20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

The Washington Coast has some of the world’s best and most fantastic camping spots. You can find any camping type, from tents to resorts, with plenty to keep busy during your stay. There is no better camping spot than one with a breathtaking ocean view or a vast lake.

The most breathtaking places to go camping on the Washington Coast include:

  1. Bogachiel State Park
  2. Mora campground
  3. Dawleys SolDuc River Campground
  4. Bogi bear inn
  5. Ocean City State Park
  6. Rivers grace
  7. Lodge at the sands
  8. Kalaloch Campground
  9. And more …

1. Tent Camping At Bogachiel State Park

The Bogachiel State Park gives you easy access to the beach without being on it. The area is a popular destination because of the beach, shops, and activities surrounding the area nearby. There are a few campsites with water and power, but most are standard camping style near the banks of the Bogachiel River.

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

One of the main activities besides hiking includes visiting the local Twilight movie filming locations, and there are also various cabins you can stay in while you visit if you prefer more luxury camping. The surrounding area of the camp also has plenty of hiking trails and lush forests.

Forks town also has a planet of restaurants like the Blakeslees Bar and Grill, where you can enjoy a meal anytime. In addition, there are a few Mexican cuisine and Italian restaurants if you prefer to enjoy various meals.

2. Laidback Camping At Mora Campground

The Mora Campground has roughly 100 sites, meaning there is enough space to ensure a peaceful trip and that things are not too cramped around you. The campground has restrooms surrounding the area with showers and a dump site. In addition, the storage is animal-proof, so you can sleep soundly while knowing your food won’t be eaten by any wood animals.

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

Rialto Beach is nearby, where you can enjoy yourself on the beach or take a swim. The area around the campground also has plenty of hiking trails for nature lovers. La Push Beach is perfect for a day trip with amazing views.

A convenience store is only 3 miles away, and Forks Town is a 20-minute drive where you can find plenty of different stores and restaurants. Located in Forks are Blakeslees Bar and Grill and The Inn Place, where you can get a bite to eat any time of the day.

  • Location – 3283 Mora Roar, Forks, Washington
  • Price – Roughly $25 per night
  • Camping type – Tent or RV

3. Dawleys Sol Duc River Campground

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

The Dawleys Sol Duc River Campground has around 20 RV and tent camping sites. The campsites are pet-friendly but don’t allow campfires and have no potable water or electricity. Olympic Nation Park is only 30 minutes away by car for hiking trails and other activities.

The Dawley campground offers biking, fishing, boating, and off-roading. The nearby towns have plenty of restaurants and shops, including Marios Woodfired Pizzeria and Beaver Creek Chophouse. Last but not least, the area has plenty of wildlife for animal lovers to nature watch.

  • Location – Beaver, Washington
  • Price – From $35 per night
  • Camping type – RV or Tent

4. The Bogi Bear Inn Near Olympic National Park

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

The Bogi Bear Inn has a one-bedroom with a flat-screen connected to streaming services for your convenience. The kitchenette features a microwave and a stovetop to cook simple meals during your stay. In addition, the cabin has a bathroom with a shower and provides all linen and towels when you stay there.

You can fish in the nearby lake and park your boat on the premises. One of the best things about this inn is that you can hook a camper up to the water and electricity when you need extra sleeping space, especially since the inn is only a one-bedroom.

Since the center of Forks is only 450 meters away from Bogi Bear Inn, you can engage in the activities in town and dine at some of the great restaurants. The Creekside Restaurant serves seafood and traditional burgers, while Pacific Pizza offers some of the best pizzas in the city. Around the town, you can visit the Olympic National Park and Timber Museum or go on a Twilight tour.

*Please note that the Bogi Bear Inn is located a bit further from the water and closer to town. This is a great option if you want more amenities and don’t mind commuting to beaches and rivers.

  • Location – 270 Bogachiel Way, Forks, Washington
  • Price – Expect to pay about $250 per night
  • Camping type – Cabin

5. Explore Beautiful Ocean City State Park

Ocean City State Park is great for an extended pit stop. They offer standard and complete set-up sites where you can shower, toilet, or camp out with your tent. You can quickly get to the beach from the campsite with a relaxing hike with trees and dunes surrounding you.

Their activities include razor clamming, hiking, swimming, and fishing near the area. Ocean Shores town is excellent for shopping and eating out. Bennets Fish Shack and Oyhut Bay Grill are some of the great options for restaurants in the area.

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

The main attraction at this camping spot is the extensive list of birds you will see during your stay. Avid birders will love this spot since the North Bay Natural Area Preserve is behind the park. You can see all the migratory birds when they come to the area near the water sources.

  • Location – Hoquiam, Washington
  • Price –  Roughly $60 per night
  • Camping type – Tent or RV

6. Traditional Camping At Rivers Grace

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

The Rivers Grace campground is perfect for campers who like traditional camping with tents. They have 15 sites surrounded by trees and rivers. The Rivers Grace camp spot offers swimming, hiking, fishing, biking, and wildlife watching.

You can make campfires at the sites, and they are pet friendly with toilets and picnic tables. The local town is fond of Mexican cuisine, with plenty of restaurants where you can pick up or dine in, like Mestizo Mexican Family Restaurant or Lorenzos Mexican Restaurant.

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

The area surrounding the campsite is extensive, with many animals and nature for many to appreciate. Rivers Grace is secluded but still close to what you need to access, like activities and shops. In addition, the area is also filled with amazing views, ensuring a great photo site.

  • Location – Sedro Woolley, Washington
  • Price – From $60 per night
  • Camping type – Tent or RV

7. Expect Simplicity With Lodge At The Sands

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

Lodge At The Sands might not offer much, but they are an excellent option for coastline camping. The campground only has 3 RV sites and 12 tent sites, but they still provide a peaceful camping experience. With activities like biking, hiking, boating, and fishing, you won’t run out of things to do during your stay.

They offer full motorhome hookups and amenities like full bathrooms with showers, flushing toilets, and kitchens. You can rent wetsuits and other gear for their activities at their local shop for bikes, boats, and SUP.

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

The sites are pet-friendly and allow campfires and picnic tables at every location. Their RV sites have total water and electricity hookups. In addition, the local town is nearby for anything you might need during your camping trip.

The Knotty Pine Tavern is great for a night out, and you can also visit the Blackbeards Brewery. Restaurants near the campsite include Blue Buoy Restaurant and Aloha Alabama BBQ, which offer great food options and excellent service.

  • Location – Westport, Washington
  • Price – From $60 per night
  • Camping type – Tent or RV

8. Beach Front Camping At Kalaloch Campground

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

The Kalalock Campground is close to the beach, and several campsites overlook the clear waters. There are electrical hookups for those who travel with RVs, and the bathrooms are near all the camping sites. You can also gather firewood for bonfires at night.

You can access the beach through various entrances on the campsite, and the beach area is quiet since it is enormous. Around the grounds, you can go hiking in the Hoh Rain Forest or visit the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is suspended in the air with vines hanging to the ground, and while it makes an excellent site for photos, the thought of even being there is incredible.

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

You can visit the Kalaloch Lodge in Olympic National Park when you feel like dining out. The Creekside Restaurant is inside the lodge and serves excellent food. You can enjoy their great breakfast, lunch, or dinners, but you should note that they only accept card payments. They source the seafood locally, and the restaurant proudly says they are a Certified Green Restaurant.

  • Location – Forks, Washington
  • Price – Pricing varies depending on the camping ground
  • Camping type – Tent, RV, Yurts, and Cabin

9. Camp Next To The River At Cowlitz River Campground

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

The Cowlitz River campground is a family-friendly coastal camping spot where you can relax next to the water and fish next to your tent or RV. They have 22 sites surrounded by trees and grass where you can enjoy biking, hiking, boating, or paddling on the river during your stay.

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

Mount Rainier National Park is only an hour’s drive away for extra activities and sightseeing. In addition, the town is a few miles away for more entertainment and food places. The Big Bottom Roadhouse is worth a visit, and the Blue Stone Café offers excellent pastries for those with a sweet tooth.

  • Location – Randale, Washington
  • Price – From $50 per night
  • Camping type – RV or Tent

10. Endless Beaches Near Rialto Beach Club

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

The Rialto Beach Club is the closest camping spot to Rialto Beach for an affordable price. The camping site offers group sites, forest views, car, and private camping. Many people like camping directly from their cars, so this campsite offers a great alternative to tent camping.

If you prefer to have less work when you get to your campsite, you can also arrange for staff to set up a tent for you before you arrive. The camping sites have fire pits and picnic tables for your convenience. In addition, the porta potties are convexity near the sites.

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

The local activities include biking, hiking the trails, and paddling the river’s clear waters. You can also enjoy the local wildlife and surf during your stay. When you get sick of nature, the town of Forks is nearby for shopping and dining out.

Optional extras on the property of the campsite are saunas and outdoor showers. You can enjoy these features after a long hike in the Olympic National Park or a beach visit. La Push Beach will make a great day trip as well.

The area around the camping spot is usually cold, so you might want to include your wetsuit or hire some in town when you plan on swimming. You can also plan your trip during the warmer months to ensure a sunny day at the beach. In addition, most of the rocks surrounding the beach will also be slippery, meaning you should acquire appropriate shoes with a grip.

  • Location – Forks, Washington
  • Price – From $80 per night
  • Camping type – Car, tent, and RV

11. Extensive Camping Types Of Echoes Of The Seas

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

The Echoes of the Seas motel offers plenty of camping space for every type of camper. The main lodges have eight units, including two-bedroom, multiple one-bedroom units, and two studio-styled units. The theme of these rooms is sailing, fishing, and other sea life, which blends incredibly well with the area.

There are ten RV sites on the property with electricity and water and multiple tent sites. The woods surrounding the ground have hiking trails, and you can cycle through them. A few community bath/shower houses and a clam washing area surround the motel.

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

Around the motel, you can visit the beach and swim, and Ocean City State Park is also nearby. The town isn’t far from the property, and you can dine at many restaurants there, like the Green Lantern Pub, Our Place Restaurant, or The Sweet Life. These restaurants have a wide variety of dishes you can enjoy, and they prepare everything fresh.

  • Location – 3208 State Route 109, Copalis Beach, Washington
  • Price – Pricing depends on the camping type
  • Camping type – RV, Tent, and Rooms

12. Nature Lovers Paradise At Olympic Adventure Campground

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

The Olympic Adventure Campground is the perfect getaway if you want to be surrounded by evergreen woods and nature. Local beaches like Ruby and Rialto are only a short drive from the park. The campground also has a convenience store, so you don’t have to visit the town for the essential items you need.

There are RV hookups and tent sites for those who like to camp the old-fashioned way. The showers and toilets are near the camping sites, and WiFi is available at no extra cost. You can hike on one of the many trails they offer or go fishing and boating on the lake.

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

Forks town has plenty of restaurants and a wide variety of cuisine, including Mexican cuisine, pizza, and traditional American food like steaks and burgers. FYABES has some of the best Mexican food in town, and Blakeslees Bar and Grill serves beer and steaks.

  • Location – 192602 Highway 101, Forks, Washington
  • Price – From $40 a night up to $65 a night
  • Camping type – RV park with tent sites

13. Riverwoods Golf & RV Park Is Perfect For Golfing Campers

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

The Riverwoods Golf and RV Park is a great getaway trip for any golf and nature lover. The golf course is quite large and has fantastic views of the grounds. You can also play a game of pin pong, foosball, or basketball in the park’s game room.

The restrooms are clean and conveniently located around the property, but you can hook up your RV to the water and electricity to enjoy the comforts of your RV. There are picnic areas and fire pits on the grounds as well. The nearby forest has hiking and biking trails, while the river is perfect for fishing.

The Pitchwood Alehouse features excellent food and alcoholic beverages. At the same time, the C&C Classic Diner will take you back to the old days with their vintage theme. These are just some of the great restaurants the little town of Raymond has, and conveniently, the city is only a few minutes’ drive from the RV park.

  • Location – 2424 Fowler Road, Raymond, Washington
  • Price – Ranges between $40 and $50
  • Camping type – RV park

14. West Beach Resort On Orcas Island

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

The West Beach Resort is just one of the many other camping spots on Orcas Island. When glamping with them, you have the option of staying in either tents or cabins. The resort provides linens, queen-sized beds, WiFi, a couch, and a grill in each tent.

Consistent sightings of whales prove that the island lives up to its moniker. However, this vacation could cost you more than expected because of the higher cost of typical glamping activities. There’s a beach bar where adults may relax with a drink while watching their children play on the playground.

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

The West Beach Resort features a spa for guests to relax in. Fishing, scuba diving, and crabbing are exciting activities for resort guests. The resort has a convenience store where guests can pick up necessities like bread and milk and a bait and tackle shop for all their fishing needs.

Although there isn’t a restaurant on-site, places like the Madrona Bar & Grill, Island Pie, and Kingfish at West Sound are just a short drive away. The town has plenty of things to keep you busy during your camping trip.

  • Location – 190 Waterfront Way, Eastsound, Washington
  • Price – $150 per night
  • Camping type – Glamping resort

15. Dwell Seaview On Long Beach

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

The Dwell Seaview mobile home park on the Long Beach Peninsula is a popular tourist destination. Positioned equidistant between Ilwaco Long Beach and Cape Disappointment, this should be your next place to stay when traveling.

There are three cottages on the property and the Cozy cottage has a kitchen with sleeping space for four guests, while the Becks Bunkhouse cottage can sleep six guests. The RV sites range from 35 to 70 feet long, which means they are big enough for any rig to camp.

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

Tourists go to Long Beach for the intriguing stretch of silver sand beaches and the warm welcome they receive from local businesses, and as a bonus, it’s the world’s longest beach. The surrounding cities also have plenty of restaurants where you can dine out.

Dylan’s Cottage Bakery offers a great variety of sandwiches, donuts, muffins, cakes, and pies, so be assured you can satisfy your cravings here. For wine, beer, and unique salads, you can stop by V’s Coastal Market, which sells a range of gluten-free, organic, and vegan items.

You can also get takeout from the local Thai restaurant and enjoy it from the comfort of your RV. Last but not least is the 42nd Street Diner, where you can get upscale breakfast, lunches, and dinners involving all kinds of seafood.

  • Location – 1701 30th Street, Seaview, Washington
  • Price – Varies depending on the camping site
  • Camping type – Cottages and RV spaces

16. Off The Grid Colonial Creek South Campground

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

The Colonial Creek South Campground is a fantastic experience for any nature lover with their incredible view of the forest surrounding the clear water. The campground is in North Cascades National Park, which is remote to ensure a peaceful atmosphere.

The grounds have ten tent-only sites, and they work on a first-come, first-serve policy during the winter months, but you need to make a booking from May until September. The area has no internet or cell service, so prepare for a trip without devices. While there are toilets around the campsite, no showers are available.

While there isn’t much to do at the camping ground except hiking and fishing, you can find a few activities in Rockport that will keep you entertained. The Skagit River Bald Eagle Interpretive Center offers tours where you can learn more about the great animal. You can also take a Skagit River Eagle Tour, and the professional guide will take you out on the river in a boat.

The local restaurants offer a great lineup of cuisine to indulge in. Annie’s Pizza Station has some of the best pizzas, and you can stop by Mondo Restaurant for a wide selection of bottled beer. The Lone Star Restaurant has burgers, steaks, and other traditional food.

  • Location – State Route 20, Rockport, Washington
  • Price – Roughly $25 per night
  • Camping type – Tent

17. The Small But Effective Bowman Bay Campground

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

The Bowman Bay Campground is a relatively small camping spot with only twenty sites. Due to its small size, the location is secluded and relatively unknown. The camping ground is in Deception Pass State Park, so you can enjoy hiking trails and see the wildlife.

Two campsites are for RVs and have all the hookups you need. The restrooms and showers are near the sites, and you can bring your pets to enjoy the camping trip. You can make a campfire at your campsite and picnic on one of the many tables they have nearby.

You can enjoy many activities near the camping ground, such as fishing, paddling, swimming, boating, and horse riding. Deception Pass Park provides easy access to all these fun things to do in the area. However, it’s best to keep cash on you to pay for activities, and the park has an entry fee of $5.

The nearby town has a few restaurants as well for dining out. The Calico Cupboard Old Town Cafe is about six miles away, and you can get almost anything from them, including breakfast food and dinners. Fraser’s Gourmet Hideaway is closer, being only five miles away. Frasers serves seafood, soup, and excellent plates of pasta.

  • Location – Deception Pass State Park, Washington
  • Price – Phone 360-675-3767 for pricing and booking details
  • Camping type – Tent and RV

18. More Than Enough Space At Grayland Beach State Park

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

The Grayland Beach State Park is famous among family camping trips. They offer kite flying, beach walking, surfing, fishing, and beach combing. The beach loop campground has several pathways through grassy dunes and windswept shore pines before reaching the ocean.

Campsites and yurts are available at this park, just a short distance from the beach, and you can enjoy sightseeing the wildlife from your campground. There are restrooms near the RV sites. There are 55 full hookup spots for your RV and 38 partial hookups with 16 yurts.

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

The yurts on the property feature beds, a small table, a heater, and a deck on the outside with electrical outlets and a fire grill. You can even take your pet with you for an extra $15 fee per night when you camp in a yurt. In addition, the welcome center sells firewood, ice cream, and beverages during their office hours.

The Westport Winery makes the perfect date night location since they serve great seafood and have a wine bar, but it is over nine miles away. If you prefer to dine closer, the Blackbeard Brewery is ideal for tasty pizzas and beer. The Whale of a Cone has fast food and delicious ice cream when you are craving something sweet.

  • Location – 925 Cranberry Beach Road, Grayland, Washington
  • Price – Varies depending on the campsite
  • Camping type – RV and yurt

19. Old School Camping At Shi Shi Beach

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

The Shi Shi Beach camping sites might not be for everyone, but if you like roughing it in a tent on the beach with a fantastic view, it’s undoubtedly the right spot for you. You need a Wilderness Camping Permit to camp here, so make sure you acquire one before you make the trip down.

The camping sites have no flushing toiler, but you can find pit toilets across the beach. You can get water from the creeks in the woods, but make sure you boil before use since there are a few bacteria in the water.

The beach has plenty of sea creatures, including otters and starfish, so you can indulge in the wildlife around the area, swim, or visit the local town. The museum is worth a visit, especially since you have to get all your permits to camp and hike there. If you plan on hiking, it’s best to wear old clothes and shoes equipped for muddy trails.

  • Location – Shi Shi Beach, Washington
  • Price – Permit is $5 per person/night
  • Camping type – Tent

20. Bring Your Horse With To The Sage Horse Camp

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

The Sage Horse Camp has 15 sites where you can bring your RV or a tent. The campsites have horse corrals, fire rings, and RV/ horse trailer rooms. This camping site is great for horse lovers who like to travel.

There is only stock water on the property and outhouses, with no showers or bathtubs. You can ride directly from your camp into the forest and enjoy the miles of hikes and trails. Although horse riding isn’t the only activity you can do at this camping spot since the 7 Cedars Casino is only a few miles away.

20 Breathtaking Washington Coast Camping Spots (& Glamping)

Since the camping grounds don’t have a kitchen, you must dine out when you don’t bring your outdoor cooking equipment. The Dockside Grill, Nourish Sequim, and Black Bear Diner serve great food and have extensive menus.

  • Location – 2514 Chicken Coop Road, Sequim, Washington
  • Price – From $30 a night
  • Camping type – Tent and RV

Which Washington Coast Camping Spot Speaks to You?

Washington has plenty of camping spots to choose from, and while some of them can be a little pricey, like Seaview Cottages and its extensive list of activities, others are very affordable, like Shi Shi Beach and its simple and plain tenting experience. Overall the best accommodation will be the one that best suits your needs since you might have some requirements for the location.

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