Seattle Kraken Owners: 4 Key Figures in the NHL’s Newest Franchise

The Seattle Kraken, an ice hockey team based in Seattle, joined the National Hockey League (NHL) as a member of the Pacific Division in the Western Conference during the 2021-22 season. The team’s home games are held at Climate Pledge Arena, drawing fans across the city and beyond. As one of the newest additions to the NHL, the ownership of the Seattle Kraken has attracted considerable attention. So who are the Seattle Kraken owners?

The Kraken’s majority ownership lies with Seattle Hockey Partners, which is primarily owned by David Bonderman, a billionaire private equity businessman. Other prominent members of the ownership group include his daughter Samantha Holloway, film and television producer Jerry Bruckheimer, and Tod Leiweke, who also serves as the team’s CEO. Additionally, the ownership group has expanded to feature a diverse array of individuals, such as former NFL star Marshawn Lynch and rapper Macklemore.

The group not only secured the team’s place in the NHL but also collectively paid a record-breaking $650 million expansion fee to join the league. This investment showcases the dedication and commitment of the Seattle Kraken’s owners to successfully establish their team in a highly competitive sports landscape.

Seattle Kraken Owners and Key Figures

The Seattle Kraken, a professional ice hockey team, is owned by a group of investors known as the Seattle Hockey Partners. The ownership group features several prominent individuals contributing to the success and growth of the team.

David Bonderman

David Bonderman, a billionaire private equity businessman, is the majority owner of the Seattle Kraken. David Bonderman’s net worth is reported to be around $6.5 billion, primarily from his extensive involvement in private equity investments.

Tod Leiweke

Seattle Kraken Owners: Key Figures in the NHL's Newest Franchise
Credit: Seattle Kraken

Tod Leiweke (Chief Executive Officer) is another significant figure in the Seattle Kraken ownership group, with a net worth of approximately $5 million. Leiweke is a well-known sports executive with various leadership roles across different leagues. He is currently focused on the growth and development of the Seattle Kraken franchise.

Jerry Bruckheimer

Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer is also part of the ownership group. Bruckheimer has a net worth of approximately $1 billion and has been a driving force behind numerous blockbuster films and television shows. His passion for sports and love of ice hockey led him to invest in the Seattle Kraken.

David Bonderman

American billionaire businessman David Bonderman is one of the founding partners of TPG Capital and Newbridge Capital. He is a minority owner of the Boston Celtics (NBA) and co-founder and co-majority owner of the Seattle Kraken (NHL).

Minority Owners

  • Samantha Holloway
  • Chris Ackerley
  • Ted Ackerley
  • Jay Deutsch
  • Mitch Garber
  • Adrian Hanauer
  • Andy Jassy
  • Marshawn Lynch
  • Macklemore
  • Len Potter
  • Sam Slater
  • David Wright
  • Jeff Wright

Overall, the ownership group for the Seattle Kraken consists of an impressive collection of individuals with extensive experience in sports, entertainment, and business. This dynamic group is dedicated to propelling the Seattle Kraken to success both on and off the ice.

Formation and Expansion

Climate Pledge Arena

Credit: Climate Pledge Arena

The Seattle Kraken, an expansion franchise in the National Hockey League (NHL), was established in 2018. The formation of the franchise marked the return of professional hockey to Seattle after nearly a century.

The Kraken play their home games at the Climate Pledge Arena, formerly known as the Key Arena. This facility is located in Seattle and hosts multiple sports events, including those of the NBA and the WNBA’s Seattle Storm. The city of Seattle has undergone significant efforts to revitalize the arena, making it the Kraken’s home rink. The Climate Pledge Arena features:

  • A renovated structure while preserving the original roof
  • Capacity for 17,100 attendees
  • A commitment to sustainability and carbon neutrality
Credit: Climate Pledge Arena

Seattle Hockey Partners

The Kraken is owned by Seattle Hockey Partners, a group led by majority owner David Bonderman, a billionaire private equity businessman. The ownership team includes notable figures like Tod Leiweke, Andy Jassy, and Jerry Bruckheimer. Their mutual passion for hockey and commitment to building a successful team in Seattle has contributed to the formation and subsequent success of the Seattle Kraken.

Expansion Fee

To secure the Kraken’s entry into the NHL, the Seattle Hockey Partners paid an expansion fee of $650 million. This amount is notably higher than fees for previous expansion franchises, reflecting both the increasing value of the league and the potential market in Seattle. The Kraken’s expansion has brought the total number of teams in the NHL to 32, further solidifying the league’s growth and popularity.

Training Facility

In addition to the Climate Pledge Arena, the Seattle Kraken has a state-of-the-art training facility. This facility serves as a base for the team’s practices, development, and operational needs, providing a hub for the Kraken players and staff to hone their skills and perform at their highest level. The training facility’s focus on innovation and cutting-edge technology ensures the Seattle Kraken remains competitive within the NHL.

Team Identity and Branding

Credit: Seattle Kraken

Logo and Colors

The Seattle Kraken, the 32nd team in the NHL, revealed its logo and colors on July 23, 2020. Inspired by the mythical sea creature, the primary logo features a stylized “S” representing the Kraken with a tentacle subtly incorporated into the design. As a nod to the city’s history, the “S” also pays tribute to the Seattle Metropolitans, the first American team to win the Stanley Cup.

The team’s color palette consists of navy blue, light blue, and red accents, evoking the natural elements of the region, such as water, ice, and the colors of the twilight sky. The official colors are listed as “Deep Sea Blue,” “Ice Blue,” “Shadow Blue,” and “Boundless Blue.”


Adidas partnered with the Seattle Kraken to design the team’s jersey. The midnight and ice blue jerseys feature a clean, modern design with the primary logo centered on the chest, while the secondary logo – a Kraken-shaped anchor – adorns each shoulder. The sleeves exhibit a unique pattern showcasing the team’s colors.

The Kraken’s jersey design prioritizes function and style, maintaining the professional appearance expected from an NHL franchise. The team’s branding carefully balances the rich history of Seattle’s hockey heritage and the anticipation surrounding a fresh start for this expansion team.

Seattle’s Sports Landscape

Seattle is a city with a rich sports history, featuring teams in various leagues, such as the NHL, NBA, and NFL. The latest addition to the city’s sports landscape is the NHL’s Seattle Kraken, co-owned by private equity executive David Bonderman, his daughter Samantha Holloway, film producer Jerry Bruckheimer, and Tod Leiweke.

The Kraken began playing in the league’s 2021-22 season and have quickly gained a following in their home city. The team is part of the Pacific Division in the NHL’s Western Conference and plays its home games at the Climate Pledge Arena. The team’s emergence has further solidified Seattle’s place in the American sports scene.

Some of the key entities involved in Seattle’s sports landscape include:

  • NHL Team: The Seattle Kraken
  • NBA Team: Seattle is currently without an NBA team, but the city previously housed the Seattle SuperSonics from 1967-2008.
  • NFL Team: The Seattle Seahawks
  • Film Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer, one of the co-owners of the Kraken, is a well-known film producer with franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean under his belt.
  • Regional NHL Rivals: The Vancouver Canucks and the Las Vegas Golden Knights

The city has shown immense support for its various sports teams, which is evident by the 32,000 season-ticket deposits secured for the Kraken within a short period. This incredible support for the Kraken demonstrates Seattle’s passion for sports and its readiness to embrace ice hockey as part of its identity.

As the Kraken continues to make strides in the NHL and the Seahawks continue their storied history in the NFL, the sports landscape of Seattle remains vibrant and enticing. With strong ownership groups and committed fan bases, it’s clear that this city is ready to support its sports franchises as they face fierce competition in their respective leagues.

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