Pho-nomenal Eats: The 7 Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Seattle

The fusion of Vietnamese culture and cuisine is interwoven into Seattle’s rich heritage. Pho and banh mi have become staples for many Satellites, but there are many more authentic dishes to try, and choosing the best restaurant can make or break the experience.

The Emerald City has no shortage of Vietnamese restaurants, and diners are spoiled for choice. Our selection of seven restaurants boasts a variety of menu specialties items that are guaranteed to tantalize the tastebuds.

The 7 best Vietnamese Restaurants in Seattle are:

  1. Ba Bar Viet Street Food
  2. Lotus Pond Vietnamese Cuisine
  3. Huong Binh Vietnamese Cuisine
  4. Saigon Viet Nam Deli
  5. Bun and Oc
  6. Rainier BBQ & Restaurant
  7. Tamarind Tree Provincial Vietnamese Restaurant

Seattle’s Top 7 Vietnamese Restaurants

Whether you’re in the mood to try Vietnamese-style barbeque crispy pork or are searching for the best pho in the state, Seattle will not disappoint. The fusion of cultures has resulted in an abundance of thriving, top-notch food outlets. Let’s explore seven of The Emerald City’s finest Vietnamese restaurants.

1. Ba Bar Viet Street Food, Central District

550 12th Avenue

For an unforgettable pho experience like you’ve never tasted before, head to Ba Bar. The oxtail pho is a signature dish of owner Eric Banh, but that isn’t stopping him from experimenting with new flavor combinations.

Although Ba Bar is a restaurant, the emphasis is still on creating pho that could pass as tasty authentic street food in Vietnam. Lovers of the dish should try the Hanoi-style pho at Ba Bar. It contains minimal toppings, but the combination of steak, ginger, and Bird’s eye gives the broth a unique flavor.

2. Lotus Pond Vietnamese Cuisine, Haller Lake

12752 Aurora Avenue N

The focus at Lotus Pond is on offering quality Vietnamese cuisine. Dishes are skillfully created and beautifully presented to provide a feast for all the senses.

Lotus Pond is a family-owned restaurant. Like most Vietnamese restaurants, they offer all the popular favorites, along with some specialty regional dishes. Menu items to look out for include:

  • Beef Lá Lốt – Charbroiled beef wrapped in betel leaves.
  • Escargot ham – Marinated pork and diced escargot wrapped in banana leaves.

The restaurant also offers numerous vegetarian and gluten-free menu items. Look out for mouthwatering vegetarian fried imperial rolls. These fried rice spring rolls are filled with mushrooms, carrot, taro root, and savory tofu.

3. Huong Binh Vietnamese Cuisine, Chinatown

1207 S Jackson Street

Pho-nomenal Eats: 7 Top Spots for Vietnamese Cuisine in Seattle

Huong Binh has been a landmark on the Vietnamese restaurant scene in Seattle for more than three decades. Although the eatery recently changed hands, diners can still expect the same vibrant atmosphere and specialty menu items that made it famous.

Although the caramelized grilled pork is undoubtedly their best-known dish, other standout items include:

  • Turmeric fish with dill
  • Glass noodle, shrimp, and pork belly clay pot
  • Turmeric mini pancakes

For an even more extensive menu, plan to visit on a weekend. Specialty items like pork tongue and ear, blood sausage, and duck noodle soup offer restaurant patrons a wider range of unique food choices.

4. Saigon Vietnam Deli, Chinatown

1200 Jackson Street #7

Pho-nomenal Eats: 7 Top Spots for Vietnamese Cuisine in Seattle

Saigon Vietnam Deli in Seattle’s International District gives diners multiple food options. A wide range of prepared, packaged, and menu items is available. When you are ready for a quality authentic takeout at a reasonable price, Saigon Vietnam has you covered.

Popular menu items at Saigon Vietnam are:

  • Coconut Chicken
  • Barbeque pork Banh mi
  • Stuffed bitter melon

Fresh spring rolls, Vietnamese bites, and dessert items are available as takeaways. There are also plenty of vegetarian options available.

5. Bun and Oc Everett, Everett

11632 Hwy 99 Ste F

Pho-nomenal Eats: 7 Top Spots for Vietnamese Cuisine in Seattle

Seafood lovers are in for a treat at Bun and Oc. They have an extensive menu containing all types of marine snails, prawns, mussels, and razor clams. Their grilled oysters in black pepper sauce are delicious!

If you’re not into seafood, Bun and Oc’s signature Vietnamese sandwiches are top-rated takeout items. Diners can choose between BBQ Lemongrass pork or chicken as the meat filling; both are equally scrumptious. Whatever you choose, be sure to add the house green chili sauce.

6. Rainier BBQ & Restaurant, Beacon Hill

6400 Martin Luther King Jr Way S

Pho-nomenal Eats: 7 Top Spots for Vietnamese Cuisine in Seattle

For an unforgettable Vietnamese dining experience, Ranier BBQ and Restaurant has several menu items that turn heads. Whole grilled catfish or frog, alligator, eel, and even chopped-up cobra feature on the menu of this trendy eatery.

Besides the shock value of the items on their specialty menu, their regular menu also features a variety of well-prepared, tasty meals. Rainier’s crab soup and slow-cooked quail are well worth trying.

Diners wanting to test the waters before ordering entire meals should visit during one of the regular Happy Hours offered from Monday to Thursday. Adventurous eaters who can take the heat can sign a waiver and attempt Rainier Restaurant’s Spicey Challenge.

7. Tamarind Tree Provincial Vietnamese Restaurant, Chinatown

1036 S Jackson Street

Pho-nomenal Eats: 7 Top Spots for Vietnamese Cuisine in Seattle

Tamarind Tree takes Vietnamese food to the next level. Unlike most other restaurants that serve dishes in casual, deli-like eateries, Tamarind Tree offers guests a fine dining experience. Reservations must be made before 10 am on the day of your visit.

The restaurant’s vision is to provide simple Vietnamese food in a relaxing lounge atmosphere. The menu is packed with traditional regional staples.

Tamarind Tree is highly acclaimed as one of the few Vietnamese restaurants that serves authentic style Bo7 Mon. The seven courses of beef include slices of beef in vinegar broth, ground beef wrapped in pork belly, and steamed beef with egg and spices.


Vietnamese food is often thought of as on-the-go street food. While Seattle has plenty of quality takeout delis, diners often miss the depth this cultural cuisine has to offer. The Emerald City has a wealth of outstanding Vietnamese restaurants around every corner, just waiting to be discovered.

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