the park.

  • Location – 31020 North East 40th Street, Carnation Park, Washington
  • Price (Per person/night) – Anywhere from $55
  • Best season to visit – Fall

6. Escape To Eastern Washington’s Blue Lake Resort

20 Best Washington Glamping Spots, From Yurts To Treehouses

The Blue Lake Resort is one of the glamping resorts with the most to offer since they have a beach, swim area, boating, play area, and dog park. Some of the other activities you can expect are fishing and paddle boarding. The resort is massive, with plenty of accommodation and facilities.

Their glamping domes include microwaves, BBQs, fire pits, queen-sized beds, fridges, and a bathroom. The local attractions also keep you busy with arts and crafts, museums, light shows, theaters, and wineries. This spot is typically more expensive since the accommodation is a bit pricey, and there are plenty of extra activities you will want to enjoy.

  • Location – 31199 Highway 17 North, Coulee City, Washington
  • Price (Per person/night) – $160 on average
  • Best season to visit – All Year round

7. The Ultimate Glamping Experience At The Rolling Huts

20 Best Washington Glamping Spots, From Yurts To Treehouses

The Rolling Huts resort features tiny trailer-like huts where you can enjoy your glamping experience. The cabins have mostly glass covering the walls to ensure an amazing view. This glamping spot is perfect for winter when you can enjoy the snow and seasonal atmosphere.

You can enjoy many activities like horseback riding, mountain biking, river rafting, and even yoga. The huts feature a small kitchen, Wi-Fi, portable toilet, and the showers are in a nearby barn, all of which you can enjoy with peace of mind knowing they have a low environmental impact.

20 Best Washington Glamping Spots, From Yurts To Treehouses

In addition, the Rolling Huts resort has a small restaurant called the Woodstone Pizzeria. You can also bring your dog with you since they are pet friendly in their accommodations. Considering their affordable prices, you can enjoy this glamping spot without breaking the bank.

  • Location – 18381 State Route 20, Winthrop, Washington
  • Price (Per person/night) – Starts at $135
  • Best season to visit – Winter

8. Glamping Trip To The West Beach Resort On Orcas Island

20 Best Washington Glamping Spots, From Yurts To Treehouses

You can find the West Beach Resort on Orcas Island, where you can choose between tents and cabins when glamping with them. Each tent has linen, queen-sized beds, Wi-Fi, a seating area, and a BBQ area. The island lives up to its name with regular whale watching. However, this glamping trip might be more pricey since the activities are usually more expensive.

There is a playground for the kids and a beach bar for parents to enjoy a casual drink. In addition, the West Beach Resort also has a hot tub. You can enjoy many fun activities at the resort, including fishing, SCUBA diving, and crabbing.

The resort has a small store for daily necessities like bread and milk and a bait and tackle shop for fishing equipment. Although there isn’t a restaurant inside the resort, you can find quite a few nearby, like the Madrona Bar & Grill, Island Pie, and Kingfish at West Sound.

  • Location – 190 Waterfront Way, Eastsound, Washington
  • Price (Per person/night) – From $150
  • Best season to visit – Summer

9. Cave Creek Farm Has The Most Romantic Glamping Spots

20 Best Washington Glamping Spots, From Yurts To Treehouses

The Cave Creek Farm has a glamping tent that is ideal for a weekend retreat for two. The private MT. Adams tent offers a double bed, a large deck outdoors, and patio seats to appreciate nature. You don’t have to travel far to shower or find a toilet since the bathroom facilities are close to the tent.

A few animals roam the property surrounding the tent, and you can visit Trout Lake town for anything you might need. The local Farm Stand offers a few necessities, such as tea bags, eggs, and honey, and you can also find merchandise from Cave Creek Farm at the stand. The locals occasionally sell homemade meals at the farm.

The restaurants in town feature great cuisines like Mount Adams Pizza, and Trout Lake Country Inn has fantastic diners and burgers. This glamping spot’s living expenses aren’t too high, so consider it a budget-friendly option.

  • Location – 230 Jennings Road, Trout Lake, Washington
  • Price (Per person/night) – You can expect to pay around $100
  • Best season to visit – Summer

10. You Can Not Beat Glamping At The Famous Lakedale Resort

20 Best Washington Glamping Spots, From Yurts To Treehouses

The Lakedale Resort is one of the top-rated glamping destinations in Washington. They have tents and huts that suit a range of budgets. The glamping cabins are custom-built and feature luxury bedding, front decks, fridges, and a BBQ with a hot tub. While there is no water or electricity in the cabins, the shower facilities are nearby.

There is a general store on-site and a car ferry into Seattle. Many recommend hiring a moped to get around the island, and it’s also a great way to sightsee. Since the resort is 82 acres wide, there are multiple lakes you can enjoy with beaches and trails, but they also feature kayaking, fishing, and swimming in the lake.

The list of restaurants on San Juan Island is endless, and you can get anything from cheap eats to local cuisines. You can get affordable diners at the Hungry Clam, Ernies Cafe, or Spring Street Deli, and for a finer dining experience, you can stop by Mikes Cafe and Wine Bar or the Rocky Bay Cafe. A glamping trip to this spot might not break the bank, but it will be pricey since the ferry, cuisines, and activities will add to the total cost of your trip.

  • Location – 4313 Roche Harbor Road, Friday Harbor, Washington
  • Price (Per person/night) – Averages around $100
  • Best season to visit – Summer

11. Glamping At Tree House Place Is A Primal Experience

20 Best Washington Glamping Spots, From Yurts To Treehouses

The Tree House Place At Deer Ridge glamping spot is perfect for anyone who loves nature since their treehouse cabins connect you with nature. Although the treehouses are only a few feet off the ground, they give the impression that you are high in the trees thanks to the posts supporting them. Some cabins have a fireplace and a freestanding tub overlooking a scenic landscape.

Downtown Everett is just 14 miles away, with shops and restaurants. The Pines restaurant serves British food and craft beer, and the Trails and Traphouse has a variety of great food. You can take a long hike on one of the many trails they offer or stop by the local brewery Audacity Brewing to try many craft beers.

  • Location – 19922 4th Street South East, Snohomish, Washington
  • Price (Per person/night) – Typically from $200
  • Best season to visit – All year round

12. You Won’t Want To Leave The Famous Little Red Caboose

20 Best Washington Glamping Spots, From Yurts To Treehouses

The Little Red Caboose Getaway Bed & Breakfast is famous for its small, red, glamping cabin. Their cabin features a queen-sized bed, sofa bed, hot tub, complete bathroom, and stove. All the kitchenware you need is already there, including pans, pots, and cutlery, and the outside has a deck with a hot tub and a fire pit for summer nights.

The Greenwater town is just a few minutes away, and you can enjoy yourself at the Naches Tavern. The tavern has friendly staff who serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition, the Little Red Caboose is also near Mount Rainer National Park, so you can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities without spending too much money.

  • Location –  1506 W Yelm Avenue, Greenwater, Washington
  • Price (Per person/night) – About $100
  • Best season to visit – Summer

13. Glamping Is Luxurious At The Pampered Wilderness

20 Best Washington Glamping Spots, From Yurts To Treehouses

The Pampered Wilderness glamping destination has great reviews and a 5-star rating. The pet-friendly cabins are cozy but still maintain a sense of luxury with front decks, fireplaces, and heaters. They also feature a fire pit, BBQ, and fridge in every glamping cabin.

The town is nearby, so you can stock up on any necessary items you might need, and there are also a few activities you can do while in town. Wine lovers can enjoy wine tasting at the Scatter Creek Winery, and Aunt Kates’s Chocolates has some of the best candy in the area.

You can hike in Millersylvania State Park or enjoy swimming in the lake. Additionally, the park offers boating, fishing, and great scenery for you to enjoy. However, since the park accommodation has quite a hefty price for a one-night stay, you can expect this to be a splurge trip.

  • Location – 12245 Tilley Road, Olympia, Washington
  • Price (Per person/night) – Starts at $250
  • Best season to visit – Summer

14. Get In Touch With Nature At The Getaway Skagit Valley

20 Best Washington Glamping Spots, From Yurts To Treehouses

The Getaway Skagit Valley campground is great for city folks who want to escape from their busy life and go offline. The campground has 36 tiny cabins with tall windows for a great view, complete private bathrooms, air conditioning, and heat.

This resort’s best features include the great views of the waterfall and the incredible nature trails where you can see various wildlife, such as hawks, eagles, and foxes. In the summer, you can see the flower fields, and during winter, snow covers the area like a blanket and creates a spectacular scene.

20 Best Washington Glamping Spots, From Yurts To Treehouses

A winery is 15 minutes away, and you can enjoy delicious food at the Oyster Dome restaurant, which is only 45 minutes away from the camp. Although this getaway spot charges more than your average camping trip, it is a great glamping experience for you and your family.

  • Location – 21802 WA-9, Mount Vernon, Washington
  • Price (Per person/night) – Anywhere from $220
  • Best season to visit – Summer and winter

15. Enjoy A Slice Of Paradise At Camp Forever Young

Camp Forever Young is a glamping spot for people who enjoy the outdoor life and atmosphere. Maple trees line the roads, and the turning leaves and waterfall during the fall season combine into a mesmerizing view.

The glamping cabin features a deck with seating space and a fire ring when you want to enjoy the night outside. You can also enjoy many activities like biking, boating, hiking, and fishing. The woodsy area has plenty of wildlife for those who want to do a little wildlife watching.

There are several restaurants in the area nearby which means you don’t have to travel far for food, and they also have a wide variety of cuisine. You can dine at Quilbilly’s Restaurant and Taproom for almost any dinner, breakfast, or lunch or stop by the Gear Head Deli for a lighter meal.

  • Location – Quilcene, Washington
  • Price (Per person/night) – Usually around $125
  • Best season to visit – Fall

16. Squeeze Into The Inspired Underground Dwelling

20 Best Washington Glamping Spots, From Yurts To Treehouses

The Under Ground Hygge is a little glamping cabin built into a hillside in Orondo, Washington, near the Columbia River Gorge. Due to privacy reasons, you must book with the relevant agency to acquire the precise address. You can make a booking for Hobbit House at airbnb.com.

The view is amazing, and the rounded entrance of the cabin adds to the overall Middle Earth feeling of the place. The area surrounding the cottage is over 6 acres, where you can hike and explore. There is no parking near the cabin, but you can stop at the bottom of the hill, and it’s only a short hike up.

20 Best Washington Glamping Spots, From Yurts To Treehouses

The cottage features an indoor electric fireplace and all the necessary home safety measures like smoke alarms and first aid kits. All the knives, forks, and doilies you need are also in the cabin. The outside has a private patio with outdoor furniture and a back garden.

The cabin has no kitchen, so you can bring a cooler for storage and a camping stove to cook meals or dine out in the nearby town. The Fox and The Quail cafe in Chelan has a great menu for you to try during your stay. A trip to the Hobbit House can be expensive since the accommodation costs are high and the surrounding area has inflated prices.

  • Location – Orondo, Washington
  • Price (Per person/night) – Averages at $400
  • Best season to visit – All year round

17. Beware The Sasquatch When Glamping At Mossquatch Resort

20 Best Washington Glamping Spots, From Yurts To Treehouses

The Mossquatch Resort has many glamping tents with space heaters and comfortable beds. There are basic outhouses around the property since the cabins and tents don’t have running water or electricity. Although some people dislike the thought, others enjoy it and feel closer to nature.

The resort has outdoor cooking and eating areas, walking trails, a play area for smaller children, and a private creek. The Timber Museum is also nearby, and the town’s biggest attraction is the Twilight collection, where you can see all of the items they used in the movies. The accommodation is pricey at this resort, and combined with the extra activities, you will spend enough money to consider it a splurge trip.

  • Location – 584 Wentworth Road, Forks, Washington
  • Price (Per person/night) – You can expect around $225
  • Best season to visit – All year round

18. Take The Family Glamping At Heart O’ The Hills

The Heart O’, The Hills Campground, is close to the Olympic National Parks Hurricane Ridge, which spans a whopping 120 square foot dome to camp in. The dome is among trees and makes the perfect escape into nature. The site has no running water, but you can get it from the outdoor sink with a foot pump.

The glamping dome has a queen-sized bed, bedding, a small stove for warmth, and a back deck with seating to enjoy a morning coffee in the fresh air. All the basic cooking utensils and dishes are inside the tent as well. You must book to acquire the exact address of the camping spot.

There is a lake below the camping spot, but you, unfortunately, can’t access it from the glamping dome. The park is only 1.5 miles away, so you still have plenty of other activities you can partake in. Port Angeles is also nearby if you need anything from a shop or want to dine out.

  • Location – Port Angeles, Washington
  • Price (Per person/night) – Starts at $130
  • Best season to visit – All year round

19. Glamping Comfort And Privacy With Luxury Hideaway Tents

20 Best Washington Glamping Spots, From Yurts To Treehouses

This luxury getaway tent in Walla Walla has a patio where you can enjoy a night under the stars. The furniture inside the tent is handmade, and just a few steps away is the private indoor shower with a bathroom for your use only. The tent includes a TV, fridge, coffee maker, running water, and a gas fireplace.

You can enjoy yourself at the indoor pool and hot tub all year, no matter the weather, and there is a basketball court for more sporty campers. There is also a charging station for Tesla users and other electrical vehicles. You will receive the location when you book on a designated website.

Walla Walla town is only a few minutes away for some of the best dining experiences and all the necessary shops. For a gourmet breakfast, you can travel to The Maple Counter Cafe, and The Marc Restaurant is great for an evening of fine dining. However, there is also a wide range of other cuisine types like Indian, French, and authentic American food.

  • Location – College Place, Washington
  • Price (Per person/night) – From $150
  • Best season to visit – All year round

20. Release Your Wild Side At Treehouse Point

20 Best Washington Glamping Spots, From Yurts To Treehouses

The Treehouse Point cabin offers a great view all year and every season you visit them. They offer breakfast and host events such as weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions. You can choose from seven treehouses with varying prices when you stay there.

Guests will find free Wi-Fi, books, board games, snacks, and dishware inside the Lodge. There are a few hiking trails nearby and plenty of restaurants as well. The Aroma Coffee Co. offers baked goods and coffee and tea. If you want seafood, you can dine at Fins Bistro, and Wild Fin has great wine and steak.

  • Location – 6922 Preston-Fall City Road, South East, Issaquah, Washington
  • Price (Per person/night) – Anywhere between $300 and $500
  • Best season to visit – All year round

Get Glamping in Washington State!

These glamping spots include fire pits, kitchenettes, large beds, and even cutlery to make your trip convenient. If you want a unique experience, consider glamping at Hobbit House or Rolling Huts. While these spots can be more expensive, they will give you an amazing experience. When you want a budget-friendly trip, Tolt McDonald Farm or Lakedale Resort might be a better option since their living costs are low.

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