Meet the Six Giant Northwest Trolls (& Where to Find Them!)

Exploring the mysterious world of the Northwest Trolls can be a fascinating adventure. These unique figures, hidden in various locations, offer a blend of folklore and modern creativity, capturing the imagination of visitors and locals alike. Finding these trolls can be both an educational and thrilling experience, perfect for all ages.

Whether you’re seeking a new weekend activity or a family-friendly outing, discovering these trolls and learning about their stories adds a magical touch to your explorations. Join me as we uncover the charm and allure of these hidden gems, nestled in the natural beauty of the Northwest.

Meet the artist behind the trolls, Thomas Dambo. Please visit his Instagram profile to view more of his amazing work.

The Six Northwest Trolls Revealed

Want to see a map of the trolls along with Dambo’s other projects? Check out this Troll Map.

#1 Ole Bolle in Portland, OR

Consider celebrating Earth Day with Ole Bolle in Portland, OR. In 2024, Nordia House hosted an exciting arts and crafts event. Festivities included making troll costumes from cardboard, inspired by Thomas Dambo’s creativity with recycled materials. Bringing old materials to life as troll costumes is such a fun way to honor both art and nature!

Thomas Dambo, the artist behind Ole Bolle, inspires us to think green and creative. I can’t wait to make my own troll costume and see what everyone else comes up with. The event promises an engaging and eco-friendly experience for all ages.

#2 Pia the Peacekeeper on Bainbridge Island

I visited Bainbridge Island to meet one of my favorite trolls, Pia The Peacekeeper. Set amidst lush greenery, Pia welcomes everyone with open arms. Crafted with a mix of recycled materials and natural elements, Pia stands as a testament to harmony and creativity.

Located near a serene trail, Pia provides a peaceful spot for reflection and connection with nature. As I walked along the path, I noticed how Pia blended seamlessly with the environment. Birds chirped, and the gentle rustling of leaves added a calming soundtrack to the experience.

Volunteers and locals often engage in activities to maintain the area around Pia. Removing invasive plants and making space for native flora feels like contributing to Pia’s mission of peace and care for the earth.

On weekends, you might find families and artists participating in small workshops or simply enjoying a picnic near Pia. It’s a wonderful place to take kids and teach them about ecology and sustainability in a fun, hands-on way.

Pia The Peacekeeper truly embodies the spirit of togetherness and environmental stewardship. Whether you’re a local or just visiting, taking a moment with Pia is a refreshing reminder of the beauty and tranquility we can find in nature.

#3 Bruun Idun in West Seattle

One of my favorite spots in West Seattle is Bruun Idun. Nestled in a beautiful urban forest, this troll is a charming addition to the natural scenery.

The atmosphere is lively, with visitors of all ages, and the community spirit is contagious. We enjoyed the good nature vibes and, of course, the fellow nature lovers.

If you’re ever in West Seattle, spending some time around Bruun Idun is a must. The troll, created by artist Thomas Dambo, stands as a testament to community efforts and environmental stewardship. Take a walk, enjoy the artwork, and maybe even join a volunteer event. It’s both fulfilling and fun.

#4 Jakob Two Trees in Issaquah

Jakob Two Trees stands majestically in the heart of Issaquah. This troll, crafted with intricate detail, sits among the lush greenery, blending perfectly with the natural surroundings.

Jakob Two Trees isn’t just a sculpture; he’s a symbol of harmony between art and nature. His whimsical design features earthy textures and recycled materials, showcasing creativity and sustainability.

Visitors often find themselves enchanted by Jakob’s gentle expression. The serene environment enhances the experience, making it a perfect spot for contemplation and connection with nature.

I always notice how children are particularly fascinated by Jakob Two Trees. They love exploring the area and learning about the importance of preserving our natural world.

Jakob Two Trees also plays a significant role in community events. He is a focal point during seasonal activities, bringing people together and fostering a sense of belonging.

Being there feels like entering a fairytale. It’s a place where art and the environment meet, offering inspiration and joy to everyone who visits.

#5 Frankie Feetsplinters in Ballard

Frankie Feetsplinters has made quite a mark in Ballard. Nestled among the beautiful urban forest, he stands as a whimsical yet intricate wooden troll sculpture. Thomas Dambo crafted Frankie to blend harmoniously with his surroundings.

Looking upon Frankie, you’ll notice his curious eyes peeking out from behind the bushes which make him feel almost alive. People of all ages are drawn to his unique charm.

Visiting Frankie is like stepping into an enchanting woodland storybook. His towering figure and detailed wooden feet invite exploration and admiration. Families often gather around him, snapping photos and sharing joyful moments.

I often find myself returning to visit Frankie. Each time, I discover new details in his craftsmanship that make me appreciate the artistry behind him even more. It’s a magical experience that brings joy and a sense of wonder.

#6 Oscar The Bird King in Vashon Island

On Vashon Island, Oscar The Bird King stands as a unique and delightful fixture. Unlike the other trolls scattered throughout the Pacific Northwest, Oscar is connected with the local avian population. Birds often nest around Oscar, making him a vibrant part of the island’s ecosystem. His large, open hands provide an inviting space for feathered friends to gather.

On your visit to Vashon Island, prepare to be struck by the care and attention given to Oscar’s surroundings. Volunteers regularly maintain the area, ensuring it stays free of invasive plants like ivy and blackberry. This helps native flora and fauna thrive, creating a healthy habitat for both Oscar and the birds.

Oscar’s location on Vashon Island adds to the charm. The island itself is a haven of scenic beauty, accessible by ferry from Seattle. The serene environment complements the peaceful presence of Oscar, making it a rewarding visit for nature lovers and art enthusiasts alike.

History of the Northwest Trolls

The Northwest region is rich with mythical stories and significant cultural figures, and the Northwest Trolls have a fascinating place in this tapestry. Their legends and cultural impact are deeply interwoven with the communities here.

Origins and Legends

The origins of the NW Trolls date back to early Scandinavian settlers who brought their folklore with them. These settlers shared tales of large, mystical creatures living in the dense forests and mountains. As time passed, these stories adapted and merged with local lore, creating a unique blend of Scandinavian and Northwestern mysticism.

Tales often featured trolls as guardians of nature, protecting forests and rivers. They were sometimes depicted as friendly giants but could be ferocious if their territory was threatened. These stories, passed down through generations, have cemented trolls as iconic figures in the region’s mythology.

Cultural Significance

Trolls hold a special place in the cultural fabric of the Northwest. Public art installations, festivals, and local events often feature trolls as central figures. For instance, during Earth Day celebrations, communities gather for events that not only celebrate nature but also pay homage to these beloved beings.

Throughout the year, troll-themed activities like cardboard costume workshops help keep the tradition alive. These cultural practices foster a sense of community and a connection to the region’s heritage. Trolls symbolize both the rich history and the ongoing communal spirit of the Northwest.

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