Best 6 Seattle Saunas And Hot Tubs for Unwinding

Are you looking to escape the gloomy Seattle weather? Or maybe you’re just looking for a place to recharge and get some much-needed ‘me time.’ Soaking in a sauna or relaxing in a hot tub is a great way to warm up. And our list of the best Seattle saunas and hot tubs is exactly what you need to shake the cold!

There are a few great spots to visit in Seattle with hot tubs and saunas. But we’ve found some of the must-visit places. Here’s our list of 6 of the best Seattle saunas and hot tubs:

1. Penelope & The Beauty Bar

2. The Ladies Room, Greenwood

3. Little Red Day Spa, Industrial District

4. Banya 5

5. Hothouse Spa & Sauna

6. Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort

Where Are The Best Saunas And Hot Tubs In Seattle?

The best saunas and hot tubs are found all over the city. There are luxury spas, private spas, and a resort with hot tubs and saunas for you to enjoy. Whether you prefer privacy or don’t mind a crowd, one of these places is exactly what you need to unwind and recharge.

1. Penelope & The Beauty Bar, Downtown Seattle

Address: 411 University Street

Website link:

Best 6 Seattle Saunas And Hot Tubs for Unwinding

Penelope & The Beauty Bar is in the Historic Fairmont Olympic Hotel. When visiting the spa, you’ll get to enjoy an infrared sauna experience in their jade pod. This sauna session will help you relax, detox, and, as a bonus, boost your metabolism. The spa is open seven days a week all year round, and it’s the perfect spot to pamper yourself.

2. The Ladies Room, Greenwood

Address: 8538 1st Ave NW

Website link:

Best 6 Seattle Saunas And Hot Tubs for Unwinding

The Ladies Room’s Soaking Room features three unique pools, each offering a distinct sensory experience and complementary healing qualities.

The Hot Soaking Pool, with a temperature of 103°, provides a soothing and relaxing experience for your body. The Tepid Soaking Pool, at 98°, is perfect for those who prefer a milder temperature. And for those who seek a refreshing and invigorating experience, our Cold Plunge Pool & Waterfall, at 56°, is the perfect choice.

Experience the ancient Finnish tradition of dry heat therapy in their saunas, designed to envelop you with relaxation and relief from aches and pains. Don’t forget to enjoy their Cedar Dry Sauna and Himalayan Salt Dry Sauna, which offer unique healing benefits that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

3. Little Red Day Spa, Industrial District

Address: 3200 Airport Way S. Building 1

Website link:

The Little Red Day Spa was designed for couples and is great for a romantic getaway. We recommend booking the art studio. It’s got everything you need for a weekend spent indoors with your loved one. You’ll love the amenities in this premier suite, including a salt sauna, open shower, Chinese tea house, and romantic décor.

4. Banya 5, South Lake Union

Address: 217 9th Ave N.

Website link:

Banya 5 is a health spa encompassing Russian banyas, Japanese bathhouses, Turkish hammams, and Finnish saunas. This extreme spa offers a range of treatments. But if you want to relieve some tension, you have to try the 103-degree hot pool and the eucalyptus-infused sauna. The sauna detoxifies and helps with congestion, while the hot pool relaxes tired and sore muscles.

5. Hothouse Spa & Sauna, Capitol Hill

Address: 1019 E Pike St HH

Website link:

Best 6 Seattle Saunas And Hot Tubs for Unwinding

In a busy part of Seattle, you’ll find Hothouse Spa & Sauna. This spa offers a quiet setting and complete privacy with the exclusive use of their facility. With your reservation, you’ll have access to the cedar sauna and hot tub, herbal steam room, relaxation area, and cold plunge pool. It’s the ideal spot to pamper yourself!

6. Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort, Olympic National Park

Address: 12076 Sol Duc-Hot Springs Rd, Port Angeles, WA 98363

Website link:

Best 6 Seattle Saunas And Hot Tubs for Unwinding

Sol Duc Hot Springs is in the Olympic National Forest, a few hours outside of Seattle. This Resort has rustic cabins, scenic views, and a few other amenities for guests to enjoy. There are three mineral hot springs with temperatures between 99 degrees and 101 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can visit Sol Duc and stay in one of their quaint cabins, or you could make a reservation for the hot springs and spend a few hours de-stressing and relaxing.


From luxurious spas to outdoor mineral springs, Seattle has so many places to enjoy saunas and hot tubs. Whether you’re booking a weekend away, a day of pampering, or a romantic getaway, you can enjoy a soothing escape in one of these five places.


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