5 Best T-Mobile Park Food Spots Worth Trying

Looking for the absolute best food at T-Mobile Park? You likely want to spend most of your time watching the game, so it helps to know exactly where to find the finest food without wasting time contemplating where to eat. Your Mariner’s game would be incomplete without some gourmet grub for the soul. These tried-and-true food stalls are all the rave and will also suit any of your cuisine moods!

The best 5 food spots at T-Mobile Park:

  1. Edgar’s Cantina – The Pen and Section 212
  2. Moto Pizza – Section 314
  3. Din Tai Fung – The Pen and Section 132
  4. Lil Woody’s – T-Mobile Pen
  5. Salt & Straw – Section 152

The Ultimate Top 5 T-Mobile Park Food Spots

The home of the Seattle Mariners is also the home of some world-class food, and if you’re hungry, these are the all-time, fan-favorite stalls – ready to take your order.

1. Edgar’s Cantina

The Pen and Section 212

5 Best T-Mobile Park Food Spots Worth Trying

Edgar’s Cantina is a number one choice for many people as their food is top-notch. They have transport-friendly quesadillas, tacos del barrioas, shrimp tostada, nachos, with many topping options. Fancy some seafood? Edgar’s Cantina has darn good shrimp quesadillas and Pacific cod taquitos.

Best Dish: Hands down, the crispy fish taquitos for some fresh, perfectly seasoned cod and grilled peppers.

2. Moto Pizza

Section 314


Moto Pizza is the most raved-about T-Mobile Park food stall, and for good reason! Their lines are sometimes long, as are most, but it’s worth the wait.

Their decadent honey drizzle, Italian pepperoni, Filipino sausage, and garlic-banana ketchup topping variations really hit the spot! There are a handful of pizza stalls, but Moto Pizza is the food star of the Mariners stadium.

Best Dish: Mr. Pig, a delightful pork belly and garlic-banana ketchup pizza.

3. Din Tai Fung

The Pen and Section 132


Whether you love Taiwanese or seeking vegetarian food, Din Tai Fung is the place to be! Some delectable dumplings, won-tons, or bao buns are an easy-to-eat snack. Their vermicelli noodles, chicken-fried rice, and won-ton soup also pack a flavorful punch.

Best Dish: You want to miss out on their pork bao buns.

4. Lil Woody’s

T-Mobile Pen


Lil Woody’s is known for serving some of the best backyard burgers in Seattle. They make sure to incorporate local ingredients and flavors. Prepare for some of the yummiest homemade sauces, seasoning, grass-fed beef, and hand-cut fries.

Some top-pick burgers include ‘The Fig and The Pig’ for a unique pickled-fig twist, ‘The Trotter’ with divine caramelized onions, and the ‘New Mexican’ for some spicy hatch-green chillis and queso sauce. Their only downside is the garlic fries, but the burgers compensate for it!

Best Dish: New Mexican, for spicy and house-made sauce goodness.

5. Salt & Straw

Section 152


Did someone say dessert? Salt & Straw is a charming ice cream shop with a monthly rotational menu of gourmet homemade ice cream.

Think of flavors like apple pie, cinnamon rolls, sour cherry pie, watermelon sherbet, and chocolate brownies. They also have unique blends like honey-lavender and brie & fig cheesecake. Your palate will be far from bored, and ice cream is the perfect baseball snack.

Best Dish: Try the baked brie & fig cheesecake if available!



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