The 9 Best U-Pick Apple Orchards Near Seattle

Apples just taste better when you pick them yourself. The Evergreen state is blessed with an abundance of u-pick apple orchards, many of which are just a stone’s throw from Seattle. Even city slickers can experience a small taste of farm life while enjoying the breathtaking fall scenery. It is a perfect day out for the whole family, so grab your buckets, and let’s go apple-picking!

The 9 best U-pick apple orchards near Seattle:

  1. Swans Trail Farms, Snohomish
  2. Jones Creek Farms, Sedro Wooley
  3. Skipley Farm, Snohomish
  4. Bellewood Farms, Lynden
  5. Curran Apple Orchard, University Place
  6. West Valley U-Pick, Yakima
  7. Sm’Apple Orchard, Ferndale
  8. And more…

Best U-Pick Apple Orchards Near Seattle

Picking your own rosy apples in the crisp fall air is what precious memories are made of. Whether you are looking for a romantic outing with someone special or want to experience the freshness of nature with family, Seattleites are spoiled for choice. There are U-pick apple orchards to suit family members of all ages.

1. Swans Trail Farms

7301 Rivershore Rd, Snohomish, WA

Swan Trail Farms switches into high gear in the fall, and apple picking is just one of the family-friendly activities available. The farm, which is only a 35-minute drive from the city, offers an authentic apple-picking experience.

Admission to the apple orchard is free. You pay for the fruit you pick when you leave. October is also pumpkin season, and visitors can explore the 50-acre pumpkin patch to pick out their perfect Halloween gourd.

Even the smallest apple pickers can participate since the trees are kept small at Swans Trail Farms. Farmers are on standby to show them how to harvest fruit, and kids will be thoroughly entertained.

There is much more to Swans Trail Farms than their picturesque apple orchards. Admission tickets for activities give visitors access to everything from wagon hayrides to petting zoos and an assortment of old-fashioned kids’ farm activities.

Ticket prices on weekends are the highest. If possible, plan to visit on a weekday as admission is less and so are the crowds.

No admission fee is required to access the country store and multiple food outlets. As expected, one can choose from an array of mouthwatering treats made from local produce.

2. Jones Creek Farms

32260 Burrese Road, Sedro Woolley, WA

The 9 Best U-Pick Apple Orchards Near Seattle

For a clean, no-nonsense apple-picking experience, head to Jones Creek Farms. The beautiful property offers apple U-pick options every Friday to Monday from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. during the harvest season.

Only 1.5 hours drive from Seattle, Jones Creek Farm is a working farm that boasts more than 50 apple varieties. Bring your own buckets of bags to collect apples. Unlike many other u-pick farms, don’t expect too many bells and whistles.

The farm offers an authentic apple orchard experience without other entertainment or educational tours. Parking and entry are entirely free. The main aim of Jones Farm is to be able to pass along savings to visitors on the price of the apples they collect.

U-pick visitors wanting to harvest specific varieties should check the online harvest times and plan their visit accordingly. Apple prices per pound go up to $1.75 per pound.

A trip to Jones Creek is especially worthwhile for anyone buying fruit in bulk to create preserved apple products.

3. Skipley Farm

7228 Skipley Road, Snohomish, WA

Seattleites don’t have to travel far to find an organically grown u-pick apple experience. Located only half an hour north of Seattle, Skipley Farm offers visitors an 8-acre unforgettable fall getaway.

Established in 2008, Skipley Farm grows more than two hundred varieties of apples and an assortment of other fruit. There is a strong focus on education at the farm. An education orientation session is included in the $5 entry fee.

Visitors interested in picking specific apple varieties should check the harvesting schedule. Buckets are available to collect perfectly ripe, rosy apples. Remember to bring along a bag or box to take them home.

U-pick apples are available until November 1. Skipley Farm is open from Tuesday to Sunday. Energetic visitors are welcome to volunteer to help with farm chores each Monday! Open times vary slightly between weekdays and weekends, so check the website before arriving.

In addition to apples and other types of fruit, there is also a plant nursery. If you feel inspired to try growing your own organic produce, you won’t have to go far to find everything you need to get started.

Skipley Farm also welcomes friendly, well-behaved dogs after 3 p.m. on weekends. Picnic spots are available for visitors to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty of the Evergreen State.

4. Bellewood Farms

6140 Guide Meridian Road, Lynden, WA

Grab your apple-picking bucket and head to Bellewood Farms for an unforgettable taste of country charm. While collecting your own apples, explore the 62-acre property and take in breathtaking views of Mount Baker.

Bellewood Farms can be reached in less than 2 hours. The whole family is welcome, even well-behaved pooches.

There are 22 varieties of apples to choose from. That’s a whopping 25,000 trees!

Check the website if you have a favorite apple variety since specific varieties are available on u-pick at different times. Belleview Farms is one of the few U-pick venues that grow Washington’s new Cosmic Crisp apples.

Take note that Bellewood Farms is only open from Wednesday to Sunday each week. On the weekends, families can enjoy free tractor rides out to the orchard and explore the corn maze.

U-pick apples are available until October 29, so there is still plenty of time to plan a trip. In addition to exploring the fruit orchards, visitors can enjoy a walk along a forested trail along nearby 10-mile creek.

Bellewood Farms offers a specialty food market, a gift store, and the Ten Mile Café Grill. Food is simple, wholesome, and made from the freshest local ingredients. It can be enjoyed take-out or on the café patio while soaking in the breathtaking fall scenery.

5. Curran Apple Orchard

3920 Grandview Dr W, University Place, WA

The 9 Best U-Pick Apple Orchards Near Seattle

Less than an hour out of Seattle, Curran Apple Orchard is a community garden where visitors can pick their own apples free of charge. The 7.33-acre property started as a hobby orchard in the 1950s and every year welcomes visitors to a variety of activities, including:

  • Apple picking
  • Community garden tours
  • Insect education classes
  • Pruning instruction
  • Summer music concerts
  • Community harvest day
  • An annual Cider Squeeze (The 2023 event has been canceled)

Curran Apple Orchard has 200 apple trees, so it is not as extensive as some other U-pick apple orchards in the state. However, since everything, including parking, admission, and the apples, is free, it is worth a visit. Take note that only small-scale harvesting is permitted.

While visiting Curran Apple Orchard during the u-pick season, some trees are taped off and kept for the exclusive use of ‘tree adopters.’ This is an initiative to encourage sponsorship of trees in the community garden. Day visitors should refrain from picking fruit from designated trees.

U-pick apple season at Curran Orchard starts at the end of August, so fall is the perfect time to visit. Remember to bring your own bucket!

6. West Valley U-Pick

11901 Zier Road, Yakima, WA

The 9 Best U-Pick Apple Orchards Near Seattle

West Valley U-Pick is located in Yakima, a three-hour drive from Seattle. It is not the closest apple-picking venue around Seattle, but at 0.50/lb, it may be worth the trip for anyone needing the fruit in bulk.

The apple orchards are open to u-pick visitors from August through October.   West Valley U-Pick grows four apple varieties:

  • Gala
  • Fuji
  • Honeycrisp
  • Blondee apples

The farm also boasts an old-fashioned hand-crank cider press. You can make your own cider with your apples before you go home.

In addition to apples, a variety of other fruits and vegetables are available at West Valley U-Pick. Favorites like peaches, pears, Italian plums, and grapes can be harvested along with the apples.

Although West Valley U-Pick is not USDA-certified organic, the farm follows natural practices wherever possible. They take the quality of their produce seriously and use proven farming practices practiced for centuries.

Parking at West Valley U-Pick is free. Friendly dogs on leashes are welcome.

7. Sm’apples Orchard

1197 Willeys Lake Road, Ferndale, WA

The 9 Best U-Pick Apple Orchards Near Seattle

The drive to Sm’apples Orchard takes less than two hours, but the fall scenery along the way and at the farm is truly breathtaking. Situated just west of Mount Baker, it is an idyllic setting that will quickly become a seasonal favorite.

Sm’apples Orchard is a welcoming environment. Apples can be picked and carried off by the pound or by the box.

There are a limited number of boxes available for visitors to collect apples. Most visitors bring their own easy-to-carry buckets to stash their sweet, juicy bounty.

Be sure to check the availability on the website before arriving if you are hoping to harvest a particular apple variety, and some types get sold out quickly.

Sm’apples is open Monday to Saturday, from 9 a.m. till dark. Take note this u-pick apple orchard is closed on Sundays. The prices per pound of freshly picked apples vary per variety, but none are more than $1.75/lb.

8. Raising Cain Ranch

5719 Riverview Road, Snohomish, WA

Raising Cain Ranch is a relatively new U-pick apple orchard. It was established in 2008. The venue offers around two dozen types of apples, some being heirloom varieties.

There is a strong emphasis on growing organically at Raising Cain. In addition to apples, the 40-acre property has a food forest filled with an assortment of berries and nuts.

U-pick apple season at Raising Cane Ranch runs from June through October. Since this is a family-owned orchard, they occasionally adjust their open times. Check the website to ensure they are open on the days you want to visit.

Apple cider fans will love the selection of fresh ciders made in the dedicated cidery. Hours are usually limited to Friday and Saturday afternoons. The outdoor cider-tasting area in the scenic surroundings takes traditional ciders to the next level.

U-pick apple prices are based on weight. If you forget your collection bucket, they have you covered with free containers. Dogs are unfortunately not allowed at Raising Cain Ranch.

9. Bailey Farm

12968 Springhetti Road, Snohomish, WA

Bailey Farm is a 35-minute drive from Seattle and is open daily from June to October to u-pick visitors. Apples are in season from mid-September through October.

The farm has been in the same family for five generations. The original owners were immigrants from England who visited on their honeymoon. They loved the area so much they stayed!

Entry to Bailey Farm is free, and visitors only pay for the produce that they pick. Apples are just one attraction at the farm. There is also an extensive pumpkin patch where the focus is on high-quality, unique pumpkins.

Bailey Farm is also an excellent place to show kids how their vegetables are grown. Dig for potatoes or garlic, or pick fresh beans, beets, or cucumbers. The farm provides shovels and clippers to dig and trim produce.

Kids’ play activities include farm trikes and a sandbox to keep them busy between exploring. Unfortunately, only human kids are allowed at Baileys Farm, so leave your dog at home.

October is one of the best months to visit Baileys Farm. It is open every day of the week, and in addition to the u-pick apple orchard, there are baked goods, cider, and kettle corn for sale on weekends.


There are u-pick apple orchards near Seattle that are perfect for everyone – some even welcome the family dog. Visiting a U-pick apple orchard in the fall is not only about choosing your own delicious, juicy apples right off the trees. It’s about creating memories.

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